Update on Dedicated Servers | Content Delayed | Friday the 13th: The Game

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GamerChris 626 says:

Either the first Friday the 13th April 13 is when the paranoia mode comes out or the other Friday the 13

Exvalos says:

I refuse to play this game until we either get just migration or dedicated servers, also still waiting on the single player. Haven’t played this in about 4 months.

natedoggcata says:

From this point forward they need to stop announcing new content until its ready to go. I mean, 100% ready to be released. No more teases, no more roadmaps, no more teaser trailers, nothing. Dont say shit until its ready. This shit is getting so fucking ridiculous.

Arkham R34 says:

“No….That’s not true….THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”- Luke reacting to this announcement.

Robert Aronsson says:

Sure gonna stay loyal! Great game.

jake woolley says:

keep up the great
i love your vids

ToPaLeY says:

I don’t blame them.what’s gotta be done has to be done… But these delays are getting on my nerves now.
But actually it’s a good thing. Because Jason X is going to be unlocked at lvl 150 right? Gives me more than enough time to start working my way to that level.


I’m gonna stay loyal to Friday the 13th this game is amazing despite all the little bugs I can wait and plus it gives me more time to level up

Affe Banane says:

Finally. I don’t really care about new content at the moment. I hope they finally fix the game so it is playable.

Bubski says:

Well this game is dead till April

H X3 says:

Finally to me there taking the extra time they needed in the beginning, but there was a lot of pressure. Hopefully the game won’t have any bugs if any and it will look even better run smoothly. Better front driving mechanics maybe a few different types of vehicles like Meagans hot rod, Trish’s van in part 3, the old ford truck in part 5 and 6 would be really a nice touch from just the two same cars rendered a different color. Would be really great to see like a counselor movie dlc pack with Meagan and her father the sheriff from part 6, And let’s get the true horror leather wearing brother from part 5 spider Reggie’s brother from part 5 he also is in another horror epic from the 80s return of the living dead series..he would be a great add on ( oh it’s them damn enchiladas).. And the music from part 6 needs more score from the film!! I have dreamed of making this game one day was going to school for gaming to achieve that dream but they got there first and made the game I always wanted. I want to see them do it right and stay on time and give us true fans the full experience this truly is a legendary story he the biggest icon of the 80s and a huge part of my life as others. Give us the great story mode give us offline bots mode to where we can level up and enjoy being offline, give us the Jason’s from the series and new kills and I think you guys are on the right track. This could be Kane’s last major run as Jason let him kill those fuckers and come up with some great new kills or ideas he might had wanted to do in the previous movies.. us fan support you guys and I was a backer and pitched what I could you guys are record holders now and this game will be your greatest creation.. can’t wait to see what comes next.

Paolo Alexander says:

I️ hope that all the dlc will be out by summer

Retro Gaming says:

I’m predicting Jason X will come out on May 26th 2018.
Any guesses why?

SCORPIO06061988 says:

I’m done at this point. I’ve deleted the game before and have just deleted it once again. I’m sick of being given the run around. Being told one thing, only for the devs to contradict themselves later on. No information being given for months on end. False advertising of modes etc that were never anything more than in the idea phase. False advertising of ‘community weekly challenges’ etc on their website, listed as ‘coming soon’ since August – but with no information on them 5 months later. Constant excuses after excuses. Patches that break as much as they fix. I’m just done. As much as it annoys me I’ve come to the realization that no matter what sh*t these devs pull theres going to be fanboys defending them simply because of them having famous contacts, for me fame is not an excuse for poor management of your company, especially at the consumers expense. I’ve been the first to admit and congratulate them when they’ve got things right – like the re-balancing of the latest update or Virtual Cabin, but the negatives of this games development far outweigh the positives for me. I’ve tried to be patient but by the time this game ever gets dedicated servers/single player challenges it will have been out an ENTIRE YEAR and at this point I just honestly don’t believe that they’ll ever actually deliver half of the stuff that’s been promised to us!

All the months people gave them a pass because of new content that was ‘coming soon’ which seemed to breathe new life/hope into the game – like single player challenges, weekly community online events, dedicated servers, etc have so far amounted to nothing. It was nothing more than padding out peoples expectations to try and keep them dangling on the hook.
With the way they’ve handled Roys implementation too, and the fact that they admit they didn’t have any idea of how to make Paranoia work makes me unconvinced of their ability to actually deliver the Grendel Map advertised to us in Virtual Cabin 2.0 as this map would require a whole new bunch of mechanics and if they couldn’t be bothered to change the mechanics for Roy (keeping it so you kill him in the same way/he has Jasons abilities) then what realistically makes people believe they’ll follow through in coming up with all these new mechanics required to make the Grendel Map playable?! – ‘IF’ they successfully make the Grendel Map/release Dedicated Servers/Single Player Challenges I might return to the game, but as it is, esp on the XB1 version where it still often crashes/host quits/it dashboards still, it’s just not worth the effort/time of grinding up, especially as there is nothing of any value to be unlocked between levels 50 – 100! 🙁

MsTg31 says:

Now lachapa is sad see what ya did (just to clarify I’m talking about the thumbnail)

Entertainment Wizard says:

It seems like a necessary evil to make the game the best it can be and I support there decision!

Kaneh Bosm says:

Games getting buggier.

astamper8182 says:

My opinion this is good news. Thanks illfonic and gun media for being honest and true to us. What other game developer do you know that does these kind of things. FREE UPDATES AND FREE CONTENT! and not to mention LOYALTY! learning from their mistakes and capitalizing on these issues to bring us a more enhanced better performing game with tons of more things to come. Thanks guys keep up the good work and thanks for striving for excellence.

Legion Beast says:

I’ve been loyal since it’s inception. A two month wait for a full system overhaul? I’m cool with it.

alidagreat32 says:

I don’t care how long it takes I’ll wait I love this game lol

Super Duelist says:

Friday the 13th is an amazing game. And bumping up the engine, will only make it even more amazing. I’m willing to ride out the wait if it means I get an even better version of a game that I already think is fantastic ❤️❤️

Wesker0o0o0 says:

I wish they released paranoid mode and Jason X first but it is what it is!

Kevin Hine says:

This game has been shitty for a while now and no has gotten worse, but every time u play this u make my day.

JonnyDVD says:

I’m kinda hooked on DBD at the moment so that will tie me over until April. Will jump back on f13 towards the end of March so my game is OP for the big update.

YG12 M.T.C says:

This game is dead. Good luck to those still holding on for hope, but even idiots went down with the titanic lol

cyriptobi137 says:

Will people still be playing into the summer months if there is no new content? Pinehurst is not a particularly unique map, it’s not going to add much longevity. I know it’s a dilemma for them but dedicated servers should have been in the game from day 1 and now because they aren’t, it’s unlikely many people will still be playing when they are released.

Roman Bellic says:

Will the graphics change significantly in result of the engine upgrade or will there basically be no difference whatsoever?

LucilleIsAVampireBat- Se mi Incazzo sparatemi says:

Just subscribed, I really like your content and I’m going to buy F13 soon 😛

fluffy cat 1 says:

There was a f13 update today don’t know what it is though

gamingwith Evan says:

Dedicated servers is something they should of added a long time ago. It pisses me off when the host dies and they can’t handle it an leave and ruin the game for the person that’s Jason and the players still alive

JinLovesHorrorMovies says:

I love the fact they’re focusing on fixing bugs and optimization. Something we’ve been asking for quite a while. But this 2-3 months of nothing is going to be a stretch….

Jacob Smith says:

I will not be satisfied until we get Victor Crowley in the game.

tat 22020 says:

Oh yeah. Staying loyal

Unmuting says:

I’ve been watching this channel for around 6 or so months now, and I still find it crazy how fast you guys get videos out. 100% do you guys not only deserve more views but also more subscribers.

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