Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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Gaming Life says:

a guy who has alot of subs he made a pretty decent pc he got a i 5 cpu but im not sure about the gpu it was either a 980 or a 650

Jassie Singh says:

But can it run crysis @ 4k?

Kittentheboss says:

Who else cringed at 2:58?

Jassie Singh says:

But can it run crysis @ 4k?

HiTechPotato says:

My graphics card costs 3x that whole pc

i feel kinda guilty ;-;

Creeper1764 Main says:

I used a dual opetron with a $20 motherboard off Amazon. Cheaper.

Pressbutan says:

Any advice for someone with a Precision 690 that doesn’t seem to like UEFI video cards?

WhoDaWolfAt Gaming says:

did linus create linux

stevenmael says:

Why not just outright buy an old or refurbished server with case and everything? just pop off the top lid and put in yer GPU and good to go (sorta) much less hassle than what you guys did, and just as cheap.

iTsCori - Clash Royale says:

has an i9 7700k and 64gb of ram

*slaps in a GT 220 and intel integrated graphics*

This is Pointless says:

warranty? really like any hardware company handles that well anyway lol

vmhack CE says:

Got a board with 2x Xeon x5670 -> rocking at 1388 cb 🙂

Thomas Wyrick says:

Don’t buy a server board from eBay, buy a used Xeon workstation. They come with tons of expansion, 8-16 cores, great power supplies for the measly cost of 2-300.

mick_aka says:

Go with old workstation boards not server boards, decent speed PCIe, SLI on many of them, loads of PCIe slots and same dual xeon sockets.
My workhorse PC is a 10 year old IBM ZPro 9228 with with 2x Xeon X5365 3.0Ghz Quad-Cores, 32GB ram and recently a GTX 1060.
The graphics card does bottleneck obviously but it takes pretty much anything I throw at it and the system itself cost me about what I spend on coffee a month.

Plain Rock Daily news and songs says:

150×4=600×2= $1200 32 CORE SERVER YEAH!!!!.

lokalkakan says:

In 2022 when all games use 8core then this will be good

f normies says:

casually throws in gtx 980

no biggie

arnis biders says:

how abut os? windows can be used or you need windows server

leeeeni says:

you could have bought a MSI X58 Pro E with an Xeon X5650/5660/5670 instead of wastsing Money on a Server MB. It has 6 cores and can be overclocked up to 4,4 GHz easily

TheMagiczek says:

what is this motherboard?

Plain Rock Daily news and songs says:

It’s Soo rare and these are the one of them.

Hugh Phillips says:


Noor Goossens says:

Confusion command scale them alter soldier possible compound care.

Leonel Rubi says:

too much work, it’s price effective because of all the stress.

Jean Albarracin says:

hey! i have an Asus H81M-K motherboard with an intel i7 4770, im on a budget and i still need a GPU, i also have a thermaltake case with just a 300w power supply that comes whit it, do i need to upgrade my PS or there is any good GPU that works?

Kafilkafish says:

That’s good cause I just have a gtx980 laying around.

Balázs Rakó says:

I would go with an old prebuilt and put a new graphics card in it you can get a prebuilt with an i5 2400 for like a hundred bucks


lol Fake

Dogeisan Dan says:

All the 12 year olds still saying it not affordible.

JustOTGFrame says:

Guys can my iMac game?.. here are my specs – NVIDIA GeForce GT 7300 128mb, 4gb ram 667mhz, Intel Core 2 duo 2.16ghz.. Can this game? Please tell me right away :3

Rauf Ahmed says:

Can you checkout the DIY external graphic card hub for laptops.. is it worth it to buy this?? Plzz run a benchmark..✌️✌️

Aggbala says:

Rofl ddr 2 xD

과학 이야기 IT says:

why for 150$ NO?

Nathan Lim says:

60-ish FPS? I think my 1050 Ti can do that

Roman Kozlovskiy says:

this is not a gaming pc for $150

Anhad Singha says:

Hi! Can I reuse an i7 coreTM-6500U microprocessor in another laptop’s or desktops motherboard. It is kind of soldered and doesn’t have a socket plus I don’t have any idea how assembled laptops work

MsGorteck says:

For those of us who are not fluent in geek, in the future could you point to what you talking about? The differences in RAM, slots, etc. leap to mind. This will be helpful in the future, I think.

Lukas Bendiksen says:

When its still better that my pc

rehman arshad says:

Meanwhile AMD released ryzen thread ripper 16 cores, 32 threads, 4.0ghz, time does fly….

Honey Singh says:

can we use usb sound card on this

Joshua Dela Cruz says:

Do I really need to use 2 CPUs?

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