Turn an Old Server Into a Gaming Rig | 16 cores & 64gb ram

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Atomic says:

I want to know where you can buy old servers

ajs2120 says:

Great build, good utilisation of old parts. Hideous case though, what happened to a normal looking tower?

6to8tv says:


IKH TV says:

solid build…and lit

martin nash says:

64 gb of RAM wow thats just 8GB! My Raspbery Pi has more than that.

telefonkirtys says:

I would like to build something like this for rendering, but its damn hard to find parts where i live…

Xaero says:

I love the part where they actually didn’t do any gaming in this video.

Smick says:

I found a IBM server on gumtree

Will Palmer says:

I’ve always wanted to do a dual Zeon build, I think it’s awesome!

jasmidot says:

You sound like my social studdies teacher

Henry Dorsett Case says:

or you can super glue the standoffs

Sean says:

You should NEVER use a drill to Tap. It’s stupid!

Marc Sticken says:

what about a dark rock 3 pro

Koushiro Izumi says:

I know this is an old video, but for what in tarnation would you use MacOS?! If you’ve had said Linux that would have made more sense to me because i know it’s used for lots of stuff. Shed a light on this peculiar choice.

Galaxy Kid says:

What MB is this?

Call of depression Intimate warfare says:

Awesome video

Ruff says:

I didn’t see this video last year. It’s a shame because I built a server on a intial $300 budget and put it on YouTube. After $200 more investment, my 16 core @ 3.6ghz could easily be a good gaming rig.

Horaţiu Mlendea says:

You said “GTA is fine” and “I can boot into Windows if I really want to”, so… you’re playing GTA in WINE or what?

Robert Ostman says:

the link to the forum is not working

JoBo 1-98 says:

Form factor: SSI-EEB?

Michael Street says:

GIMME! that think is sick

James Garrett says:

i love this thing, i would pay for something like this.

Obed Vazquez Lopez says:

You should make an explanation for ppl like me that are dumb XD

Jeremy R says:

Where the 212 Evo’s at? That thing is loud af

JoBo 1-98 says:

my setup:

msi x99a raider
xeon e5 2699v4
gtx 1080
16gb ddr4 2400

way to much for minecraft XD

but can it run crysis?

Guy Fawkes says:

99% of what you say in this video is greek or vulcan to me

Game Over says:

Heat sink update? how was the noise from those heat sinks, and did you end up replacing them?

Ronaldopopkings says:

In a year or two, that PC might be faster then todays 4 core Intel CPUs even the 7700k. Considering Ryzen and Intels i9 series of CPUs will force games to finally support alot of cores (hopefully).

olcovecYY says:

What monitor?

Czarna Smierc says:

gaming rig without windows and benchmarking it :/
sorry but it isn’t what the tittle says

Cool Moo5e says:

If you think about it everything evntually falls down to the consummer

Otakuohoh Seventwo says:

Do you still have this? 😀


Built mine a while back. Dual X5680’s on an HP Z800 rev 3 board. I had to make an 18 pin – 24 pin power adapter myself, as well as a 10 pin memory power connector. Also had to drill new holes for standoffs, but I just used a nut on the backside, instead of a tap. Sitting at 48GB of Ram as well, but only half of my 12 slots are full (with support for 192GB of ECC DDR3). Running several arrays, and booting in Windows 10 on a half TB SSD. Games great with a GTX 970. Love it.

SP4C3™ OS says:

Where are the benchmarks?

Ty Brown says:

how u gonna lie? 5460’s are 8$

moriart13 says:

unfortunatelly 7700k + 16gb ram would wreck it in games coz of faster cores and ram:(

Jason Hicks says:

Well. using a drill bit on Metal with no use of WD40 was you drill? You’ll save time with the WD40 because it keeps the drill bits and motor for wear and tear. Also if you drill thinner metal, it’s best to use a small piece of wood clamped to the metal to keep the bit in line. I have also seen people but masking tape down before the drill to keep the hole nice and clean or keeps the metal flakes from going everywhere. FEDORA? Why not something a little leaner and a hell of a lot stable like CentOS, Scientific Linux, Slackware (longest living), Arch, Gentoo, or straight up Debian.

Neko Yuki says:

Did you benchmark this? If so, what are its capabilities, and how much would it cost to make a build of the same type?

Kirkinezis Panagiotis says:

Games run on dual cpu system ? I thought that its make games unstable . The game only runs on one of the two cups is that wright ?

Faf Dus says:

I just did an 1650 build with the x79. Dx79si

Oskar Martin says:

rare indeed to find servers with so many pcie slots

mrjonnoma says:

Why I would even get that server out of it’s original case?
Servers usually have dual hot-swap power supplies and plenty of space for the disk drives.
Yeah, they are louder, depending on usage, and you got to check what graphics can be fit in it,
but there is 0 things to be done to get them going, so I would advocate just leave servers in their own cases and use them like that.

ShironTHPS says:

The processors are good,but I bet that 64 gigs of ram is equal to 16 gigs of DDR3/DDR4

Lucid Trackz says:

been trying to get my poweredge 2950 to work with my gpu

Thenoyesyboy says:

Pretty cool build

morgorth3242 says:

im gaming on a HPz800 with 2 W5580 xeons! and i love it! 16 threads at 3,20ghz!

Izio Shaba says:

just what I was looking foor in a video,
was the compile speed impressive?

Theo says:

my dad had something similar he got from work it was a massive pc used to broadcast on those tv trucks

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