This is the best host ever! | TheMinecraftHosting Review + Free Server Giveaway

Today I will be reviewing TheMinecraftHosting which is the best host I believe it has very good DDoS protection amazing ping and no lag!

To enter the 1GB Server for 1 month comment anything you would like down below, subscribe, and hit the like button I will be picking the winner December first and sending you a Private Message on YouTube, GOOD LUCK!

Enjoy 😀 Can we get 20 likes???

✤ Current Subscriber Count: 396 ✤

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Frezinq - Minecraft says:

It’s a tiny bit obvious you view bot when you look at your sub count, average views, inactive uploads & very little comments. Likes i’m unsure of looks fishy with that 1 dislike and the over 200 likes xd.

MacagoMC says:

Boy or girl

FakeIGN says:

Definitely not the best host ever OVH Is this is actually pretty bad ;/

Drift Trikes UK says:

Also is your intro a template? if it is could I get that? looks sick

SkittlesOffical says:

Sorry for not uploading I need to get onto that!

Michael Soesbee says:

Please speak up. Can’t barely hear you.

Unoriginal Joke says:


King1O says:

$1000 PayPal give away on my channel

ScammerRevolts says:

Noice video

FrostPvP says:

nice video hope I win the giveaway 🙂

EjraM says:

Well I just waked up 🙂

Drift Trikes UK says:

Has anyone bought a server from this site would like to know if its legit or not?

Beastboy MC //BBMC says:

I’ll make sure to be active BTW post videos doe

Avillion Network says:

You sound like a dying rat. Higher up that mic and get rid of the background noise.

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