The Forest – Dedicated Server – Easy Setup 5 mins no messing + Port Forwarding

It doesn’t get any easier than this to set up a server for The Forest. this way you can run the server and game from the same pc.

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Adam Szeman says:

there isnt any forest dedicated server in the library tools
any ideas?

KadabraZz™ says:

Very good video!

RussionSniper Filming says:


Alan Reuther says:

Hi, first of all, thank you for your tutorial 🙂 I did the whole procedure right. I have ports 8766 27015 27016 UDP / TCP open in the rotor and firewall. But my server only appears in the LAN list, but not the dedicated server list. Could you give me another tip on the problem. I’m waiting, and thank you

Farket says:

I cannot get my server to appear the in the internet list, only in LAN. Spent about 8 hours trying to figure out why so far. Any help would be appreciated.

FlasheaxYT says:

All worked i closed the dedicated window but then the server crashed we tried to restart and we had to begin a new game 🙁 it can not be online 24/7 when you close the application it will close the server too and deletes the game

Ethan Preston says:

Getting it to run both at the same time was my major issue, Thanks very much!!!

FACTS iT! says:

I cant get mine to work! I did everything right cause i did host Minecraft servers before. But my server shows up in Dedicated LAN instead of Internet. Why is that. what am i doing wrong?

RobinVlasveld says:

you spelled the forest wrong in the title (The Froest)

Clorox Bleach says:

who saw on desktop the file playing with his penis 😀

crackerjackbund says:

did u have an issue with ppl being unable to continue their progress we did it once now we cant continue even tho the buildings are there

Quantum says:

When it asks for your steam account name you need to put in the login token and not the name. It says so in the instructions. I don’t know why they made it say to put only your name in. You can get it here

Carbiniz3r says:

tried this but i keep seeing mismatched versions after following this guide.

Willhelm Segervall says:

Amazing video 😀

Adam Freeman says:

hey, man. your video helped me get a server running about a month ago. but just recently i started to get an error, “InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type”

I can’t blame the recent update (0.62) because it started happening during the same patch i got the server running (0.61c)

got any help/advice for me?

m1ndf8ke says:

quick, short and to be point. good vid.

Brian Smith says:

can I put this on a separate machine and log out of steam to play on my comp. or do I need to buy a second game to have a dedi server off of my comp..

Hansel Michael says:

nice guide mate, very clear and straight forward

Seth Keaton says:

My server shows up on the LAN list but not the dedicated server list. I’m quite sure I did everything correct as I have hosted other game servers before. Any ideas?

DJ Gentleman says:

i have wire that is connected to my router with my pc. port fowording will work? ( and no its not connected to the WAN )

Sriganesh R says:

bro in my router i cannot find both like TCP/UDP i have separate options like TCP and separate UDP what to do ?

Benjamin Schranz says:

Thank you! This was a great help. I have everything working, however, when I try to continue from a previous save, it always starts me as a new character just starting the game. in Server.cfg, it is set to continue; so I’m not really sure what’s going on.0

Holy Cactus says:

So they make a dedicated server tool that only runs on Windows. What is the point then?

Michael Goss says:

okay simple enough just quick question if I want to make another player a admin can I do so and if I can please tell me how thank you

Cigarettes after sex says:

thankyou :))

brtcobra says:

remember to put in your own ip adress simply open cmd type in ipconfig press enter and your ip is in the ipv4 line
also you may need to delete the save and set in the file New instead of continue after an update

RustyBirds Official says:

Do i need to use my Local Ip or the ip adders that is in the Server.cfg File

Leo Apilado-Badillo says:

i get an error saying failed to connect to steam when running the server in the command prompt box

Alex Armsy says:

Thanks for showing me in the vid!
Also cool desktop background!

mrJudgeEagle says:

i have error – different server version 🙁 all last ver.

Neo Smith says:

There must be something going on because I get a co op error and it just does nothing.

brtcobra says:

honestly excluding the port forwarding this took less than 5 mins (note all my settings are examples) apart from the ports ofcourse 🙂
remember to send the server.exe to desktop shortcut

clique says:

Thank you for this

ImpairedToast says:

Can you run multiple servers at once on the same machine? Would I have to reinstall in another folder? Probably wouldnt work huh?

mrJudgeEagle says:

u have wrong ip adress in cfg file )

Naeem Knighteem says:

i need help with it. Follow all the steps and it works… somewhat
it seems that my friends can enter the server and play tgt while when i enter the server, it doesnt seems that i was in the game properly. being the host, i couldnt meet up with my friends who are in the server at the same time. the server logs recorded me accessing the server but not entering it. when im inside, i couldnt cut trees or hunt animal.

i tried using my old laptop to act as a server but instead i couldnt find the server when i check. can someone help with my problem. i already did all the steps properly, port forwarding, server token etc…


thank fuck our router control panels are the same

Cunt Weaboo says:

I love your accent and your video

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