Space Engineers – How to Host a Dedicated Server – A Tutorial Using Torch

With the multiplayer update reviving interest in Space Engineers here’s a guide to setting up a dedicated server for Space Engineers using Torch and how to get the server to appear online.
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Nicolas Masson says:

I don’t understand what torch is for or what it does. Why should I use it over just using the tools Keen gives by default?

Aaron Saderholm says:

This is a really good video!

I would suggest recording at a lower resolution, maybe even 720p? That sounds absurd but a lot of people are going to be looking at this inside a youtube window while trying to follow the instructions. It’s hard to read the labels.

but that’s just specific to this kind of video. Obviously your normal wheelhouse is in-game videos where the high resolution is fine 🙂

MiiTCH says:

You censored your name, but don’t we already know it? I’d be more focused on censoring my steam username x’D

Clipsey says:

Another tip: You don’t have to manually navigate to your appdata folder, if you go to the titlebar and put it %appdata% it should automatically navigate to the active user’s /AppData/Roaming folder.

Because It's Philip says:

how many things on your taskbar!!!

AndrewmanGaming says:

Hahaha this came just in time for me to host my own server!!! Thanks 🙂

Mobiyus says:

Is there advantages to run a dedicated server on the same local machine as the client (instead of peer-to-peer)? For occasional 2-3 players shenanigans.

Mike Houghton says:

is 56K modem still a thing?

TechKingRC says:

Thanks Wasted, Can you do a video on how to set this up for use by steam friends only cause me and some of my friends want to play SE but were not always on at the same time so I want to host a server for them so that we don’t have to be on at the same time, And so maybe we could do a survival battle. Thanks Keep up the Great Videos!

threeDspider says:

Rooter is how people who are rooting mad pronounce router. Or meatbags, IDK.

Andrew Pearson says:

Hi W4sted, thanks for the video. Very informative.
What was the deal why you couldnt host on BT connection again please, little more clarification.
Ive run a server recently from my home PC (not using torch) and friends could connect via the Steam friends list. If i setup my world using Torch are you saying people wont be able to connect because i am on a BT network.

skyrimfan94 says:

Hey wasted I’d appreciate if you didn’t spy on us thanks :P. This is your first and last warning if you do it again it will result in your complete annihilation. Good video tho. <3 captains guard ftw.

LanskiGER says:

easy guide … i am gonna try this out later. 🙂

addition: easiest way to find your local ip on EVERY windows since NT (i think since NT but it works since XP and still in 10).

press windows+r
type CMD and return (or enter or whatever you call the button)
type “ipconfig”
press enter/return.

check IPv4 – and you got your local IP

Now have fun – see you in engineers in space. 😉

TheCalcaholic says:

Hey wasted, great video on this! 🙂

Regarding the dangerous nature of scripts, I’ve written a script whitelist plugin for Torch which should make scripts a viable option for server admins again.
#shamelessSelfAdvertisement 😛

Maybe you’ll find it helpful.

However, I’m still working on replacing the edit button with a dropdown menu of whitelisted scripts so at the moment you would need to tell the players which scripts are whitelisted – e. g. by pointing them to a workshop collection (until that dropdown menu is completed).

unix 60959 says:

The main reason windows flags the software is because torch communicates to the internet and like w4stedspace said, the download is not super popular so windows doen’t have it on their whitelist.

Steve Moore says:

Have those followup videos not been done yet? I looked around some, but can’t find anything. Looking forward to seeing what you have for info about Concealment! The key to making a server worth playing on!!

TheSyndicalistDragon says:

Torch link doesnt work.

SpaceMonkey586 says:

Thank you good Sir!

Crash Games says:

A quicker way to get to the app data folder even if it is hidden is to type in %appdata% in the bar at the top of the explorer window. It automatically brings you to the appdata folder for the logged in profile.

Also you can usually find the information in the user guide for your router which is often accessible on most router manufacturers websites if you don’t want to use

Great Video though thank you.

Jarrett Eakins says:

Quick tip for whoever cares: paste this into the windows search bar to get to open the roaming folder right away: %appdata%
saves a bit of time instead of navigating through the folders to get there.

Jimmacle says:

Great setup video! I just have a couple points:

1. There is another method of securing the server and that’s Torch’s whitelist, which is a raw list of Steam IDs and can be accessed using the !whitelist commands ingame or in the Torch chat console.

2. When you edit the config file, make sure you do this and save it before you run Torch. Otherwise Torch will have stale settings and will overwrite any changes you made to the file.

3. It is actually supposed to be !whatsmyip, I was experimenting with finding a user’s IP to implement IP bans later on but I have yet to do this.

Finally, if you need more help with Torch or just want to chat with us, feel free to join our Discord server:

TheXPGamers says:

Woot! Installing stuffs and things!

Zaney says:

Love your videos a trillion times more than any other SE youtuber. all others are so shit/fake

Minnesota Wolf Gaming says:

I don’t suppose we have any recommendation of system specs? I’ve got an old (quite old) ProLiant dual Xeon server sitting around this might be perfect for.

AvianVolant says:

quickest way to find local ip is to
prress win-key
type «cmd» then enter
in cmd window
type «ipconfig»
your local ip should appear on the bottom under the name “IPv4 Address”

Rebumai says:

What is that shield dome looking thing?

PFI_80 says:

I have tried following this for 3 hours and it is absolutely no help. Just frustrating!!!

Stuart Imperial says:

Thank you @w4stedspace as I am making one at the moment a fallout world

w4stedspace says:

Big thanks to the Torch guys for an awesome tool and especially to Equinox for spending time helping me out 🙂

If there’s anything I’ve missed or something specific you want to see in a future guide, let me know guys!

B P says:

comcast made opening port a real pain in the d if you don’t own the account

Gideon Miles says:

I wanna seem more footage from the server, Im excited to see whats happening there (I dont have a machine that can run SE 🙁 so I live vicariosly through ARMCO, plus there are some pretty sharp minds here 🙂

Sgt Lambert says:

I have followed this and used it to set up a server, but I am only able to connect to the server via the local network. I have talked to my ISP several times about the NAT and verifying the ports are forwarded and that everything is correct. I also have checked windows firewall to verify access yet nothing I do seems to allow players to see my server. I’m currently lost on what I need to do at this point to allow outside access to my server. This guide was informative and helpful.

Jan Mattsson says:

A real nice too for getting your modlist updated is the Mod list

StargateAlabasta says:

I’m glad to see the ship on morphs team , I helped to build and is inside the safe zone at 0:42, survived the crash after the battle with cap’s team.

(just to clarify, I haven’t been on the coop pvp server in a couple days)

NewJoker says:

An amazing guide with great detail. Just Awesome!

Splitsie says:

Awesome, thanks w4sted 🙂

I just started toying around with this so your insight couldn’t have come at a better time

BowenALLin:D says:

OMG REALLY this those not cost money omg that is so much better then that minecraft bullshit

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