Should You Game On a Server CPU?

Would a server CPU with a high core count be a sensible option for your gaming rig – if the price is right?

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Ulysses Lee says:

u should upgrade the display card than the CPU for gaming


assassin creed origins lover server cpus

Imie Nazwisko says:

And of cores…

Glitchy Glitch says:

Wait… did he say he*k on my Christian website?

StearixPvP says:

fap fap.
Fap fast as possiable

Khoros says:

All I was looking for was a simple yes or no

The stik bot Show says:

Subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you

Technical Solution says:


Tarikul Islam says:

3:17 OMG a bug life.

ChaosphereIX says:

Opteron 170 de-lidded and overclocked on water. Good times.

Faraz Ahmed says:

Can you send me a gaming pc from even scrap

Nicholas Alles says:

Saw an ad for intel

SomeShitNeverLie says:

I play with a Intel Xeon E5-1620 and combined it with a GTX 1050, They work great together but i would not take this one over a i7 or i5. Im using 36GB RAM and got that combo (No GPU) For 20 Bucks and then added a GPU for 200$ So a great deal 🙂

Björn says:

haha, my friend says that game server is ‘better’ then my game pc

Foxtrot815 Jr says:

Xeon is a ripped edition of i7 but cheaper and better but that is not many motherboards it supports

Gaming with Kbob says:

Is my build good for ultra 1080p 60 FPS. Please reply if my build is good.

??? ??? your pal says:

Can’t overclock *_Triggered_* ever heard of bsel mod

Sohaib Khan says:

buddy tell me plzzz
about this its work or not work ?
Intel i5 8400 + GV R927XOC 4GD – 1080p Gaming Benchmarks bf 1 Game Tested

Matheo Paulsen says:

Pro passage circle grandmother interpret and/or coat format construct.

cmoneytheman says:

A myth how they always say xeons cant game even tho it shows vids that it can

Gowtham mx says:

I read that if one has video editing softwares that don’t use GPU then one should look for a CPU that has the a lot of cores. Is it correct, and if so, should I go for Xeon?

Benjamin Atkinson says:

choose location fund fire award need basket contain century ethnic.

alan powell says:

its alot cheaper used parts wise to take a older server and use it has main rig for gaming ram is cheap processors are cheap if you pick the right board u have plenty of i/o and you can also do way more things at one time

ULTIMATEVortex127 says:

“thanks for watching techquickie”
*clicks off the video*
no problem

DerKamil says:

So what about overclocking a server cpu?

joowonplaymc - Minecraft and maybe other things says:

4:15 lmao rogueamp desktop?

Ikram Ramli says:

should you game on AMD APU Laptop?

Jeremy Brooks says:

Loved this, but my two cents: Maybe turn the volume down on the hand/arm gestures a bit

Laurent says:

Can i have a gtx 970 and 1060 on i7 4770k???

Glitchy Glitch says:

They would be better at working at more things at once.

Az Ha says:

Can you give me a samsung s7 adge.

RikkiBesti says:

Well i guess not Intel´s

Al-fhadar Turadji says:

Thank you. newbie here on computer. thanks for always giving some ideas teacher! <3 🙂

fangdan fangdan says:

Is that possible to have a video building Hackintosh on ASRock MB X299E-ITX 7900x and Radeon Vega in a itx case? I know many people will choose imac pro but price is $1500 more expensive.

kay vee says:

I wish I could play PUBG faster than 10fps this christmas 🙁

Trino Dee says:

replaced a dying i7 920 with a x5670 a few months back for £40 cheapest upgrade i’ve ever had runs @ 4.6ghz while the 920 could only hit 3.9ghz with out overheating, it’s in a spare pc the kids game on, i have yet to see it struggle in any AAA title even demanding emulators like cemu botw gets pretty close to the same fps as my 6700k :

The Nagibator 1337 says:

It’s so epyc

Gregory Katchis says:

How much do you make in a year

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