Servers vs Desktop PCs as Fast As Possible

Sever vs desktop computer hardware. What’s the difference? Why is workstation, server, and enterprise grade PC stuff so expensive?

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Joseph Glenn says:

Ur not good at simulating a girl voice. And ur ugly.

NandaTemee says:

the viagra got me…

joostvrolo says:

What about server software?

Fyc Chv says:

You sound like a pubescent child. But I love your videos <3 You actually teach me stuff that I didn't know! I couldn't be more grateful man.

Arthur Games says:

When you realize that your 12 and Linus is twice your age but you hit peuberty first lol

john90430 says:

That’s an awfully high-pitched voice. Breathing helium, or low testosterone?

David Ponce says:

Server desktop vs explained

Josh McKenna says:

Lliones you should add me on steam: Jadua

Aniket Chauhan says:

explain in more simple way plz

Sublivion says:

“How will I get my Viagra now”


Jcnrose! says:

What’s up with the pitch of the video jumping around?

Sm00thJAzzer says:

Server= Semi truck (Slow speed, huge loads)
Desktop= Racecar (Fast speed, small loads)

Haddz says:

Linus don’t you have a server or hundreds and only 2000 desktops… built per year?

Ignas V says:

i was looking for cringy toy chanells… and how did i get here?

Sammyeggnog says:

“I’ve been getting all kinds of compliments on the smell of my butt since I started using them” you can see him holding back a laugh at this part

random stuff says:

I use my desktop for both minecraft server and a website

Quick Tech Guy says:

servers desktops vs explained?

zaldy tindugan says:

very nice. thanks for lot of info

Aravind n.g says:

how come u speak so fast ???

JonatasAdoM says:

GIGA? the word now is TERA…

Kanny Dirby says:

Is it just me or does this guy sound like an adolescent female who got punched in the nuts by The Hulk after swallowing all three members of The Chipmunks that were high on crack and works as the spokesperson for a new throat spray product made by WD-40? …meh, maybe it’s just me. 😛

Jakub Mann says:

tf type of sponsor is this 😀

Chase Messer says:

yes, you can grab basic desktop components and run a server, I have a 33TB plex server that has a basic 8350 in it.

is it a netflix? no, it’s for my friends and family and it works great. Just depends on what you need.

Eugene Deschamps says:

but ha ha lol

HappyGoLuckyGaming says:

What about building a computer that would serve as a server for online gaming? Like a private server for ARK?

Eugene Deschamps says:


BushPilot444 says:

How about a 4-core NUC for a complete dedicated server. Fanless, and Msata SSD for NO moving parts, period.

Miendust says:

Your saying everything if you get paid for it… aren’t you?

The Pixel Cookies says:

If I surround a hdd with a sponge dose it become a server hdd

Andy Kelly says:

Did you really just try and sell me a razor?

Gustavo GandoLP says:

I have the Computer, that you use at 3:22. Its a Dell

Random Gaming // ItsM3Creeper says:

ya butt smells nice!

riko chew says:

Sponsored by Razer?

Hawk says:

Do the math. This video is 20% advertisement. I don’t give a crap about razors when I’m looking up tech videos. Okay,
be as equally shitty as the US government and include 7%-10% TAX of relevant ads. But don’t waste my time.

the_master00 says:

pricing is not a problem if you have supplier like most datacenters do
people can get things worth 2k for 1k cause the supplier buys in bulk

RunningRiot1992 says:

Love learning from this channel

Alexander Getz says:


Doof Hoof says:

Immediately liked when I realized all your ads are at the end and not the beginning. Didn’t even realize it unlike other shit channels. you just have to use psychology tricks to keep people. And I like how you also say to like or dislike rather than the stupid shit top 10 stealing videos channels that say that at the beginning not realizing that all publicity (likes And dislikes), generates more traffic interactivity. Cool

Viveycore's Random shit says:

So I shouldn’t use a dell poweredge 1300 with dual pentium 3’s for playing doom?

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