Quick Review of Cockpit, The Web Based Linux Server Manager

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David R says:

Thanks for these videos. I’m a home user who needs a pfsense router and a server to allow my family to use Google (or at least I tell my wife). The videos are most appreciated.

Ash Gupta says:

There is a version for Arch in the AUR.

Ivan Zupancic says:

what we use (not ms office) .. is cockpit-kubernetes to give a topolgy of what is going on with a certain cluster. just install on master.

cheers from Slovenia

Svein Wisnæs says:

Thank you for this short review! I had not heard about this one before. I really like the look of it – modern and clean. I really hope it will support Debian and Ubuntu better in the future!

Any chance you can do a video on how you operate your streaming/screen recording software during a video to get those zoom in and moves?

Stephen Reaves says:

Do you still need to install cockpit-bridge in order to connect multiple servers to one dashboard or is that part of the cockpit package? I installed this on Fedora a while ago and that threw me for a loop.

Mike Tarbox says:

Tom, I sincerely thank you for all of the video’s you and your gang make. I was waiting for this one to come out.

Chris Umali says:

Thanks for the video review

Bradley Stannard says:

I feel like I opened the gateway to becoming a linux nerd. I ran the install command with -y at the end. go me!

Antonio says:

Is it the same of NetData?

Nerd2U says:

Does it have an agent/server model where you can monitor multiple machines from one dashboard?

Ryan Walter says:

Hey, I see you mentioned ovirt.

Ovirt is not supported on Debian, your most likely thinking about libvirt, in order to create VMs you need to have libvirtd running and enabled.

btberch says:

Thanks for the videos. I watch almost everyone even if I probably won’t use it.

About 4 months ago I started using Ubuntu Landscape free for my home network. With 10 physical computers and 50 container free licenses, so not connected to Conical and works well for me. I have 6 computers and 6 containers registered to landscape with more containers for testing. Works great for my situation. I finally gave in to central management and glad I did. Linux sure has changed since I started using it in the late 90’s.

Thanks again for the great videos.

Josip Broz says:

So far only video/guide which i could find to actually tells you that you need to install additional stuff to make it fully work. Thanks!

Sorin Sandu says:

Quick question, how the hell do you manage passwords via chrome sync ? I really love to use linux as a desktop besides my server instances and stuff, but gnome keyring is so slow and autofill with about 2k passwords is painful. Please do a video on that. I’d love to hear your opiniom on this topic.

nicklbmx says:

Thanks for this video! After seeing the interface on your NVR video, I was wondering what you were using. I’ve already started installing this on my linux servers.

Victor B. Credidio says:

Hey guys, two questions here:
1. I see you mentioned webmin as a comparison, and it is famous for it’s vulnerabilities on port 10000. Do you know anything about cockpit’s security issues?

2. Not actually a question, but a small statement. That tool may be really cool for those not familiar with Linux CLI, but as you said in the video, when you change network configurations it’s kind of messed up. Will it overwrite NetworkManager’s rules, will it write to the interface conf files?… i think that as a tool for study, but i also think that it’s not a real good tool if you’re a linux admin with some experience.

What do you guys think?

No Logic 3k says:

Can this monitor tomcat workers?

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