PS4 Dedicated Servers – Friday the 13th game

Dedicate Servers have FINALLY come to Friday the 13th Game for PS4.
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Description of Friday the 13th: The Game “Jason is back! Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Friday the 13th: The Game is one of the most highly-anticipated horror titles of all time. You will finally be able to take on the role as Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake counselors.”

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deathwarrior productions says:

I very much still love the game as I’m a big fan of the Friday the 13th franchise

Char Siedlecki says:

I still play

RapidSalda says:

Hit over 100 likes holly cow, people love their Friday the 13th content 🙂

marcus fenix says:

I played Friday a long time but now it’s just boring


I think it’s time for them and everyone else to completely jump ship on Friday The 13th: The Game and make a new asymmetrical horror game. If anything they could use the assets and do some slight tweaks and reskins of Friday The 13th and re-release it as the project before Friday the 13th- Summer Camp. Summer Camp was there project before Friday the 13th but they decided to reskin it into a Friday the 13th game. They could go back and use the Friday the 13th assets and finish off that game.

Slenderbro says:

What the fuck does this mean? Dedicated servers ?

The Least suspicious says:

Live streams?

Atombomb445 445 says:

I’m so happy

McRib Prime says:

Get making another video lol

Alfredo 905 says:

I still play it but offline

Nothing-but- Milk says:

If there was a copyright issue how were they able to make/sell the game???…..truth is there’s no copyright issue they dropped development to take the money made and start a new project.i feel bad for people who bought the first dlc packs.

Gavin Rowlands says:

Friday is trash. Dead by daylight is so much better. New killers and maps and survivors every 3 months. Friday is going nowhere

Silvaro Gaming says:

I’m excited for the dedicated servers but is it too late for these since they basically waited till the game died? Keep up the great work as always bro your the best.

Daniel Crabtree says:

The game plays so much smoother with the dedicated servers

Nadya Winters says:

Hi Biker…thx 4 the video. I still play this game, it remains fun even if I play with a dedicated group and am personally glad they put up dedicated servers. If these help reduce/fix bugs. If F13 is still generating revenue for them why not keep it on lifeline status? Of course would love to see a new game given their expertise w F13.

Joe Johnson says:

They need to do what Friday the 13th the game was originally going to be. It was going to be some kind of summer camp horror game like Friday the 13th. And yes, I still play this game and love it.

Campfacer says:

I play it religiously and love it! I backed it 3 years ago! My only suggestion is they make stalk immediately and give Jason a Stun resistance after getting stunned of 10 seconds

Toxic_Delirium _ says:

I agree with you, they should make their own legit game

Elizabeth Caraballo says:

I used to play but now I’m into Gta online in dead by daylight

uncle drew says:

I still play and love the Friday the 13th game. I wish they would continue to back it after the law suit is over.

Alg says:

Ah I left game

Aremu Agboke says:

I still play f13

tictac66 says:

Don’t care

socom24x says:

Ive been playing the whole time. The shitty part is people being Jason and quitting so no one can complete a match. Its annoying. They need a permanent salt mine for these assholes


I have 3 copies of Friday the 13 game… I think gun media SUCKS for the fact that some ppl really love this game and to abandon it even after the lawsuit ends leads me to the realization I don’t want nothing to do with them anymore! I won’t purchase any material from them! This is their best bet really,they have nothing else that will top this! Get it together Dumb media!

Pocho says:

I wish paranoia came out

JackTheSavage says:

I’m level 77 on Friday the 13th

Kain Parker says:

F13 is awesome I will never abonden it

LustySims says:

75 likes huh? biker lmao checks likes its 168…welp lmao

SleevedBiker says:

Do you still enjoy playing Friday the 13th the Game?

AnimeMangaViewer says:

I’m surprised that there are still enough people for matches (haven’t touched the game in 6 months)

Winston Wolf says:

The only reason I like this game is cause it’s Friday the 13th. No way will I ever spend my money on an illfonic or gunmedia game again. Too many problems. They had something amazing and look how they’ve treated it. It’s a shame cause as good as this game is now it could’ve been even better.

CanucksRule 3322 says:

i barely play friday the 13th mainly cuzz theres soo many players that just fuck around for no reason. example trappung you in a corner, jason saving someone for last or just hunting a certain player cuzz he plays with other players and not you


Btw ill take the dedicated servers ig.

Andrew Stubblefield says:

Im worried now..dedicated servers cost money to run, and with no new content whos gonna pay? if they shut it down its done unplayable at least when it was p2p if they shutdown it would still be playable..i think lol who knows..i probably wont buy another gun/illfonic game ever. They really didnt handle this game well at all. I will give them credit on attention to detail etc etc..but so many empty promises. I still see backers bitching they havent gotten certain things. Also why does the lawsuit seem to only effect this game? Even after ihorror lawyers said the game wouldnt be effected?..there is all kinds of new merchandise on the market..statues, cereal, shoes…i still think they used the lawsuit as an excuse to end it.. maybe a grendel map and a manhatten map were just not plausible and instead of dealing with it they blame the lawsuit..idk i mean why wouldnt they continue after the lawsuit is over?..also they cant take constructive criticism very well lol..they blocked me on twitter like 8 months ago for continually asking about servers..buncha babies.

Chaaaleeeh997 says:

People still play this??

I can’t anymore.. everytime i try to, i just get extremely sad and disappointed that, we dont even have dedicated servers, they gave up on the game too easy, letting us know that they gave no fucks about the future of the game, seriously who does that? To something you worked hard for, to accomplish, to get to sell in a large scale, to get to have thousands of dedicated players that helped on the making of the game, to one day, make the servers say, “you know what, we can’t do this”. and give up. That is what will always piss me off, that is unfair for the fans, for the community that stood by them on every step they took.
Friday The 13th The Game, will always be remembered, and never forgotten. <3

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