Project Ascension | World of Warcraft Private Server Overview and Review

In this video I show you a Custom WoW private server, Ascension which is currently in Closed Beta.
Ascension is a progressive Classless project, starting from Vanilla progressing through the expansions up to Wrath of the Lich King. The realms vary from softcore: just the Vanilla world with Classless systems to hardcore with elements like Hunger, High risk death, and Randomly Enchanted items.

This server, because of its classless server nature, allows CRAZY combinations of classes and talents. So you can be the Resto Mage Tank you always wanted to be in retail, or the gank specialist warrior rogue.

This World of Warcraft Private server review goes over the basics of the server.

Ascension Website:

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hendrik kooistra says:

Been playing on this server for 2 weeks, Queing for dungeon sucks, the normal 1x server doesnt do pvp only thing people do is sit and level and thats it. Also time frame for stuff in game is just stupid. i mean we have 1 raid untill end 2018 !! wtf.

they keep saying server will be there for a long time, but seeing its hosted in eu blizzard will be over this server within a few weeks.

Dont get me wrong the idear is great, but fix there is nothing to do seeing people dont queque for anything….

Fredrik Olsen says:

most fun in wow ive ever had since tbc, i would strongly advice trying out this game

stupidreligionz says:

Its some hours now and i cant join. It says: System unavailable. Please try again later…. can u play?..

Kingmax says:

you know there some games got hybird class where u make your own class and open sandbox pvp but this project ascension look great cant wait to try it ha ! but i think they should not allow the wargames and arena for more active pvp outside wow lands

YesteryearsGamer says:

This seems like the *perfect* server to finally try that “cloth tank” challenge build I’ve been cooking up in my head for a bit. Or hey, when Wrath content comes out, I can *finally* be a proper necromancer!

turrok1983 says:

You said their also is the possibility to play on the realm without dropping loot is it open already?

Shoop da Whoop says:

putting the reset behinde a paywall is so retarded… the whole point of the server is to play around with your class combos. forcing people to farm gold just to do that is so unbelivible stupid

Kristoffer Christensen says:

Is this wow awakekeing?

it'sThisGuy says:

when i try to get in it says i need a patch but i downloaded the patch

Cloud says:

Ayy good stuff Tommy!

Sevastion Fox says:

Can legendarys drop from PvP?

meirha says:

where can i get working addons? id love to move my bars around :’D
i used an old copy of wotlk from my drive from when i used to play on another private server. none of my addons work ^^

Chris Kyle says:

I really enjoy this server but every time I log in to level. I think about how it’s all going to wipe, so I become demotivated to spend the time to level. I really want to wait to release.

MEGA ZeikTV says:

Spanish: Hola amigo 😀 si te has dado cuenta hay una gran comunidad que hablamos español, ¿Hay alguna forma de traducir el juego? ¿en algun futuro sera en español tambien?

Maxlee93 says:

Play elysium-project this server sucks that wont you to pay for it? Will this one is free.

stupidreligionz says:

which attribute scales heal/mage skill power?

Clairissablaze says:

I was pretty interested, until the PVP aspect.

Jeremy Seals says:

where is the reforge at?

Taleh says:

Wow, that free for all PK rule set with dropping loot sounds very similar to the old Asheron’s Call Darktide server that is being shut down forever this Tuesday. I remember playing on Darktide a little when Asheron’s Call came out back in November of 1999. It is a very unique style of play. The downside is that it can be very time consuming, because it is addictive, lol. People also had a tendency to get quite upset when they lose valuable loot. I better stay away so I don’t break anything. 🙂

Max Papadopoulos says:

Can you do a setup tour?? Would love to see what you’re running!!

Zeik says:

Hello friend, the server will be in Spanish. Me and a large community that we hope?

Ryan432120 says:

I would love to play on a server like this with the option to customized skills and talents. this sounds so epic, my problem is i HATE PVP and i HATE getting ganked,,, i wish there was a server like this focused on PVE more without the PVP stress….

kryp tek says:

hey I love watching ur videos and was excited to play this game. I followed the instrctions, dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. but for some reason when I go to launch the Ascension.exe it says “interface.mpq missing.” have u ever stumbled upon this? or do I have to reinstall that dread 3.3.5a(wotlk) from their site agian

stupidreligionz says:

ok i am a little confused…
currently there are 2 server (the third one locked). both of them are PVP. So if i die by a creep or someone gangs me do i lose items or not?

stupidreligionz says:

wtf is wrong with the faces in character creation? is it just me?..

Reuben Panter says:

Thanks for the updated review, going to give it a try!

vince caetano says:

Good videos man! Keep up the work!

Tommyruin says:

This is an updated review and overview accounting for recent changes!

Havock says:

What happens if I put all my skillpoints on agillity ?

Jeremy Seals says:

still have not found the forge to reforge the items 2 weeks in @tommyruin

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