Primal WoW | WoW Private Server Review and Overview

In this video I’m going to be giving an overview of the 3.3.5 progressive server Primal Wow, which is a part of the TrueWoW network.

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• The server is a progressive, based on the Wrath of the Lich king client – this means that it works through the expansions as they were released, unlocking different content and expansions as it gets cleared. The server is currently in Vanilla, with all raids cleared including Naxx, and is progressing onto Burning Crusade on June 7th.
• Talents, spells, quests, XP rates, professions and gear is all based around what was on the 3.3.5 client. This means there are some major differences from Vanilla and the Burning Crusade. This obviously means that it is not Blizzlike.
• PrimalWoW does not accept donations for powerful rewards, instead cosmetic items are available.
• There are no Draenei, Blood Elves or Deathknights and you cannot access Outland or Northrend. The level cap is level 60, and everything else including professions and weapon skills are all capped at 300. Talents trees are limited to the 31st ability
• Levelling is EASIER as things such as the dungeon finder are active and used regularly, providing instant transport to the dungeons and free rewards for those who queued up. Other things such as quest items yielding more stats and the increased EXP rates mean leveling is a much friendlier experience.
• In terms of PvP, all the Vanilla battlegrounds are open minus AV and arenas are also available. Some PvP gear is gated behind arena ratings, but most is reduced in price due to the fact Naxx is open.
• In terms of bugs, there are very few – due to the stability of the 3.3.5 core the amount of bugs is considerably lower than you’d find on most Vanilla and TBC servers.
• Have a custom anticheat software known as Rewind
• Some quests have an auto complete function, of which a list can be found on their website (most are from North rend and Outland, so not developed fully yet)
• Primal Wow recently allows for 1:1 transfers from other servers and from retail.
• I had some problems with my transfer, but the staff were super helpful and got it sorted for me!
• The players seem friendly from my experience. Due to the lower population, it seems quite tight knit and it was a positive experience grouping up and doing dungeons with people.
• It is cross faction due to the lower population
• The small population is the main downfall for this server.

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Tommyruin says:

Join in the discord here!

Sav ? says:

Is that azuremyst isle music in the background?

Richard Earle says:

cross-faction PVE? ya thats a deal breaker for me.

Wrecksheeps says:

Join discord…for what??…as soon as someone says something you desagree you have your banhammer under your desk?Completly pointless joining streamers discords cause they want to get 100% gay love from us all the time…the moment you give them straight hetero honesty…bam! you are out baby.

TheKurthos says:

Alterac Valley is open.

Contmotore says:

Best private server! Everyone is so hyped for TBC!

Batman says:

After waching 15 videos of u i can say dear friend:



Zagrim13 says:

got 2 60s and a leader of a guild, thanks for telling peoples about this server 😛

nonstopjoliver says:

hey bro, if i were to “transfer” my character from a different vanilla server, such as an elysium character, would that be a real transfer in that my character on elysium would be wiped or is it just pretty much copying my one character’s info onto the primal server? thanks mate

Masterste says:

AV works on primal!!

Роман Самарцев says:

Like for a music

Napi says:

maybe one day we will get a reviewer who actually has binds

KingLich says:

personal review: stay well away from this servers, it’s full of asshole tryhard idiots, full of rude apes who won’t take you on raids if you’re not good enough for “them” which means you’ll have to stuck with pugs which is even worse, there aren’t even a lot of people to begin with and those who are actually active are even less. The idea is good. But not with the incredibly poisonous community. Also there were shittons of bugs at the beginning of TBC, don’t know it now but I’d be surprised if most of the bugs are actually fixed.

Xajmer says:

got bloodelf lvl 15, haven’t seen anyone yet, low pop huh, btw i tried dung, couldn’t find anyone for 1 hour.

ProductHuman says:

Tommy do u know other heavily custom servers like Ascension?

Slothington says:

Are you doing cross-faction dungeoning? or are those 2 taurens just transformed?

TheKurthos says:

Come to some murmur raids so you can get a bigger impression than just 5 mans.

Esoteric Plumbus says:

Hey glad to see you finished this video up (:

Pastore says:

hey guys, i am looking for a good TBC server. I tried hellfire but its kinda dead, warmane is pay2win, is primal the best alternative?

Spud Bud says:

the pop has almost doubled since TBC came out. and ive played this server since Nost shutdown. i was excited when Elysium came up, but i still find Primal to be my private server home.
also you were in murmur =.= ? DTP FOR LIFE!!! lol

Zug Laz says:

Lol paladins don’t dps unless its aoe, and that’s only if they are not healing which they are 99% of the time. AV is open you just need to wait for the weekend when people queue for it.

ProductHuman says:

does this server change the skill tree? or its official-like?

Roy Hoveling says:

To bad they don’t have a OSX client

philip marshall says:

you said in PVP all vanilla content is open minus AV… which is open and working fine you can check out pvp stats of how many BG’s have been played on there website

Muhammad Azfar says:

Go On Firestorm Server The Best Server Search Firestorm Server

Seldomsane says:

Nice review man.
I think when BC is released the pop should jump up by a couple of hundred at least.
Anything from 500-800 players would be quite good in Outlands, and if it does reach that then hopefully they get rid of cross faction.

Emir R says:

You should try tauri wow

kokkojambo says:

By far the best server I’ve been on. Joined fall 2016, and now leveling my 6th char.3.3.5 is where WoW was at it’s best. 🙂

Underwhelming Pictures says:

Can I make a personal gripe statement?
Stop calling servers “progressive”.
Progression Servers is a fine enough tag, a little longer, but it can’t be confused.
When I hear that a server is “Progressive”, I half expect people to treat me like shit when they find out that I am white and have plans to engage in romance with a member of the opposite gender. It’s off putting and never really meant what these server reviews are using it for. I know people recognize it now, and know what you mean, that’s why this is a personal gripe. It isn’t a fact-based statement. But, does anyone else agree with me? When you say ‘Progression’, I think grinding and working my way through content that would be released as the server grows to accomplish different content-based objectives. Like releasing on a cycle that resembles blizz-like release orders, but obviously not solely a time-based system. When you say it’s a progressive server, I expect that female characters will spawn with 50 gold to make up for IRL “wage-gap”, and that the admins will be useless cry babies who complain about how totally oppressed Gnomes are because nobody plays them.

MetalAssault says:

It’s just me or the video audio is just too low.
Also could you activate subtitles?

Tûññêlrãt says:

I met some good ppl here but the Gm’s are cancer. They care about their friends and actively fuck other players. I wouldn’t put in my time in for a staff like this.

Buzgit says:

Are you going to try reborn wow at launch tommorow ? its basically the softcore realm of ascension with ffa

Ciprian Visoiu says:

Amazing server, not so much time spent like on a Vanilla/BC server, we got RDF and achivment panle, is wotlk 3.3.5a, i like it a lot!

thepantomimegoose ss says:

“shadow priests are still crap” yeah sure

Michal Filko says:

why are people doing like 10 reviews of same servers, you’re not saying anything different than other youtube reviewers(even thought they cover useless stuff)

Vandalia1998 says:

So Does this mean you can lv a character in the Vannila Story line and Raids and when your done transfer your character to a BC server and continue there and eventually wrath

Ellipsea Nostalrius says:

Bottom line with this server is: If you’re some type of “purist,” you’ll find a million reasons to hate it, so don’t bother. If you enjoy QOL improvements in a game with none of the crap, you’ll love it. The pop is very low, however I’ve had zero difficulties getting things done. I’ve easily run 10x the amount of dungeons I would on a pure vanilla realm. I don’t feel any type of “immersion” in spamming world chat for groups and taking a half hour to slog off to some far away instance. I don’t view RDF as in any way questionable in value, again- if you’re a purist…you’ll hate it. The improved quest hubs making leveling so enjoyable. The bugged quest list looks impressively large; I’ve used the .qc command exactly once on three toons. So please don’t come away with the opinion that there are lots of bugged quests, because there aren’t. This is the most bug-free and stable server I have ever seen by far. If you want nostalgia, this isn’t the place for the most part. If you want FUN, this is the place. It is strange how the words “fun” and a “game” have somehow become at odds with WoW people.

Adam Kershaw says:

joined the server following this review, thanks mate

isak oskal says:

I tried it once for a few days, and I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever met that welcoming of a community before. I mean, they were kinder than the freaking canadians are, if that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will!

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