Nvidia GPU Servers – DIY GTX Gaming Servers, Tesla Media Servers, Pascal Pro Servers 1U 2U 4U Option

Nvidia GPU Servers – DIY GTX Gaming Servers, Tesla Media Servers, Pascal Professional Servers

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Products Discussed:

Supermicro Servers

Supermicro 1U GPU Server X8DTG-DF

Supermicro SuperServer 1028GQ-TXRT 1U 4 Pascal GPU

GPU Server 2U Supermicro 10 Bay 2x E5-2680 2.8GHz 64GB 2-Port 10GbE SFP+ NIC

Supermicro 2U System 12 Drive SATA Storage / VMWare Server

Supermicro 4U Storage Server 24-Bay X9QRi-F+

FREENAS Server 36 Bay Supermicro 4U 2x E5-2680 2.8GHz 128GB 2-Port 10GbE SFP+ NIC

Graphics Cards

NVIDIA TESLA C1060 PCI-E x16 Graphics Processor 4GB 512-bit GDDR3 P607



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TheGamerBro says:

awesome video question you think this server can work for a cheap mining rig

Phy Belong says:

Great videos, sir. Anyway I checked UNIXPLus webstore but most of the affordable products were sold out or even out of stock and I was expecting various types of GPUs at the GPU sections but only 1 type of GPU available. I’m really interesting in Nvidia K series GPUs (Passive) and an affordable storage server for my team and myself. And it would great to get some shipping info/rate to Cambodia. Thank you.

Good4Y0u says:

How are you getting the power in the 2U machine from the power supplies to the GPU. most server grade power supplies do not come with the extra power cables for external GPU’s and most server grade mobo’s do not support that much power over the PCI bus. I would be very interested in your solution to this.

Oxzhor says:


Gerald Nordahl says:

I wonder if i get 24 quad p100 servers and run them in some sort of a raid to help my solitaire game and when i am thinking how much hard drive space is needed for my saved games?

Greg Tripp says:

Quick question: I’m building five BOINC nodes that will also double as Handbrake transcoding machines. These machines will be built around the Ryzen 7 1700x and a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti card. My rack isn’t very large (24u) so I need all of this hardware to fit into a 2U chassis. My favorite 2U case from iStarUSA has a horizontal PCI-E config. Am I looking for a riser card of some sort or is there a more elgant solution for 1 to 2 cards?

Tyler Ironside says:


Daniel Merino says:


UNIXPlus Wholesale Distributor says:

sup, everybody! hope you all had a great time at #defcon25 and thanks for joining our raffle! Congratulations again to “John Carden” on winning the i7 Toughbook !!! And make sure to visit us at https://unixsurplus.com/ for our latest promotions!!!

Tejas Jaiswal says:

I want to make a professional server in near time what steps do I need to take server capacity is of about 600 1080p screens how cheap can I make it .?

John Carden says:

#defcon25 !!!!!

Mohamad Ashar says:


Hetz Biz says:

You’re talking about the 4U in the price range of 200-300$, but your link shows it at $2187…

Katie Byler says:



sir i want to Help me…..

LakrisiK M says:

This looks so cool… but can you play Minecraft with this ?

636 OC says:

do you have AMD Epyc and radeon instinct options in the future?

Andreas Wirstam says:

Im thinking about putting my gaming rigg in a server rack. do you think its possible with a 2u chassi or do I need to go 4u?

Jani SIr says:

But can it run crysis?

Sam Turner says:

Why don’t you sell these anymore ?

Katie Byler says:


VanFS3K says:

On the 4U server, what PDB for power are you using to allow the addition of video cards?

Wei Zheng says:

Can you get a better mic and better mic setup? I can hear that plastic sound better than your speaking. The plastic sound is very realistic and your talking is not!

Bron Fieldwalker says:

You guys stopped making videos how come?

UNIXPlus Wholesale Distributor says:

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Marc Wolfe says:

$200 huh?

Charles Mader says:

When are the 24 bay chassis going to be back in stock? It appears almost everything is sold out

Tommy says:

Ok, so I’m looking to do a build that has 2 xeon cpus and was hoping to put 2 titan v’s in the server. Which case can I accomplish that with? It’s an E-ATX form factor mobo.

Justin Francis says:

Is it possible to run multiple GPU’s externally on something like the R710 or r810?


Good morning…
So, I have been tasked to assemble a machine for deep learning purposes with a budget of $2500 using Dell Tower server . Could you please suggest a Dell tower server and GPU.. For GPU was thinking GTX 1080 Ti. Machine will be used for some academic research purpose.
Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Mamdouh Tawadros says:

Thank you for your video. For the 2 unit servers: you make it sound easy to stack all these graphic cards, not mentioning anything about the heat produced that would be coffined in this chassis. Besides these power supplies are supposed to be redundant. If you change the power configuration, you will lose the redundancy. You can connect the PCIe X16 plus the top brackets on the graphic cards to expand (i.e. add) their capabilities, provided that they sit parallel on top of each other.

sxsxch says:

Щас посбивает нехер SMD конденсаторы на тесле.

Tiago Guimarães says:

Can I Virtualize 3D workstation with a Geforce GTX? Ex.: Use the same Geforce for 2 workstation?

Delen Lawson says:

Can I play GTA5 on this?

Steve Bennett says:

Bullshit about dual power supplies.

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