Nostalrius 1.12.1 Vanilla / Classic Server Review/Thoughts from a level 60 [World of Warcraft]

November 3rd, 2017: This server is no longer in existence. I am leaving this video here for historic purposes. Please play on Blizzard’s upcoming Classic World of Warcraft servers if you would like to try Vanilla WoW.

I share my thoughts and give a mini-review of my time on the Nostalrius private server which runs World of Warcraft on patch 1.12 (Vanilla WoW). The video in the background was taken pre-level 60, just to give you an idea of how the game runs (killing mobs, PVP, looting, the auction house, flying, mounts, etc).

I am in no way affiliated with Nostalrius.


Allen Wisniewski says:


Ajdin Lucha says:

Blizzard,back TBC and Vanilla servers we will pay you !!!

Newkie YTPg says:

I’m so sad I missed this… fml.. missed real Vanilla and missed Nostalrius lol, fu Blizz, stop developing the abomination that is current live WoW and give us legacy servers already.. srsly

JustOutRiding says:

Man i use to love WoW…

FukU2222 says:

One thing people don’t really mention about vanilla is (well, probably because it’s a bit of a ‘non issue’ nowadays, but it is still something worth mentioning) the LIGHTNESS of the client, there is NOTHING too it, it takes NADDA to run and there’s technically no install, it’s super light and you can run like 10+ clients on any sort of relatively modern rig. I remember starting playing live originally, the lagfest that was IF with my 512mb ram and graphics card with 64mb memory…

Mister Jensen says:


Instant_Gaming says:

I miss Nostalrius so much. I actually started playing vanilla wow here in 2014-2015. I wanted to play on a nice server and found Nostalrius. It was so popular and a great community. I loved every minute i were there. Right now i dont play wow but i really miss it. So all i can say is thank you nost, it will never be the same and i wont be playing on Kronos even know it’s a vanilla server.

denis says:

It’s not free game.
I advise you to do a research on private servers,please.

White Chocolate says:

Guess blizzard took the time to shut it down eh..

TheHowl CS says:

RIP Nostal….

Protoss says:

So sad that i found this server to late 🙁

Mark Reynolds says:

watching this is killing me, i wish i had heard of nostalrius before it being taken down, RIP, I’d kill for a vanilla server 🙁 your vid brings me back i remember farming ele’s for hours in felwood.

kappa says:

meanwhile in live: blizzard asks for 13 euros/month and all my characters are stuck in a dead server with none to play. and they wont even do anything about it

Phoenix Phalanges says:

God I hated Cataclysm so fucking much.. Ruined everything, watching this and seeing Org like it used to be is so painfully nostalgic :,(

Zyphera says:

RIP! Blizzard will slay any attempt of bribing you back.

Zyphera says:

23:10 If it only was true .(

Lew Housley says:

well shit i can make youtube videos i played since open day and raid upto nax :/

lordaeron says:

i loved !

Corneliu Codreanu says:

Hello darkness my old friend

Pavel Nesterov says:

Hey guys Ralph here

Kilio 12 says:

22:42 lmao #youthinkyoudobutyoudont

FukU2222 says:

The biggest thing I think that was important to Nost was their patch progression, they literally started with the patch that was right after plainswalking was removed. And progress all the way to Naxx over time.

RIP indeed, although I could not BOTHER with nost simply because of like 2k people all rushing around in starting zones fighting over scraps. Like a week just to get to level 10, wasn’t so bad once they opened the other server, but damn. So crazy to see this demand… How did they even create all the hype!?

nirvgorilla says:

22:40 – Well that blew up in your face, didn’t it?

IceLand says:

Everyone please sign this Petiton it goes right to BLIZZARD 57.000+ did already,
To get a Legacy Server among World of Warcraft community. Fuck WOD get the real deal Back!!!!!!!!

J.o.e Official says:

The undying forest wow private server instant 49! new and fresh! (self.wowservers)
inlagd för 4 minuter sen av Thewidow1523
this server is awsome!!!, its not so many players right now but im really enjoying it so far, its very well scripted and u get instant 49 for now, come join us bitchesss, and lets make this server bigger. !! here is the link Whisper me on Totem! FUCK ELYSIUM !!! jK :D!!

Stannis Baratheon says:

Why cant blizzard make vanilla servers or let Nostalrius to come back…

Connor Bliss says:

22:40 rip

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