MW2 STILL ACTIVE in 2018? Modern Warfare 2 Review – Is It DEAD?

Do people still play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (mw2) in 2017/2018 now; is it active? Can you still find a game in Xbox 360 ps3 or PC?
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Gagan Dayal says:

I have bought this on steam and I can say it is still active in 2019 <3. Also I have not encountered any hackers till now , they could be there but there are less .

Syed Barkaat says:

Are we getting a remastered version?

CyclonicTuna023 says:

You know you’re old when you got kids saying World at War was their first Call of Duty, and referring to it as “the better days”.

On a more personal note, I think MW2 can’t hold a candle to Call of Duty 4. CoD4 was superior in every single way. Especially in the campaign. MW2 marked the beginning of the end for Call of Duty.

HolloVVpoint says:

Call of duty went down hill after the original infinity ward left and Treyarch became Activision’s preferred developer. Still the best MW2 and really what made FPS so popular.

Campo87 says:

Play it in PC

Larenzo J’moore says:

Modern Warfare 2 and black ops 1 and black ops 2 are the best cods ever

brunocar says:

Downvoted because of G2A.

Wait, Who? says:


Josh Smith -Calvinist Klein- says:

MW2 is alive and well on Steam (PC)

EMT EMT says:

Anyone 2019 ?

Twistaarrr -fortnite says:

It’s dead I got on today nobody was on that game if you got to search a game mode nobody is playing



KING GC says:

This was the first COD I played and this and MW3 were the best COD games, not like these bullshit blacc ops or other COD games.

Bycrzy 18 says:

When I try to play multi player it always says 0 players over the whole world:-$

Nikka Lugod says:

They should make a remastered version of it…

Gaming go's GOLD says:

They remastered it

Syed Barkaat says:

Remember, No Russian.

icomefromb says:

6:22 look in the top left

Zesty Salad says:

If anyone is wondering why it’s called Modern Warfare is because it’s about the first and second world war, and that era of history was considered Modern history, and well, it’s a war. Fun fact. :3

Cringalicious says:

Is it just me or does anyone else that has played MW3 on pc feel like the resolution is lower than what is actually set?

Chris Fuller says:

COD4 was the best.

A Scandinavian Clown says:

Good ol’ game chat never changes.

That Cruiser says:

Mw3 was killed what tf

Jawzer says:

“So balanced” mw2 is so far from balanced

Cringalicious says:

5:57 if you go into Big Picture Mode on Steam, you can set up a controller config for the game.

Justin Y. 2.0 says:

Ps3 has most hackers because you don’t need a modded console to hack MW2. It’s as simple as getting the mod menu into a usb, plugging it in, and reformatting the system. There is your mod menu…

Jake Trimble says:

£4.99 on cdkey well worth the buy

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