Molten WoW Private Server Review – Mists of Pandaria

This is a review of the Molten WoW MoP Private Server and this doubles up as the Christmas Special 2014 (because I’m lazy!) Also join the Q & A thread here:


ali khoursheed says:

Ive watched all your videos and you rant about Mop servers way too much
Do you recommend any Mop server?

UniversEEEEE says:

Sapphire changed the name to Mercy and is still a part of Warmane (WHY?) and silences people and bans them for nothing. I wish i could meet that bitch irl.

universweet says:

u need to make a new review they made a new update now and there is a lot of fixes

Dandy L. Lione says:

I love you, yea goddamn blue son of a bitch!

Dragovire says:

bruh can you do a Re-review of warmane (molten) because i think all the expansions are good right now and ty 😀


Can somebody who have been brainwashed (is playing on molten) tell me 3 reasons they play on this burnt up carwreck. Without mentioning the population. k thanks

Alex Mc says:

i fucking hate the combat bug

André Luis says:

what is the exp rate?

Aurora Nightheart - Moonguard US says:

This Sapphire person sounds like a fat chick, who hasn’t gotten fucked (and may never get fucked with her shitty attitude) That or a complete slut who shows her tits on cam. There is one thing I can’t stand, and it’s ideas like this Sapphire bitch being a stuck up whore, and saying they owe their community nothing… Um Actually you fucking do you stupid idiot. The community you have? Helps you. And some guy was giving you feed back and you snapped at him. When someone like me? Sees this kinda shit? Makes me want to avoid your shitty servers and play on another. If you are gonna speak for the staff? Why should anyone even bother playing your private server? Can’t stand people like that.

Andrew Platt says:

Omg I have the same monitor as u

Some Random Punk says:

Firestorm is a wonderful server for all expansions. Even wod has minimal bugs.

Десислава Илиева says:


uncleguldan bomz says:

well u should now molten/warmane is a complete PIECE OF TRASH they dont care about anything they just develope some random shit bugmane

Reagen Lionel says:

I used to play on Molten back in Cataclysm. It was alright then. I eventually left though cause the pandaria expansion was so bad and development seemed to go to a screeching halt. Heard Molten went real low by now, if they’re even still around.

Nyukka Fakkit says:

kys entitled shitstain ex dee

Sumadin Herzeleid says:

LMAO @ guild chat 2:01

covykiller says:

I played on Molten’s cata server once. Once. After that ‘experience’, my friends and I found an arena-oriented private server which was FAR better, although it only had pvp really done. Some time later, we learned that Molten had merged with this actually good server, and left. Fuck you, molten, you suck the life out of everything you touch.

Just Arno says:

Well molten was closed and now warmane is open but I THINK its the same thing.. But hellscream is not there. There is just 1 server called frostwolf. :DDD

Klootviools says:

yay you started with my fav song ^^

Kudja Remastered says:

Molten is a cesspool of world’s worst scum. I say burn all that staff and community to the ground, for the good of all.

Arrogant little cunts.

Depopa says:

use to love molten rip.. 🙁 fuck warmane

Jesus Requena says:

which server is good to play?

Peno Mbuende says:

Sapphires career was in trouble after this video was released XD

Weeaboos Hunter says:

Best eminem intro

YunDroid ' says:

“You arrogant little cunt”, that line just made my day xD

Francisco Maia says:

Dodgy you need to start re-reviewing the servers for the improves/downgrades that they pass

Thomas O`Hare says:

Were you shit talking a brand new server? Topkek good comedy video.

Liberty and Justice says:

1:03 was epic. I haven’t heard that song in decades. Last time I watched Happy Days was in the 80s, as a kid. 😛

Corey Nguyen says:

Sapphire probably disliked this video.

Dark Hole96 says:

couldnt you have just reset your ip? it doesn’t take that long

onegnometorule says:

Sapphire is now Blizzard’s customer relations guy. He’s a natural.

disturbedx1000 says:

RavageRose here, i was the #52 player to join molten wow. Sapphire is the reason i quit the realm. i played on warmane after the hijack, but… sapphire returned, an after over 6 years on the realm, i couldnt take it anymore. i was a dominate pvper, an in pve my hunter was great in dps in all varients of the game from wrath to mop. however despite the hijack i played an continued to support the realm via mount donations (never items as i loved earning my gear, i just love mount collecting an had 210 mounts), the disrespect from Sapphire, an Sapphire alone pissed me off. i was banned well over 5 times on forums, just by her alone, an through skype, talks with some other GMs, mods, an once even Kaer himself, i got unbanned everytime a few days later. Sapphire though even openly attacked another GM on forums due to me being unbanned on warmane, an banned me again. i was a co-leader of one of if not the top PVE guild on MOP an well known for farming Aeonaxx mount for players throughout the server. my entire guild had the mount an we freely gave it out to players in world chat, an lead PVP raids on the mount on Stormwind weekly. all in all it was fun, but what eventually happens? Sapphire bans me in game, not just forums. so sadly i had to leave all my friends behind an say goodbye to the server i spent so much time on an supporting. till that bitch (An i hate that word as i respect women profoundly) is gone, i shall not be making my return there.

Nabaci kez nerviranja bez says:

Piece of shit server. Full of bugs. WoW Freakz mop is much better server in every way. Everything is scripted and working.

Shmoo says:

almost 2 years later, the server is stil SHITE

xxCACOSSxx says:

pve scenarios wok in this server?

Helder Vicent says:

Do a review of tauri wow pleaseee

GamerNerdFromSweden says:

I want this now!!! Miss mop so much

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