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WARNING This video contains strong language, dont say I didn;t warn you!!! If you are easily offended by immature behavior, strong language or gory scenes….DO NOT WATCH!!!! Have a nice day!!!
Thanxx For Watching !!!

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CPU-Intel i7 3770
MOBO- Intel Extreme DZ77GA-70K
RAM- Avexir DDR3 1600mhz Core Series Blue
HDD’s- Intel 240GB SSD- 2tb Seagate Barracuda x2
Seagate 10TB Stand Alone Storage HDD ST10000NM0016
Cooling- Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler
– Corsair SP 120mm fans x4
Keyboard- Logitech G19
Mixer- Behringer UBB1002
Microphone- AKG P420
Camera- Logitech C920
Drum Machine- Custom AKAI MPC2500
Turntable- Gemini XL500
– Shure SC-35c Cartridge
Interface- Alpha Lexicon Pro
Headphones- Turtle Beach Z60
– Sony MDR-V55
Chair- Ebay Special….better than the floor!!!
Mouse- Blackweb BWA15H0122 (walmart special)
Audio Monitors- Behringer Truth B2030p
Amplifier- 1800w Crown
– 2x 10″ 600w Self Powered Subwoofers
Monitors (4 monitor setup)
– Samsung 48″ 4k UHD JU6400 (main center)
– SIGCUS 1080p generic tv (top center)
– AOC F19 (top left)
– AOC F19 (top right)


Beastcoaster says:

Thanks for this, brother.

MagnusaurusRex says:

Great video!

SOV Gaming says:

just want to make sure but is all this information still current? Any changes to the process?

Ev1dentFir3 says:

Why the fuck would you say “Create your own server, and host your own server” at the beginning when that is NOT what your doing at all. You are just paying them to host one for you.

Christina Gibson says:

How long do you have to wait for the email? I have the new invoice and receipt but waiting for the email giving me the link to logon to server so we can play… Thank you!

l KeeP says:

How to set up Highloot?

Chloe Burke says:

cheers for the video was scratching my head until i watched this 😀 +1

Paul Brumit says:

Thanks for the walk through on this Brother .

Fat Man Gaming says:

I just want to host my own server on my computer or play single player, i don’t want to have to deal with griefers and all that stuff. I just want to enjoy the game that i paid for with out dicks ruining my experience. I guess there is no way to do this. 40 bucks a month is fucking horrendous why cant we just use steam CMD to host our own server i already paid for the damn game if i had known we couldnt host our own server i would have never paid for this game

t santa says:

every video i watch, makes me so glad i found ya… ok ok Vladd sent me, but still, Nice!

Haley Chacon says:

MADDVLADD sent me! love your channel man!

DaxtonRiggs says:


Revan Wade says:

You’re cool… but not what I was looking for, Im trying to set up a server on my own PC.

Albedo IMO says:

hi. may i know what 80ping and 200ping what is the different ?

NecrolydeTV says:

How do you make that your public server can have bases in cities/near roads? Because i cant place my plot near a road/city and im the owner.

kim fornitz says:

Thanks for a awesome video helped me out alot!! 😀

The LOFA Channel says:

Thanks! also, love the “Moanin” playing in the background by Charles Mingus

Dr.FragensteinM.D. says:

$50 a month? i3d can choke on my balls, guess i’ll just spin up my arma3 server for $10 a month again

REAPER says:

Fuck no I’m not paying for a god damn server

DaxtonRiggs says:

Thanks bro. Been needing to set up a server for a while.

Redemption says:

Thanks dude!!

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