Minecraft Server Hosting! Plus Dedicated/Voice Servers

Description: Did you ever want to host your own server? Here is your chance! haydzsolutions.com offer premium minecraft server hosting as-well as voice chat server/dedicated servers!


Minecraft Server IP:
Minefrenzy PvP: mc.minefrenzy.com
Hub Server: Hub.haydzcraft.com
PvP Server: pvp.haydzcraft.com
MC Server: mc.haydzcraft.com

● Minecraft Server Hosting –  http://www.haydzsolutions.com
● My Website – https://www.haydzcraft.com
● Twitter – https://twitter.com/Haydztweets
● Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HaydzProduct…
● Download Minecraft – https://minecraft.net/download
● Support My Channel (Donate) – http://goo.gl/BluX3


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Gianni | Giannius says:

Will you setup the dedicated servers?

Niels Wentink says:

Is dith alloon fore premium

TartDusMc says:

Haydz do these dedicated servers have DDoS Protection?

Elijah Eli says:

ok thx

Carys Robson says:

If I live in NZ will it work??

Harry H says:

Finlay your gay

Eric Diaz says:

Do you pay with US dollars?

Kanga Esports says:


Niels Wentink says:

Is dith alloon fore premium

Nickz421 says:

Does its 24/7 ? cus i didnt see any 24/7 Support D:

Kanga Esports says:


George Housley says:

Reselling OVH 

Omear Johnny says:

Haydz can you tell me any ip of a game that we can speak not type?

Chicken_Lips says:

I love the tune at the start and the end bits of your vids 🙂

Emile Greyling says:

haydz… i have sent 2 request on haydzsolutions way over a month ago why don’t you guys reply?

CarlJohnson Derpsen says:

Free minecraft server https://ggservers.net/billing/aff.php?aff=1768

James Parr says:

Nitrous Networks offeres sooo cheaper, for lots more ram!

Grace Marshall says:

how come the site isnt working?

Kanga Esports says:

you can pay with anything, It supports paypal (which can convert the money for you)

Michael Lillie says:

too expenseve

Kanga Esports says:

If i make it cracked it means all the files can easily be hacked, and the server would be up for about 5mins until its all destroyed lol.

Krisztian Kovacs says:


djkaye youtube says:

not as heap as beastnode

TheEmbarrassmentBros says:

Not cheap…

DFGAMES100 says:

nice intro reply

Leo Qiao says:

shouldnt sheep be before chicken, cuz they are more useless?

Chan Ryan says:

Haydz, what is a RAM?

TheGamingMuffin says:

woo hoo 400th viewer!

ZombiePunkin says:

Haydz what would you recomend for a server so i can do timelaspses?

rowan spencer says:

because you need to always be on your sever

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