Minecraft PS4 – FACTIONS SERVER REVIEW! [Ep.1] – “Aquatic Factions”

-In todays video i am going be bringing you guys my first ever Minecraft PS4 Server Review, this is a faction made by the Aquatic Build team!

-If you guys would like me to do a series on this server let me know down in the comments sections below!

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Razorcakes says:

I know Donald through kingmantis69 from twitch and every time he comes to our party he’s a d*ck

Its Kings says:

im part of build team

Nick Croft says:

What’s the seed

Sahdy K says:

This servers awesome! I would really love to play on it!

stealth ninja says:

Ways the seed

Scott Wellerman says:

I keep trying to find a factions server but had no luck if any one wants to let me join or knows any one who would let me join give us a shout PSN: JibbyEnglish thanks

Cahzinar X says:

A series would be awesome.

thepap 000 says:

I’m building a server on ps4 my psn is thepap000 and I build it was on live stream

MR ENDER says:

can I join your server plz

Chase Gordon says:

Favorite part of factiobs is the explorable world and the point that you can let loose and do anything ( still limitations but you get the point). PSN is chase383. I hope I have a fun time. (Lol, my server is a sorry flat land that only has a bunch of trees and one main hub).

Toxic_TV5 says:

hello good sir what is the person to friend top join sorry for the in conveniouns

Iris Mamac says:

How do they do the care package like the redstone stuff

Quadra Ways says:

I Would Like To Join PSN(UserName):Ayu Ayshin Go

Jack Finley says:

I want to play soooo bad I was searching for a ps4 factions world but this is the first one I have found

Joseph Mollderm says:

I wanna play

Ethan Ferreira says:

I love the intensity of factions and the effort that goes into making factions

CMP says:

Can i join plz :claudio77877

MCSlothy says:

I like the crates

Gabe Z says:

Merk I’ve been trying to get u to reply forever! I think u r a really good youtuber! Please please reply!

Vitaboy Ang says:

Loving this new series, can’t wait to see more! #LiveSlowDreamFast

Logic Snipes says:

What was the name of your song intro a long time ago

CadetZek says:

i want lengendary bc im a noob

McPigNation406 says:

Hey Merk i have a YouTube channel and its McPigNation406. it will mean a lot if you can shout me out in your next video and my channel ps4 minecraft and my ps4 name is McPigNation. Thx a lot

Captin_Miner02 says:

can I join I am well experienced CAPTIN_MINER02

TheOGZ says:

I only have ps3

Leslie's Funtastic Days says:

Meek you are already me friend,can I join

Leslie Fernandez says:

I’m trying to build a faction server too and merk in shadow sniper friend

TheBunnyProfessor says:

Can I add him and you on psvita

Jack Lancey says:

Download link?

Turtle Derp says:

what is the server ip adress

Aiden The Gamer HD says:

my ps4 account is aidenrules410 send me a friend request

GODz Wolf says:

Merk can you add me on play station my name on it is Killer74429 I subscribed and liked in a lot of your vids

CamKap says:

Nice server 😀

CadetZek says:

thats such a sick server

JDOG09 says:

Hey what is your gamer tag so I can join your game

Fernie Playz says:

can u add me and can I join u

AxisSilent // Silent says:

Yo, Me and my friend Flexonc have a faction weve been working on a faction server for a few days, it would be AWESOME if could review it

αє-Zexy says:

Do a PS3 faction server review

jabonilla says:

U should definitely make a series on this.

Android_Gamer Arnold says:

show us the fucking seeds!!!!!

CheckYoGas says:

How did he build the shop

j6nte says:

Too bad i dont have a ps4 :/

david minguela says:

Merk tnt cannons dont work on ps4 because of the update

Rgizzel says:

add rgizzel_14

Caleb Leggett says:

How can u get on this via ps4

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