Minecraft Party – Your Server Sucks (Honest Review Series)

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This video is a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously, though I have prepared myself for all the hate I will get from people who don’t get that it’s a joke.

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Zesty Smith says:

the new hub is shit,i left for six months and no one is in the lobbies anymore

Fire says:

This seems like a horrible advertisement, they probably paid you to do this

xboxmaster448 says:

hey, nice video i would love you to make a server review about my server if that is cool with you? My server ip is

We have factions, Creative, Prison, Some are still on work so we are working very hard. Thanks it will help me grow xD


sir MAXX says:

A server review series? That’s a great idea! You should totally do that! Even call it Your Minecraft Server Sucks! Kinda like the Your OC Sucks guys, but with Minecraft that reviews and critiques peoples servers, telling them what they can do to make it better, even how to improve the builds.

Pickle says:

Who you callin’ Pinhead?

Daviod - Little kid that is behind the screen says:

Very funny xDD

Michael Pearce says:

That sucks im color blind

MCGamer Knight says:


ParabolicX says:

review draw my thing again, they updated it

Maccoggs and Noah says:

Thank god its a joke

Retro Gamezz says:

Hey! Could you do a review on my server? We’ve been online for over a year and have an average like like 1 player.. No matter what we do no one comes, and advertising sites are way out of budget D:
If you are willing to help you may do it as u choose, cuz at this point our only option, or hope is a youtuber such as yourself..

iSmithy says:

This is amazing xD. MORE!!

goombakingdom goombakingdom says:

Give us More revews

Parker Snetting says:

Yes, The Bad Spelling Was On Purpose ;3

brandon ciweb says:


Napu Taitano says:

Am I the only one who kept saying “Yes” at the parkour part? Yea? Okay.

Lafv :D says:

Do hypixel’s blitz survival games (aka scrub land)
And this is coming from someone with blaze kit level 6

amir maximuos says:

the /wardrobe doesn’t work for me 🙁

kingVT says:

lol that intro xD

Pedruu says:

“Only one parkour map! Its too easy!” * dies on first jump* lmao xdd

Random Person says:

They updated draw my thing it is fixed I gauss they saw the ideas you had

Breeze Easy says:

Lol on the dumb paintball game I just spam the wrong ones XD

LegendaryLuck says:

I hate u too <3 (oh that was a joke don't take it too seriously ;))

Philly Nuke says:


MrRobo123 says:

Bbh im sorry but I like Minecraft party its pretty fun in my opinion! Pls reply if u can

Kriz says:

sick parkour!1

MCGamer Knight says:

BadBoyHalo I just get banned for no reason

GamingWithNightmare says:

Hey BadBoyHalo can you help me with MY server? 😀 I have a server and I need help with it just making kits and building. If you say yes, I will give you the IP and OP you

Krng Blast says:

That’s not how color blind works XD

TheGamingMudkip says:

You did it! :3

alexdvg says:


VezSpecz says:

My new favorite series

JoshyFam says:

Hey man, I don’t know weather you would be interested but can you maybe record for us at pollcraft (you will get payed real money for doing it) if you are interested msg me on Skype: Josh.hall99

XE 3 says:

I am colorblind I just stand there and watch while people play the color game

FakeFlow says:

what was the ending music??

bob8is8cool says:

As someone who played on Brawl for a while, this was hilarious. You have no insults on the Musical Minecarts gamemode (shown at 6:00) though. That was my idea! And thousands of people are going to see it. I’ll go now…

Laurie Schuerbeke says:

oh my what and awesome gamemode!!!

cm_ assassin10 says:

Anyone with 400+ subs want to record on my server? I’ll give you a youtuber rank and maybe even some other special permissions if you have enough subs 🙂

Mutah & P0ISON3D says:

Please Follow my channel everyone its really good and getting better. There is plenty of minecraft videos and more gaming!!!!! Thanks

Jason Marcoccio says:

Color blindness doesn’t make you see in black and white look it up people I know because I’m color blind

Andrehh89 says:

can you un ban mr___popper on the server

mohammed ghafel says:

that sever you said that was horrible its acully good but i knew it was just a joke but just saying and sorry for my bad spelling

Mega says:


Mystically I ROBLOX, Minecraft, and More says:

BBH Your awesome, also my user is domo565 and I wanna help for banning hackers episode 17

Heaven Builder says:

I went and clicked on playlists in your channel, and noticed how the switcher kit review was posted 2 years ago. Has it really been that long…? rip mcpvp

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