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Welcome to my Review of PrimalWoW – a 3.3.5a Progression server that is currently in a Vanilla Phase, but Transitioning into Burning Crusade in June. This Private realm is a unique experience as it uses a WOTLK client through Vanilla and TBC content. An experience none of us have had playing through Retail.

Below are all the links to get started on this realm:
If you need help: https://truewow.org/chat

I recently closed my Patreon and have shifted my focus towards Schooling this Fall, Retail wow is horrible and I simply must move on with my life. But I’m filling the gaming void with something unlike any WoW experience i’ve ever had.

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Contmotore says:

Let’s make Primal WoW great again! The TBC hype is real!

ayy lmao says:

I’ve always wanted to play these vanilla servers but living in California and playing with 200 ping is not that much fun :/

Pepper Pig says:

Why does your voice so so familiar to WoW Class Start guide…

Sofus Kjaer says:

do a server review of project ascension

Lars Verplaetsen says:

Did you unsubscribe from WoW?? Will you ever go back or not?
I missed you dude, I haven’t played in a while but I kinda want to get back into it even though I enjoy a lot of other games atm. It’s just such a unique game.

Hope you’re doing well – 10mp13

거미 어머니 says:

bruh I haven’t watched your videos in a while, do you still strum?

Rapefugee Dr.Syrian says:

Hello I’m the father of the GM of , all I can say is, I’m sorry that my wife’s son is a giant cuck, seems like I haven’t beat him hard enough in these last few years which caused him to become such putrid disappointment in my eyes. I am very sorry for you to have the chance to make contact with my wife’s son, hopefully you can understand, genes sometimes just mutate in such fashion, that one can not endure the retardness of their own son. I can only hope, that my son will choke on his lover’s cock someday, so we can all celebrate his death. Until then I must stay strong, and the try to pray the gay away from my wife’s son. – Dad of ‘s GM

Garrett Stombaugh says:

My man, glad you’re still doing something wow related. I’ve missed your retail related videos!

Mojalistic says:

Cool video mate 🙂

Berko P. says:

Low Population, a bit problematic pvp but i have to say this is the best private server i ve ever played in, the community and guilds are so friendly and helpful and believe me ive played in a lot of private servers.If you still love the old playstyle of World of Warcraft like me and you still hanging in Private servers, you must try this server ! you can contact me as well for more info in the server, the name is Solaire ! Praise the Sun and have fun !

Maduran says:

With server do u play the PVP OR PVE one???

Jean Santiago says:

Gotta love that voice narration from sativ.

Esuba says:

why didn’t you tell me about this you hitler

HateCrew says:

damn I missed your voice. The only WoW channel where I subscribed for guides and stayed because of the content creator regardless of content change. Greetings from germany! Shadilay

gjhyjsbqzert says:

so this is where you’ve been

AlexBlaze2 says:

I stopped playing wow because its just not as good as it used to be. The only thing I do in wow is arena and it feels like I log in and just wait for partners all day instead of playing the game. I used to put up with it when i could buy game token for 30k to 40k but now that it jumped to almost 100k I just quit and not going back. If they made legacy servers I would definitely pay 15$ a month but so far siting and waiting for arena partners all day is not worth 15$

SusejFTW says:

This is a Passion Project: Meaning the scripting, customization & people running this realm do so out of their Passion for World of Warcraft. Not for Profit like many other Private realms are. Which is why I made this video, as a man who was passionate about his works here on Youtube, I respect and support those who are Passionate about their works.

Elhubro says:

i try this out. retail was a pain to play because of dailies and artefakt weapon. it s no problem to play 5h+ a day for leveling when a new exp hits, but not all the time.
log in, do some pvp, and get better gear for pvp, log out . sometimes a drunk raid is all i ever wanted from wow.

Scuba says:

nice review

Shiroe Hirigami says:

Have you considered making a roll20.net campaign? You can play D&D with subscribers online, which is what I’ve replace sitting around for arena queue all day with.

Ramin Sadrzade says:

To be honest, I’ve missed your guides…

Nick Williams says:

Do they take transfers from Elysium?

Rekkn_ says:

absolutly awesome! rly looking forward to future vids.

Qhistus says:

Is server crowded Sativ

mrfool21 says:

This video got me into the Server, thanks man. Loving it so far, planning to raid later on as a Healer.

Can’t wait for TBC too!

RC Cyridius says:

So what are the odds of this being shut down by Blizzard Entertainment? I’d really like to play again but I don’t want to devote time into it if it is going to be shut down like nostarius (or whatever it is called).

Pronkers says:

nice video nice server 10/10 you’re doing a great job keep it up

Cyrus 3rdai says:

*casually starts downloading*

Silvesten Est says:

Server Staff, of truwow / truewow / primal wow allways was trash, they lead server to ruination since 2012

ish a says:

I would play but I don’t have a retail/transfer so I would start from 1

Lord Kip says:

dont waste your time on this, real legacy servers coming soon mark my words

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