L4G Private Warcraft Server Review 2.4.3

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L4G website: http://www.looking4group.eu/landing/

This is a review of the Private World of Warcraft Server L4G which is a Burning Crusade 2.4.3 Progressive realm.


Purge says:

says camping graveyard is scum but you camped org gg

Ezra Nelson says:

im glad those guys got banned justice feels so good up his cunt

Lord Biggz says:

How can you rank up on a TBC server?

scarvicx says:

9:10 LMFAO. rekt.

Sylvester Pedersen says:

the random DC’s are fucking gold dude xD

riplip says:

Blow your nose motha fucka

Luke Hudson says:

only bloodelf ide fuck

That Guy says:

Allan what do you think about horde? – “Scum. Subhuman scum.” I lost my shit here xD

Archimonde the Defiler says:

you do know that tbc heroics are supposed to be harder than karazan?

Saimen Arthofer says:

holy shit Bruh you da best! luv ya vids! cheers!

WOW&CS:GO4LIFE #lejiunea says:

man you camped their capital town and you are bitching about camping the gravyard……..

machopi says:

Oh kebab, why oh why must you be a dirty alliance fuckboy?

Jacob Wable says:

The Relics are called Relic Bunnies because Blizz while testing the game gave Triggers that were supposed to be invisible and to find them easily would name them (Normal Name) Bunny

o0TraceuR0o says:

because fuck the alliance

Eren Jaegar says:

Damn it Dodgey your memes always give me a good giggle. The Montage and pathing scenes were perfect, nice touch adding the dc’s too!

Deathcry1002Productions says:

DO valhalla wow its a good server

Sebastian P says:

You should really remake this review. Server doesn’t dc this much

Sylvester Pedersen says:

the server “Lost 4 Grands” ROFL

Luke Hudson says:

or tauren or troll

Sticky Explosion says:

Tbc must not be very hard if u can click spells and do fine lmao

TheBeerhammer says:

It seems as if the Nostalrius release has affected server populations accross the board, and our Server – Hellfire – has definitely had its share of the negative affects in the past (Ahem, dodgykebaab) from individuals who grossly misrepresented this server. Regardless of the naysayers in the past, and naysayers in the present, I personally believe Hellfire is one of the most wellscripted servers in existence, TBC or not. Was the server perfect on release? Absolutely not, far from it, but which server can say that? Even Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t had a flawless release for WoW, and it develops the fucking title. Hellfire has corrected issues efficiently, and while there are still some bugs here and there, it is the most blizzlike experience of any TBC server I have had the pleasure of playing on. I have been talking with my officers and that of other guilds, and most are in agreement that this server is the best bet for TBC. There are some other servers releasing soon, and some purging for a re-release in the hopes of saving their playerbase after Nostalrius decimated most private server populations. I can assure you that Hellfire is the best TBC server out there, and that any other server hoping to entice new players by purging their core and starting “fresh” won’t improve their core & scripting. I can speak for my guild as a whole when I say that we will be staying with Hellfire, and look forward to seeing what the hard working developers have to offer for T6 and beyond, and we suggest you give Hellfire a chance too.

Touhami Xf says:

what is name that servur

warlock04 says:

“I don’t remember when you put down the stone called: Relic Bunny.”

Bunny is a invisible trigger in WoW

Kekros says:

Lmao. Crying about gold sellers when he bought gold.

Ray says:

Things have changed , try to make a new review dody plz

Siamese Sin says:

Fuck the alliance!

Lok’tar Ogar!

Logan Edwards says:

that montage clip, dodgy i hate you sometimes, but other times i love you.

CromushBladefist says:

You call the horde scum because they were camping the graveyard yet you went to their capital,slaughtered the auctioneers,purged the central area,and killed everybody that wasn’t part of the “master race”Nice humor ^^

ConstanceCornelia says:

Your shitty gameplay ruins all your credibility as a reviewer. Its always the worst players who think they would do great reviewers!

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