Kronos Private Server Review World of Warcraft 1.12.1

Kronos Vanilla Server Review.
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Pablo1517 says:

1:59 – Dodgykebab turns into a boar.

Ruine Marie says:

waiting on kronos to download! i started in MoP, can’t wait to venture out

shit mage says:

kronos must have gotten the hardest dicks when nost got shut down

Jesus Christ says:

This server is garbage. Not a tenth of what Nost was.

Taher Yosef says:

Is kronor still alive? Worth giving it a try?

Ian Drsaurri says:

How the fuck does a level 3 horde get to northshire in one hour

immakoo says:

the problem i have with kronos is that i dc everytime i log in for about 2000 try’s. thn i finally get in and if i dc then im fucked

Pink Color says:


Spud Bud says:

” corpse of nimrod ”
Yeah fuck that guy btw lol

mrfool21 says:

A Fellow Brit! Finally found someone not ‘Murican making videos of Kronos. I’m playing on Kronos 2 though, it’s way better (:

Sell Account says:

Their forum is retarded and you can’t get any support unless you want to download some scetchy-looking shit thing

Adûnâi says:

Gz gj on 160k feggits with rose-tinted glasses watching this :)))

Just consider this: every pserver with enough population and especially with a cash shop is gonna get shut down by bLlizzard! See: wowCircle, Warmane, Nostalrius, Atlantiss, Feenix, Freakz… RiP Kronos! Fukken pirates!

Sheena Hicks says:

what game was that highlight from the spain vs argentina one?

J Golsmith says:

I laughed wayyyyy to hard at the , “ can you smelllllllll what the ( monotone ) dodgey kebab is cooking “

Iron Man says:

These graphics seem to be too advanced for a vanilla wow server. Is it any update Kronos provide?

jacob robey says:

can u put a url for the download?

Han Nes says:

6:00 – 6:24 IM DYING

streams GO says:

R.I.P Nostalrius no server will ever be like it!! ;(

izidor says:

I never played wow classic but i will try it now…the funny thing is i have a active wow blizz wow account but somehow it bores the hell out of me

Koven Blizz says:


mysund says:

Kronos is quite low populated compared to Elysium, too low populated to my liking. But it has been more stable than Elysium.

Templar says:

If someone checks this out, my character icon looks does not match with the margin when I pull my weapons (pressing Z) the margin tries to match with the icon, how can I fix it? and when I launch the game again my top right and left action bars dissapear and I have to activate it again, can I make it appear permanently?

TheBandit21 says:

” Rare event ” 2016.. Servers always crashing.

Dorin B says:

sound doesnt work

michiel .vdh says:

Haha bohemia never changed

Mike Lient says:

9:13 RIP George Michael

53Renz says:

Have you done a firestorm review?

DiMoNico1981Swe says:

I miss old days!!! What memory! Zulgurub 20 man or lvl 60 – 5 mans – Dire Maul.

Oddvar Stallemo says:

Are there any good vanilla PVE servers? Elysium has a low population :/

Legend of Gwepze says:

LOL, Nostrils….

Ralphunreal says:

how does private servers work? do I still need the WoW game?

Mir studio says:

6:08 LOL

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