[HOWTO] Setup a steam-based game-server

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Jacob DeLong says:

I keep getting the Failed to load script error

Asghar DD says:

same for me

Bell Haven says:

I followed all of your steps one by one and the issue I am running into is, When I click on the shortcut it will create the “life is feudal” folder however when going into the folder it doesn’t have any of the information in it, that shows in your second video. Also the cmd screen opens and closes quite quickly. Any suggestions?

Mikyle888 says:

The whole thing worked but I still can’t start a primal carnage server

OzGaming 360 says:

whats the dedicated server id for unturned?

Eccentrik - X says:

can we make a server for a game which has been shut down?

op gaming says:

when i open steamcmd it says there is a fatal error because of internet even though i have perfect internet

Blunt Zephyr says:

Is this anything more than a 14 minute video about taking the “long way” instead of steam tools

Cory Fowler says:

will this work for a rust server? everytime i go to run update rust server shortcut it fails and the cmd closes

joao Dias Dias says:

I keep getting the Failed to load script error

TR Kursun says:

ich brauche dien hilfe

Parsa Sani says:

hey I just did everything u said but the it just says failed to load what shoul I do?

blunt3068 says:

Failed to load script

Unknownsmile says:

I followed everything down to the letter and received the same problem the previous comments had about failing to load the file.  Please post the answer to this comment so I don’t have to send you anything (because I don’t know how to do that here).  The file I named it was ScriptLif

The following is what I have in my file including the space:
@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 //set to 0 if updating multiple servers at once
@NoPromptForPassword 1

login anonymous
force_install_dir “./Life is Feudal”
app_update 320850 validate

My target location for the shortcut was: “C:Steam CMDsteamcmd.exe” +runscript ScriptLiF.txt

Day Zeries says:

any chance you would be able to help us setup a server? we did it the other way with mariadb, it crashed mysql server and we had to re-do it all which wiped our build. any help is appreciated

Gamer Legend says:

for some reason when i go to run the updata one it goes to the api part then says failed to load script 

Tommy Clancy says:


Richard Long says:

Hi there, I’m getting the same problem. When I double click update LiF Server file it says it failed to update. What do?

SG987 says:

Worked for me without problems – very good tutorial and even for me (a german guy) its easy to understand your language. Thank you very much 🙂 now i go to show your LiF Server-setup-vid. thx 🙂 🙂

AngryFlyingBears says:

Those having issues, delete the first part in the text file. Should look like this when done.

login anonymous
force_install_dir “../Life is Feudal”
app_update 320850 validate

Karen hargreaveas says:

I had the same problem, but resolved it by naming the ScriptLiF.txt, just ScriptLiF, as the file extension is automatically added, so no need for the .txt at the end of the text file :). Hope this helps guys, worked for me. So to clarify, just call the text file ScriptLiF, (not ScriptLiF.txt), might work for you, might not, but it resolved my script error and logged me in.

swab johnston says:

I’m getting failed to load script aswell

Arnas Puidokas says:

Is this lan?

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