How to Make an Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server (release 3)

Step 1 Port Forwarding 0:21
Step 2 server configuration 4:15
Track Names “misano”, “nurburgring”, “paul_ricard”

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FishieGameZZ says:

is it posselbe for the normal not the competizione

lesnake59 says:

Merci pour ce tutoriel.

Thank you for this tutorial.

brtcobra says:

some hotlapp at misano for you 1:34s easy + setup download

Titan9 says:

So helpful. Thanks for that

kbronXbr says:

My server appears on the list, but with no ping, and im not able to join. allready done the Port fowarding thing. can anyone help?

Simone Corfini says:

i have some questions…
– Why the “PitNumber” value remain 0? isn’t it the value to set max clients into the grid?
– Does the values (0, 1, 2) have the same functions that had in AC1? (0=off 1=factory 2=enabled/forced)?

Sorry i hope am not annoying but am tryin’ to understand to become able to create server like in AC1
P.s.- outstanding guide! 🙂

Amigos da Live Racing says:

Hello friend, I created everything right, the server appears on the list, all my friends enter it except me, know what the reason may be? I have already done several tests and still not enter, thank you for the attention

Deerbra_ says:

im having an issue where my server shows in the server browser, but displays no ping and i cannot join. ive checked the port numbers god knows how many times, they are correct. ive checked the server and the ports are unrestricted through my firewall for both inbound and outbound traffic, and still no luck. im honestly lost.

Daniel B says:

where can i find the track names

James Cooper says:

my server isn’t showing up on the server list, any idea what could be causing this? port-forwarded correctly as far as i can see

Oriol Espona Andreu says:

Hi, I followed all the steps in this tutorial to create a dedicated server and everything seems correct but I do not see my server in the game in the general list of servers. I have opened the ports on my router. When I activate the server, in the window that appears I do not get any error but, as I said, it does not appear in the general list of servers in the game and I do not know how to solve it. Does anyone have a solution?

mitchell1005 says:

maybe you know something about this i created a server (before server shutdown) it showed up in the list everyone could join exept me you know a solution i’d like to hear

James Cooper says:

dont suppose you know what to put in to change it to paul ricard? thanks, great tutorial on port-forwarding along with server setup

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