How To Make a FREE Online Video Game Server | Port-Forwarding & Server Hosting

In this video tutorial I show you the most important fundamental step for creating a video game multiplayer server; which is port-forwarding. In order to properly host a free server on your desktop you would need to port-forward your video game’s dedicated ports before running your server. This video is intended to aid you through the process of port forwarding. It’s simple and easy, especially when using “Simple Port Forwarding”. I show you how to use this software, and how to properly forward your video game’s ports. Consider subscribing for more tutorials, thanks for watching.

Please comment below if you need me to show you how to create a server on any specific video game, now that you understand how to port-forward I can show you how to config your video game servers. Let me know below of which game you are needing help in.

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Qopel says:

How many times can you say “go ahead” in one video???

Gamewell says:

I love your channel it’s one of my favorites.

MoHamsters says:

can I make an intro for you? :3

StablerNose 720 says:

Excuse me but my router has an extremely light grey sticker instead of a white one. What can I do?

MoHamsters says:

I have a question I own a factions server and I am wondering if you would like to help it out and be a part of it

Ava Holford says:

Jerome sent me

Mr Topshot v2 says:

Hey SCMowns you should consider bringing mod reviews back, ahh those were the times.

Harun Shenol says:

are you ALIVE ?

Fisty 2 says:

Thank you so much for making this video because I’ve been wanting to play with friends on a server without spening $10 a month

FRUS MNR says:


Youtube Comment Avenger says:

Hey unrelated question but I thought I’d come to recent video, In your ARK Server tutorial you said the UpdateServer.bat is used 1 to load the game into the correct files, and 2 to update it later on, When I click the file it starts doing the whole relocating thing, main issue is Mine takes forever! Please help

coteuxgaming says:

+SCMowns my router is not in the list so i can’t portforward for my ark server so is there a another way
i really wanna play with my friend

chou jason says:

is hosting a server safe? ( just playing with some friends on ark and i want to make my own server to play with them )

RedDumpster says:

There is this really neat program called ngrok which works much better than hamachi because only the host has to get the program. You can put it out with ngrok tcp

MrChicAChowster says:

Alright so my the only question I have is, do you need a static ip?

Danb48 Blaylock says:

How do u make an ark sotf server

JackieTheMagic1 says:

hey steven you may remember me but i forgot about your videos for awhile (sorry) but ive been watching you since 2010 and youve cheered me up when im down and you were like a role model to me but yeah steven your amazing so cya!

FlameSpiderYT says:

Guys, Its time to declare It, Its hard to say this specially for me because SCMowns has been my favorite YouTuber for 4 years, here It goes



H3CKER Njrat says:

This video isn’t talking about my problem but I enjoyed his voice lol for some reason appreciate the video and would you please provide me with type of mic you use please

enmanuel villanueva says:

There is a tutorial in Spanish

Angie Viera says:

what happened to him? So used to be playing Minecraft not just tutorials for people did i miss something? something?

Angie Viera says:

Oh well

Lleyton Franks says:

What if your modem isn’t on the list?

MoHamsters says:

dope super helpful 😀
do you want me to make you an intro it’s fun for me tell me if you would like to see what I can do and you can use it 😉

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