How To Boost Ark Single Player Game – My Server Settings Ark Survival Evolved

some of you have aske dfor it for a long time so finaly here are my ark survival evolved ps4 server settings
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Tyrun Williams says:

Im still having a hard time knockin out dinos an killing with melee damage

ShotsFired says:

A quick question how are you able to build so many things and buildings? I keep watching videos with huge based. But when I build it only let’s build one little house before maxing out building. Am I doing something wrong.and I just have a bed and a few cabinets.. I bough this game thinking i can just build none stop I like minecraft but I guess I was wrong in just disappointed… Please help me understand

Eoin Cronin says:

I get doing these setting if it makes it more fun for you go for it.But for me I think some of these setting make it just too easy

bloodryane says:

Can someone help me get ark rules to work in xbox one… Any server setting I change and start single player doesn’t appear to work

Kakrot Marmol says:

Thank you. Soo so much, this really helped

Michael Stevens says:

I didn’t realize this was ps4 until 12 minutes in. The menus look so different in comparison to mine

Javari Haskins says:

I have all the stuff that he has but it doesnt work harvesting i only get like 2 thatch with fists so pls help me new update is weird

Infinite Gaming says:

Okay why does this video have 80 dislikes. like if you think it’s cheating well… DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS JUST SO YOU CAN DISLIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless I think this a lifesaver

joemamagaming says:

does this make the game harder?

Sloppy Ninja says:

Thanks for this video! Much appreciated ❤️

Pretty boy says:

Dude. Thx u so much about the advice & recommendation. Fun & telling us to have fun. U are playing god. Lol but, thx u man

GameBoyBVB says:

Thank you so much all my friends love my server enkoy your content

Grim Gaming says:

how do you get the hit marker number to show up when you shoot at something to see how much damage you’re hitting

Addison Jennings says:

thx man

azteking says:

Great video I just got ARK I’m level 10 but I haven’t seen any wildlife no dinos no nothing can someone help

StaticHispanic says:

Jesus why are these videos so long!? It’s 17 minutes just to see 2 pages of settings.

Tristian Sanchez says:

but do you know how to join a x100?

Derpingman123 says:

could you make a new one for the new UI

yode naln says:

Thank u bro I couldn’t tame anything before I saw this

Orphius Kai says:

noob setting …

Jared Piper says:

The music in the background not staying at one level fucked with me so much I couldn’t make it past 30 seconds

MakaMuse TV says:

Love this, u and i have alot of the same ideas but u showed me stuff i did not know thanks u


How can you make it that dinos can level over 300 levels

Colton Jiran says:

Your voice sounds like my 4 year old

BetaUprising says:

if i put it above 3 it freezes and i have to restart any help?

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