Home Server Rack – Build Log: Part 1

The first part of my home server rack build. Let me know what you think!

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Ray Chau says:

dude.. how u gonna sleeep.. lol

sam kihonge says:

you didn’t explain the use of microwave in this video

Eliaz McNaught says:

You have more firepower in your bedroom than my entire school lmao

Brett H says:

cool video and all, but I wouldn’t want that rack anywhere in my house. I have a server in a micro node case, and an E3 xeon. It fits in the top of my coat closet, makes pretty much no noise, and creates very little heat. I can understand wanting to tinker though.

( . Y . ) says:

3u meaning 4u lol

Normy says:

“It’s kinda big. like really long. I’ll have to figure out where to put it” 8:22

David Ratkay says:

I am literally going to buy that Norco rackmount case only and put all my parts I have currently in my pc into a rack server, probably a 4U

Gunnar Stahl says:

does tripp lite make a 42u version of that crack

Sphiiinxx says:

Put the microwave into the rack for fast formating

Jonn says:

You know you’re dedicated when you can sleep next to a server rack.

olpporsetty says:

bruh i recognize that view outside your window. I literally live down the street from you! lol Oakville?? 😉

MrMODDER says:

Lol wish I had that rack. I got 27 servers in 6 different mini racks. You used like 30% of that rack.

Reza Shokri says:

2gb linux server? Windows Server? Another 8gb Server? You can also buy an (single/dual) x5650 system with 24gb ram and thats it. Its power efficient has more power than all 3 server togheter. Its also very cheep (intel xis core cpu from 2011..) You should also completely remove windows server and install debian or centos…

Robert Paul says:

The virginity is strong with this one.

Bandit Leader says:

wtf. you went from deep to semi squeaker in 10 seconds.

Dave L says:

I think I have a laptop with more juice than that whole rack

Jazzymaz says:

What do you use your server for

hypo krites says:

wait till you get to move. Bottom floor for life.

J says:

Where did you buy this shell of a cabinet and for how much?

Willy Portillo says:

un asco

Evert van Ingen says:

So there is no real room for it but you do it anyway :O

James Field says:

Cool vid bro

jesus atilano says:

wave … : I have a question I want to know capital
to create a medium , isp company , inamlanbrico wifi network :

MR. MEGA says:

but do you lift?

BlasPhemer says:

name and model of that rack pls!

Rising Star says:

How much did the Server Rack cost for you. Any suggestions on where I can get one like yours?

TheMasterPrivate says:

I wish I had the money…

Oh yeah, I’m 13.

BryceRocks says:

Where did you get that server rack? it looks amazing, And how much did it cost you for just the rack itself?

cyberjack says:

do seem rather divisive about what you using it for ? .. is it just to lean and experiment with ? because you don’t need full blown servers for that, just regular PC’s will do. … my home server i have Linux (kali) pyrit server and windows 2008 (VM) for backup / file /media server

Jimmy A says:

Maybe you should put a UPS or 2 in ..

Jonathon Pucek says:

Wow, I’ve never seen so much in a bedroom. How hard does your AC have to work to cool the room enough for you to sleep?!

Tntmod54321 says:

Where did you get the rack? i’m trying to figure out where you would buy one, but i can’t find one

John Wills says:

How much power are you consuming?

Nick Venn says:

Glenfiddich 18. Nice.

Techy Techerson says:

I would like to know what the power bill is a month

Barry Pittman says:

Dude…is that your broadband router sitting on top of a microwave?

Anon Ymous says:

I just got a 24u Dell rack, came with two sets of 1u ready rails. could I use these rails for 2u or would it be offset? I just finally got a rack so I’m a noob to the rails atm.

kapitanluffy pirata says:

was thinking of setting up one right next to my bed and thought who is crazy enough to do that then I saw this :O

im gonna cyberstalk you from now on.

Tylor Magadan says:

that view is amazing where do you live?

alextheboss14 says:

You are not going to be able to sleep with that next to you bed LOL

Lion Fighter International says:


Alexi Thunderbird says:

Canadian? you work as a sys admin? I think I should get into this. I’m really curious what the market is like for getting into the business of being as data center?

frederik7290 says:

you dont need a steam streaming box you have a gaming pc

Michael Rieser says:

Where did you buy it from?

lucy shi says:

we provide the service of sheet metal fabrication & machining (laser cutting service,CNC punching,stamping,bending,welding,polishing etc.),application of charging pile,inverter,server cabinet,toll booth,intelligence board,vending machine,sef-service car wash,electric cabinet.

Luis iTech says:

man ur a messy boii lol

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