Home Server Hosting – Should You Do It Or Not?

This is the first video in a new series I will be working on taking you through the considerations you need to think about before you try hosting your own web server, mail server, or game server at home. This is easy to do at home if you have a good internet connection, an old computer, a firewall, and some computer skills. My son hosts a minecraft server, for example, and he is only 11.


VarIII says:

sooo annoying sound :(((

Snivs Figs says:

does this apply to minecraft ???

Derpku says:

So buy some solar panels and wind turbines to help power your server= guaranteed profit, especially if someone pays you monthly to host

CEDrs says:

I have a server room at home too, another you didn’t talk on your vid is the physical security (theft, fire, …)
For prevent that, i keep a fresh backup out of my home regulary, but it’s realy a thing you need to concider if you host critical data (not for the avaliability but for the data itself. source code, accounting, production server backup, …) at your home.
I also deal with full disk encryption for avoid any data leak from a stolen piece of hardware.

Coding Source says:

What is your bandwidth?
I have
Down: 60mb
Up: 9mb

That is all that is available at the moment from our ISP.
I can get a double router setup (2 bonded pairs)
And that would double it to
1 static IP
$55.00 per month

However, the cost that the ISP would charge, would not be worth it.
About 10 minuted down the road, is a super nice office building that I am thinking about in the future.
The internet speeds in that area, for a business account with the local cable company, is around:
100 / 100
Or, you can get as high a
1GB / 1GB

Depending on if they have the equipment in the area.

So, what are you getting for speed?
And what is your cost?

John Mulhall says:

I thought you were going to talk about a HOME server for movies, and data sharing and PC back up services. I miss having a Novell server around …

kossi doji says:


shubham makreja says:

thankyou soo much 4 sharing ur practical earnings of ur knowledge whth us.

anish 9th says:

so funny

Setsuna Buseman says:

yeah i bought my server cheap, its and old dell poweredge 1950 iii , it
came with 2 quad cores and all i did was upgrade the ram to 32gb (which
only cost 35$) and the hard drives. I have about 160$ invested and it
runs everything like a dream, im currently hosting a ARK, Minecraft,
Teamspeak, and Rust server and im not even above 30% usage of and parts.
It has been and exciting experience to have it as i never used a
server before i just wanted to share my story.

I couldn’t imagine how much it would be if i rented all these server from hosting sights all in all i think im saving a few hundred dollars a year.

Sable Craft says:

What about Internet? I mean sometimes my Internet provider randomly shuts down, and it can be for 10-15 minutes a week.

jon esparza says:

Wow. All that sensitive hardware atop that STATIC CHARGED Carpet??
I don’t even see a single Anti-Static Mat! YIKES!!

Kevin Portillo says:

I’ll do this when I buy my own house.

Gustavo Guillen says:

I thought this was Eric The Car Guy.

Wwepagal H says:

Sir please give your what’s app no

Semi Con says:

How much money on average can you make from server hosting at home?

Dave L says:

Oh god the noise.

Rosyrabbit Plays says:

Will Cable Internet work?

vorkev1 says:

the thing to consider is what you want to do with it how much bandwith you need and how secure it needs to be. most people I find just want a cheap decent server for their website that gets less then 500 hits a day and do not want to pay $20 a month for that service for years to come as it adds up to $220 and they want something they can do with parts they have and spending less then $50 to upgrade things that need it. for that you can do it at home with a old pc or buy a old server on ebay or at thrift shops. if you are going to use a old computer you want to upgrade the cpu if possible and may the ram and the biggest thing you want a good internet connection and ssd hard drive  I see small business servers bult from old computers all the time in fact most of the time I deal with used car lots they are hosting their website on a old junker you can get on ebay for under $100

Anne Smith says:

Hi great awesome video, i have a question what course in college/university should i enrolled in if i want to learn

Jakub Vostal says:

I am running sometimes terraria server and i am playing with my friend.What could happen if i publish my ip?

Yeshan Peiris says:

How to host my website in my personal computer, please help me I have dynamic ip address

charmedbygalss25 says:

bro can ur server host browser games

Vozdovacki Gamer says:

build pfsense router from scrach

tata walter says:

how can i contact you bro

BlackGamer04 says:

Do you know a website that does ip addressing ?

Fluffy Daniel says:

i how to Server online Allowed join connect to server
please i hard working i didnt know

bismark camilo says:

hey i have a question what is ur internet speed i have 50dowm and 50up i could get 100dowm and 100up but before that i would like to see how much money i can make?

xViRuSx says:

Just getting into this stuff and thinking about hosting my own website. Just one website is all I’m looking to do. Would it be worth buying a server or finding a web host online?

JakePlayZ says:

how abotu ddos protection

awais raza says:

Hey man. I have a mission critical application. If I host it anywhere I would cost me $80 just Bc I need a lot of storage. I have no idea how to host at home though. Or have time. Due think it’s a good idea for me to host at my home?

Ugohigh says:


the truth never told says:

how do you host people sites and charge. link me a youtube video

paul Davis says:

hello there LDSreliance i have q for you do you have skype or something i can contact you on?

KawaiiFX says:

I just want to be able to say that I sleep next to a server rack.

CentralNintendo1 says:

5$ static IP “On the expensive side” xD my ISP wants 20$ a month >.>

OpenGL4ever says:

This is ridiculous.
You have forgotten the most important thing for Home Server Hosting, what is your upload Bandwidth?
The hardware is not a big problem. And if you host important data for others, you don’t want to do that with old desktop hardware.
What you need is hardware that is able to use ECC RAM and you need a safe setup for data storage. Because you don’t want to have your costumer lose data.

And then there is still the question of your agreement with your ISP. He may not allow you to host services for others.
And one more thing. Even if you have all this, it only might be good enough for web hosting, but definitely not for game hosting because ping time will be terrible.
For Game hosting you want to have the server running at a datacenter with a very good and fast connection to the big internet exchange points.

Hosting is also not okay if you are only one person. Who looks after the servers in the case of when you are injured and laying in a hospital? Where is your responsibility for your servers if they get compromised?
And you need something against DDOS attacks.

What you do is unprofessional and amateurish. I wouldn’t host anything on your servers.

Smiling Skull says:

You say you so so much but you walk around and keep your equipment on carpets?

Ahmad Samara says:

This is really helpful, wish me luck!

Dropit Gaming says:

what is the firewall hardware thing name and dose it block ddos did you test it??

Dibyajyoti Senapati says:

what is use of this

HetShotNet says:

can i juse a old firewall router like: WatchGuard FireBox x2500 still this days whitout problems?

RedsBoneStuff says:

Thank you. I appreciate the time you spent piecing together this very informative video.

Lothar Scholz says:

Your 300W would cost me 600 Euro a year in Germany. Thats a backpacker holiday.

I’m using a 60W business home server, but even this is turned off at night (unless batch jobs are pending).

Andrew Woyen says:

Did you know – We can see right up your nose.. ;-(
TIP – try holding the camera a little higher – perhaps at eye level .. Good info though –

I want to learn this stuff and will be following your video series..

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