Home Server Build – Choosing Hardware and Benchmarks

Here it is, my home server build! The goal of this server was to run multiple virtual machines without having any resource issues. This is why I went with a dual socket motherboard, allowing me to run 16 CPU cores and 128GB of RAM.

I’ll discuss why I picked all the different hardware and hypervisor, as well as run some performance benchmarks to see how well everything performs. The information should help you when selecting the hardware to use in your next server build.

Samsung 1TB SSD Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUAuESIWNpQ
Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EZ6z8Sgwi0
Noctua CPU Coolers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyIkLB6e6_A
Corsair 850W Power Supply Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUk0YyBT4Mo

I got the motherboard, CPUs and RAM used from Natex: http://www.natex.us/

All other parts were purchased new, you can buy them on Amazon:
Samsung SSD: http://amzn.to/2lOQbsA
Phanteks Enthoo Luxe: http://amzn.to/2p5zhEe
Corsair PSU: http://amzn.to/2iBXnmF

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Gato Show says:

Owo. Great dude

Brett Dunmow says:

I think Linus did a gaming rig with xeons in they performed fairly badly but excelled at business type applications

chemicalsam says:

Okay you do not need 16 cpu cores for a home server. Sorry but you just dont.

Dubstep_lover says:

Seem a little expensive considering you can buy an actual expired server on ebay for the same price with better performance and redundancy. I can see why a small build looks better but I wouldn’t say its economic for anyone. It’s like you saw a gaming rig and then decided it’s best purpose is to be a server. I can only imagine for your use that you’d use it to run a media centre like plex or emby and a file share SMB on a NAS to archive/backup data. If I’m honest vm doesn’t really have any use as using a simple freenas setup can handle both services incredibly easy or whatever. Not to mention it can also work as a VM. Still though, great enthusiasm.

codeWorld says:


funnycreator says:

i just check on the website the core and it says the core is only 8 but the thread are 16

FirE says:

Hi i build the same system but with geforce gtx 1070 and 96g ram i couldn`t use more than 56g of them or i directly get blue screen , the problem from the day one i built this system i got blue screen i tried everything when i use 56gb of ram it works fine till i load more work on it it goes blue , the error code is (STOP CODE: NMI_HARDWARE _FAILURE) IN THE END I CONTACT ASROCK SUPPORT ABOUT THIS PROBLEM THEY TOLD ME THAT THE MOTHERBOARD DONOT SUPPORT WINDOWS 10 , PLEASE IF U CAN HELP ME OR KNOW SOME ONE CAN TELL ME ,THANKS

GamesHighQuality GHQ says:

hei there im building up a Web site with Ruby on rails, webgl, and going to do vr, simulation attacks like faraday, communitys and cripto mining meanwhile learn programming like bitdegree does so we are going to setup blockchain system and encription our data with AES also im going to do many other features and for start building my project i need a web server for host and keep my data from the modules, controllers and resources that has been created so i need to modify tables from the data base etc.

This home build server is going to help me out with that?

Sai Lakki says:

can it used to run a small
file hosting site or any social networking site

Not Public says:

Great build! Can you use all those cores and RAM with esxi 6.5 free edition? I thought vmware limits how much RAM etc. I have a home lab but switched to BSD for my home lab , I would love to go back to esxi though

陈北宗 says:

You can just throw a GTX 1070 class graphics card in it (if you can find one at the right price – I had to dip down to an R9 380 I pulled out of my parts bin for my dual Xeon E5-2680/128GB RAM system) and use it as a standard workstation. If you want to game on it you will need some PCIe/NUMA optimization – bind the game to the processor that actually have the GPU plugged on it, or the QPI introduces a lot of latency (similar to the Ryzen CCU Infinity Fabric fiasco.) Also you should be able to render videos on this.

Edward's Reviews says:

Thank you for making this video. I am inspired to do a build like this for work. I take it your experience with natex was good?

Georgi Var says:

Great build, thanks for sharing! I’d say stick with open source hypervisor, though last time I checked Xen was a dead end project. But then if you are simulating network equipment, say Cisco routers and switches, I’m not sure if VIRL or Gns3 would work with open source. I’d also look into drivers your hypervisor of choice supports for its virtual machines, and there you’d encounter a limit if you choose open source.

Jeevanantham Gopal says:

Can phanteks Evolv Shift X PH-ES217XE_AG work with config??

Ahmed Islam says:

I really need some advice: I have a dual xeon 2609 setup with 16 gb ram nd v5900 sitting in a Dell T5600. Recently the PSU exploded and burnt. I really wish to move the entire CPU+MB+RAM+GPU into a new case with a better PSU( > 850W). It is quite hard to find a hardware spec and I do not know if I will be able to transfer it to a new case or not. Please suggest or if you have any info. Thank you.

ravan oid says:

This build is awesome. What is the total cost for the rig ?

Dial199 Travels says:

hi there! could you please help me or guide me – i want to build a self made web hosting server for a heavy traffic website. what is best hardware and other resources need to, please describe me in full.

Goose&Logan says:

How many VMs can you run from that?

acesblackstar says:

Do you still have this ?

Chrit S says:

A good practice is to separate your server from your local network through a VLAN. I highly recommend you do this.

Ahmed Douban says:

Thanks Jarrod for the info it encourage me to buy the same specs as below
I bought tyan motherboard along with Intel E5-2680v2 CPU and 32 GB of Memory. and purchased from local market a ThermalTake case core x5 to hold the motherboard as the size 12″X13″ is not compatible with most
ATX cases, i want to say that i’m very happy with the quality of NATEX service, i’m enjoying the plenty of CPU cores and memory, even they make a full refund of shipment charges as the delay from shipping company. thanks again NATEX.us for providing that quality and insurance to your services. below the component used to build my PC it may help someone.
Motherboard: NATEX.us Tyan S7050
CPU: NATEX.us Intel E2680-v2 (10 cores)
CASE: ThermalTake Core X5 White Edition
PowerSupply: EVGA Supernova 850watt G3 GOLD.
keyboard+mouse: ASUS CERBERUS Keyboard and mouse combo
wireless CARD: tp-link 300Mbps wireless N PCI Express Adapter
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (supports CPU LGA2011).
Monitor: ASUS 24″ GW2470
Speakers: Bluetooth JBL

Pasha Defragzor says:

A bit overpriced and case usb menu is on horizontal, there is no video cards space, but its nice for vm’s, good cooling

Brett Dunmow says:

Nice rig, wouldn’t mind using it as a gaming rig

ThatGuyAce says:

I know it is just for a server but it would be very interesting how a 16 core computer could handle some 2020 games with no GPU, but if i do need a server in the future this seems like the best way to go!

Norman Handy says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this informative vid.

If this home server rig were utilized for movies and music, would one have to install a viable GPU? I love the idea of using these early-generation xeons as CPUs to serve users(family) in the house, but I’m curious as to how a low-end/high-end GPU helps?

Kevin M says:

Nice video man. Dat Glass? I will have to look that up.

Anyhow, I need to build a server and have to figure out how to talk my wife into this ….

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