Gmod Star Wars RP – SERVER REVIEW Heretic Gaming

Heretic Gaming is a comfortable Star Wars RP server. Click “view more” to see the spoilers on the grade it was given.

ROLEPLAY: 7.5/10

NOTE: Recommended to play.
Server IP:
My twitter:
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Credits for the song in the end:

Level Up | by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Drogon Guardian says:

It seems every server I join and when I meet Wolfpack commanders and see how they treat there troops they show them to bunks and are often nice to there troops

Grypho says:

How funny, some people mass disliked the video 5 minutes after it was published, meaning they did not even watch it. Interesting.

Medcorps says:

I’m going to drop a sub. It’s a different and interesting type of video

FlameX says:

can you play on Axiomi star wars RP server

Agent Peek says:

ow look at my grypho as a pvt u are now a EXO u look like such a rookie

Bram Regtop says:

Good review, Gotta give it a 9/10 xD

bobby zichem says:

im sorry to say dont want to be rude but how do ppl regonise u but u have 50 subs ?XD

SonicCam04 says:

oh, hey grypho, you’re in wolf packs at the moment arn’t you

FlameX says:

The Shock Troopers

Shay O'connor says:

hes a commander now i think

Shay O'connor says:

i was trained by Kyrisha too

Mr Domkis says:

First famalam.

Backup Tripod says:

RIP HereticGaming 🙁

FlameX says:

if you can’t find it look at DapperCat star wars RP server

FlameX says:

what should I be too a heavy for the 501st or theshocktroopers

TheDeadlyFox says:

Can do a new review on this server please it has changed a lot

josh theepicone says:

You still play on the server 🙂

Scumbag Batman says:

Second famalam?

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