Game Server Tips – The running or operating of a game server is rarely as easy as setting up the server in the first place. Many games, like Minecraft, have easy server setup software – but this isn’t always the case. When undertaking such a task, you should be prepared for what you’re getting into. To help you out, here are five tips for operating a game server so you’ll at least have an idea if it’s something you can handle.

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TheSirSadler says:

Under 100 club 😀

Inkes-arts 2.0 says:

Do you know how to make game severs in c ++

Somone77 says:

I’m the network manager and developer at Catalyst-Gaming and I would like to say that these ideas are not just tips but are required for you to succeed.
I remember years ago I would throw up a dedicated server and get very few people, but when I did they always were uninterested because of how few people there were to begin with. My best suggestion to anyone wanting to start a server is to get the ball rolling before you even have a server to play on. Make sure there is already a following.

Llo vdw says:

you lost me at “remember”..

elfoxy says:

Yeah, and when they go on that ‘the admin is always right’ even when they are being offensive towards you. And then they use commands to freeze you and stuff…

josipis says:

I host a very popular australian mc server…probably 2-3rd ranked aussie hosted server….if you need help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. Chris, if you would like I’d gladly publish a more minecraft specific server guide as I have a lot of experience with it. For free of course, so long as I could put a link to my server.

Peter Serrano says:

Please don’t go to this website!!!
If you guys want to get game server!!
Don’t go to

They fooling you guys!!!!!

John Smith says:

i had a MineCraft server running on my shity package PC with a terrible internet connection and my friends said it ran better than my friends rented server!

Dalek22comments says:

How to operate a server? Admins dont be pricks? Get mad cause you pwnd them?

Brandon Belokin says:

My name is Brandon and i own an up and coming Minecraft Server. The server is called Enterprise and its a mixture of Creative, Survival, PvP, Economy, and Ranks. I have over 30 plugins installed ranging from Essentials to World Edit. If you have never been on a Minecraft Server before or are looking for a friendly environment with some awesome creations, come join us at the Enterprise.
The Ip is and further rules/instructions will be given there.

Gamesclan says:

please check the official Gamesclansite

Sydth says:

I host a game server. its called a minecraft server.

Mary Boitshoko Setwaba says:

listen to ur best music and mute this video the guy will see stupid

orlandotech says:

You should look into a dedicated solar power setup with batteries/ controllers etc for your server. Then it would be totally off grid and the only bill you would have to pay after it was all steup is your ISP. Best of all there wouldn’t be any blackouts except maybe for server maintenance and whatnot.

James Margenberg says:

true, the admins make such a huge difference, especially on a minecraft server, thats why on my server i keep admin powers to myslef, i know a few people who have set up server that have made everyone admins for example, they lasted 2 days before everyone just raged

halfawake454 says:

I really hate admins who try to control what everyone does on the server by threatening to ban. They never shut up that they are the admin and they have all this power, so basically, being a good admin is a situation where people play w/the admin all the time, but don’t know it.

hasnachos says:

do servers help speed up game performance? like fps boost while playing on a server? what is the purpose of a server?

TheJacksterINFO says:

Buy game servers from WarServers

Cheap and much better than other providers!

1BlubeTube says:

Is it possible to have a game sever without going on the internet, just for playing a game on multiple-computers in a private-network? Like if a few people wanted to play in a single-dwelling?

ZpeedTube says:

I thought on this yesterday! Good timing! 🙂



DuncanAndFriends says:

I’m trying to add servers to GUN on PC. Think its possible?

John Smith says:

haha im throwing a lan party soonish 😀

Lumilan says:

I host a game server 😀

David Moore says:

guys what are the most needed
components for a fantastic gmod server and is it like a graphics card or RAM? im going to make a build

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