FS19 – How to Join and Setup a dedicated multiplayer server and host a multiplayer session

In this video we will look at Joining a multiplayer game, hosting a multiplayer session and setting up a dedicated server.

Gameservers referral link – https://www.gameservers.com/?ref=1663572

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The Nernbutt says:

no referral link as advertised

Virtual Games Group says:

Video well explanatory Klein, you should make a video about all the game settings, going through the advanced settings and giving examples too, I think that you are the right person to do.. Surely it will take a lot of people to realize the differences in play. Cheers

Shawn Young says:

So you would need 2 computers to do the Dedicated Server ? one for the Server and one to play on ?

Tidusjames says:

Not sure I would argue that counts as… ‘setting up a dedicated’
What about setting up your own at home

James Tingley says:

Thanks FK a bit confusing but i will go through it a few more times and hopefully I will get it.:). Regards James

Nori Narku? says:

umm it says connecting to server and nothing even thought i waited 30 mins -.-

Matthew Schutz says:

16:24 that should be mentioned at the beginning!

Jorgen Bach says:

Hi There. Can you help me please. Joining a multiplayer game, hosting a multiplayer session and setting up a dedicated server.
I can´t se my createt game and my fiendt can join the game I make, but i cant join or see it in the lidt multiplayer ??? I se even save game on the server. I setup a dedicated server exakt you show in the video and every things lokke right ;-( What can be worng??

Min_ Ereu says:

At me is loading and loading and nothing happends

William Sullivan says:

Do u have to pay to host a multiplayer server

Thank you for suspending me Google says:

Can you rent a server on xbox one?

The Realist says:

i used Nitrado ssrvers instead of fragnet. easier host options and fast fast fast

Kyle Burdick says:

how do i get money on a dedicated server when i pay for a service?

BoredSights says:

Is Farmer Klein aka Rick Sanchez? Farmer Klein really sounds like Rick Sanchez. Thanks for the video.

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