Frostmourne Frostberry 4.3.4 Server Review: Featuring MuffinMan

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Richard Gunslinger says:

How do I download that server man?

hillnegus300 says:

screaming lol!

TwistedFate CardTricks says:

Can you review wow freakz legion please ?

Nady Gaming says:

1:30 … fuck u pay to win fucktards

Jura Plays says:

remove kebab

Architxts says:

Bro where the fuck is ur chin?

Finders EQ says:

worst private server i’ve ever seen in my life

Wumbo says:

Well we germans CAN take it. You can´t hurt us with Nazi stuff, you make us proud with it (joke joke stop feel offended fcking english thommy ppl cry and get america for help 😛 )

Rayene Boussetta says:

Hey dodgy, what’s the best MoP server for end-game raiding?

I n T e R e Y e says:

I honestly don’t understand why you make videos when you clearly don’t make money off of it but I love you for it

Meowingtonpvp says:

My biggest question is why on earth would people play shit like this? How is this fun for anyone? I’d rather watch paint dry.

moonknight12579 says:

Atlantiss is NOT a good alternative to this server. Way too many bugs and bugged quests. Atlantiss is terrible. They’ve pretty much abandoned that server. The only decent Cataclysm server out there is from TwinStar. Most definitely the smoothest running Cata server in the world. Unfortunately 90% of the players speak Czech. That doesn’t deter me from playing on a really good server though and I’ve met many on TwinStar Cata that do speak English. Trust me, I’ve played every private Cataclysm server out there and TwinStar is the best.

Michael Simperl says:

where can I find that “wobble bass” video? xD 12:28

Shintar's Videos says:

8:56 That was amazing.

cyberdelic says:

Is there a ingame translator german to english?

Andere says:


Samuil Krumov says:

what abaut Warmane?

WetDogBed says:

says bratwurst eating mofo german is racist when his name is dodgykebaab, meaning a bad lamb sandwich from a muslim. seems legit.

Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker says:

Do a fucking review of Tauri’s MoP server so people actually join the international realm its easily on par with Atlantiss

fKBFOx35O says:

rip fm

John McKelly says:

Tauri has the best 4.3.4 content :^)

Toxic One says:

Fm/fb is dead now im so glad they was cunts lol

Brink Jones says:

Dodgy when are you going to do Warmane TBC server review?

FallenShadoww says:

Why don’t you try out Firestorm’s “Sylvanas” (Legion) server? So far my experience there has been okay

Nci iii says:

That Server is Dead.
Frostberry is transfering to Monster WoW.
And the Wrath of the Lichking Server Frostmourne is going to be transfered to Rising Gods (The Best German “blizzlike” Wotlk Server)

The Servers are going down on the First of August.

Maplemoon says:

8:55 had me in fucking stitches

Exy Bogdan says:

are you a clicker? lol

Casino- Kapitalist says:

you have the humour of a 10 year old kid you 40 year old virgin

Filgar Rett says:

Ich mag Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut

AnAxeAndABow says:

I’ve got a question only you can answer @dodgykebaab where can i buy gold?

Kzl Kzl says:

Hey dodgy, could you please check the WoWZealot server and make a review if you like it? Its opening in 26 days and gonna be Atlantiss-alike.

AcRoNoX says:

dude pls review WowCircle Legion realm.. WowCircle released its Legion server

MrSnuggle says:

Nah, its not unforgivable: its hilarious.

Dr.Rhy†hm says:

Hey Dodgy you wanna check out Tauri Wow, it has pretty damn well scripted Mop server, I’m not even joking, it has about 2.000+ people at peak, but it needs international attention.

Porto Illidan says:

Well, to be fair, that chrage-through-the-ground thing was kinda common even at retail servers untill like pandas

Mauricio Alvarez Roldan says:

you should play tauri wow

Pryderic says:

hell, dat german accent 😀 (sorry if i wrote it wrong im from germany too…xD

Aymen Nirvana says:

keep those shithole server review coming dodgy !

Habil says:

You didn’t cover the horde starting zones?! Not a proper review. :p

Dreadvil says:

Please make a review of new Wowfreakz Legion server which has just been released recently

Silentnight one says:

Dodgy u are the god of wow reviews man keep up the great work im in tears laughin at this ha ha

jimakos d says:

Make a review of Tauri-WoW please. Really good MoP server. I know you hate MoP but please make it happen

Regal Panda says:

it took only a minute and a half for me to realize i’d never play on this server.

cameron barber says:

Why does everyone hate alex?

Alex Harm says:

So i see this review and ask myself:

Could we convince you to take a look at the Rising Gods Server? It’s all german too, but hey 🙂 might be an Option to bring Muffinman back!

Wumbo says:

ah and the servers went down on 1.8.17

Dayta says:

hi i hope you are able to help me or nudge me in the right direction. i thought you might be one who would be able to help me so here what its all about.

short version:
i either need to setup my own p server or acces to a already existing one to record video footage for a movie with tools like camera tool from malu or free far sight from kyssah.

longer (detailed) version:
im kinda planning a movie based and played in world of warcraft storyline character planning is all done now i want to record the scenes with a tool that gives me a little bit more freedom in movement as a camera so im going for malu05`s camera tool (he stopped development somewhere around cata or mop i b elive) or kyssah`s free far sight (which should be working up to 6.2.4) that in mind i need a private place like a private server to work on. it doesnt even have to be working properly quest can be buggy or non existent npc could be disabled all interaction with auction house and stuff like that can be in a non working state so basicly i just need the environment to use the camera in. for that i kinda looking for a solution. should i use a already existing private server or should i setup one myself if so is mangos still working or even a good sollution i remmeber doing something like that in bc but things have changed since then i guess. another concern of me would be the battlenet aplication they tend to write their connection information into some file which can be read by blizzard so the computer with the orginal wow account should be somewhat safe is there any information about where one has to clean his own computer to ensure the orginal account stays clean (something short of reinstalling windows) another thing would be the version are there any recomended version that are easy or are they are all equaly hard / easy to setup.
a minor thing could be a private server hosted by someone else would require a easy way to get a high level character to acces some of the higher level areas for recording.

i hope you can help me a little bit or give me a tip there what to do or what to look for cheers and thanks in advance

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