Friday the 13th Game Review & Server Issues – #CUPodcast

A review of Friday the 13th: The Game and a discussion on the server issues that have plagued the launch.
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Derrick Barnette says:

I’d love a survival horror game with Freddy or Jason. I was interested in Friday the 13th but I’m 34 and most of my friends don’t play any other games besides madden, 2k, and cod.

Dave 420 says:

If you are on xbox go into game hub and look for a game there it’s a whole lot easier and better to find a game

Sky says:

Glad you’re enjoying it Ian. As a fan of the Friday films, Gun Media/IllFonic absolutely nailed the atmosphere of the earlier films. I still can’t believe a Friday the 13th game even happened, let alone be something that I always wanted but figured it was always a pipe dream. Slowly but surely the issues are getting ironed out and I’m really looking forward to future dlc. Speaking of dlc, it’s nothing like Evolve. What a disappointment that was. Seriously, if you’re on the fence about the game, try to play a friends or get it when it hits a sale. It’s seriously the most fun/intense game I’ve played in years.

Father AxeKeeper says:

sometimes we are waiting for more than 20 minutes to get into a game. I’m not even exaggerating, the longest wait I remember was over 22 minutes. Then you try again and wait even longer so in reality it was probably around 30 minutes. it’s almost like they dont even want us to play the game.
partying up with friends online might help with that, but its kinda not on my menu; because my friends and I like to play together while hanging out in the same room. a game like this we’d be passing the controller on deaths and laughing at each other/yelling directions and warnings and shit.

Also the 2 person car escape is bullshit, because they have more seats in the back just that there is clutter on them. “oh sorry dude, these random boxes in the back of this car that I havent the slightest idea of the contents of are more important than you, sorry. find another way!

Actionbastard says:

The game seems fun but it would have been nice to see some solo content. Very few pvp only games stand the test of time. My guess is in 6 months it will be like evolve or battleborn with <100 people playing at peak time.

newwavejunkie says:

Ian, love the Autograph reference!

Poketto says:

You know Ian means buisiness when it’s “fun as shit” AND “fun as fuck”!

lunchie83 says:

Pat go get a $250 gold PS4. I’ve been waiting for a deal on a 1tb PS4 and happy with it. I don’t like buying used consoles (unless of course it’s retro and I don’t have a choice)

Krushak8888 says:

wait this game is on ps4? fuck me i could have been playing since my 8 year old card die put a bad one in

Brandon Petroski says:

Got it for PS4. The game is such a love letter to the films, and I’ve enjoyed it. The server issues didn’t plague me as much as others. I’m actually so happy it garnered so many players. I hope they consider DLC, because I would love to show my support. I feel like the $40 I paid was very fair, because I have put almost a day or two into this game.

Draydince says:

I’ve heard you both mention playing PC games before, and I’ve always been curious – what Specs are both of your computers? (Ram, CPU, Graphics card)

willnox1 says:

Seriously love how excited Ian gets over this game its amazing!

Damian Betancourt says:

I’ve already been put into a lobby with 1. All russians
2. All chinese people
Good luck trying to communicate with getting car parts when you can’t understand anyone

Asrar Qureshi says:

Pat. Get a PS4.

binarydreamz says:

Pat, you guys should check out my Friday the 13th NES cabin theme remix along with other NES remixes, you would dig it

CaptNRetro says:

It’s fun as fuck

Jan Arcade says:

Hey its ian back in old form! Happy to see you back!

domziphone1 says:

it’s great fun! just wish when you died there was an option to leave. I’ve had matches where Jason spawned next to me and I died within the 1st minute then had to sit and watch people play for almost the full 20 minutes

Fish Renfroe Boyd says:

Good to see Ian in his full form in this video. It’s funny to see Pat not have a PS4 system, I mean I don’t either but he’s got so much stuff I just assume he has everything lol. The game sounds fun.

Wade Wilson says:

It’s a pretty fun game when it’s working but it’s definitely not worth it’s $40 they’re asking for because of the server issues. Glad I refunded my money asap because I know the later I waited the more screwed i’d be for trying to get a refund. I knew that they weren’t going to have these servers fixed by now and it’s already been what like 3 weeks already? Really fucked up in my opinion. I don’t even want to hear this bs excuse about it being a small independent company. My Dad has built big ass homes by himself and these weren’t shitty homes either. They are really nice looking.

This product is broken and people should wait and see if they actually iron out all the server issues before throwing their hard earned money at it. While this game is fun I don’t know if it has as much longevity as Ian may hope it does. I feel like after a couple months of play this game could get boring real fast unless it has like extra content they will be adding without asking for more $$$. Ian is also right about the maps all looking about the same. I had played a decent amount of this game before getting a refund and never could notice the difference in maps.

Ryan H says:

t-rex arms 😀

Ty Schaller says:

You guys need to make a Completely Unnecessary Podcast about Atari Box, the new Atari console.

Midwest Retro Gamers says:

I have the game on Steam and starting playing it that Thursday at early release.  It has had its bugs and of course the server issues, but the team at GunMedia has done an awesome job of fixing the issues.  There is a few more patches that need to come out to fix a few things, but I’ve been playing it A LOT and its been working great for me on Steam. I can’t speak for PS4 and Xbox players, but there are patches coming out for those too, it just takes a little time because they need to be approved and it takes time with PS4 and Xbox.Everything you said about the game play is true and it is one hell of a game for 40 dollars.  They will be doing more levels as time goes on and they are going to be doing a single player mode. I think it was late summer or fall? They are going to have a boat level from part 8 from what I’ve been hearing from other people, yes a space level from part 10, probably more down the line. This game you can put a lot into.  I think they might even put a thunderstorm in it or lightning and thunder. I think that would be cool if Jason killed the power and he’s chasing you and the whole thing is lighting up because of the lightning.  There is also the Pamela Tapes that you need to find. Those are very rare to find and there are 20 of them. I haven’t found one yet. Some say they only spawn on Fridays I don’t know that for sure, but the tapes can be in drawers, Jason’s cabin, around the lake, they could be anywhere and you have to be lucky enough to find one.

Blaqq Geezus says:

The game is a BLAST to play WHEN IT WORKS

Korpens Vinger says:

Can we have a completely unecessary lets play of you two playing that game?

BeastMaster1024 Kirk says:

Ian your awesome so glad your back. Pat you may not mean it but you come of douchey and pretentious. Ian balances it out though by being himself and just a regular guy who with some serious game knowledge.

Pat the NES Punk says:

What do you think of the game so far? Are you experiencing the server issues? How do you think Gun Media has handled the problems?
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Martini Gaming says:


MrGlasspider says:

Nice! Ian looks healthy!

True Games says:

Game is perfect. Servers are shit.

P Ferreira says:

Had they sorted out single player first there would have less people noticing the server issues.

Noelio Emerald-Isle says:

*Dear Pat & Ian: in unrelated matters, I turned on the Wii yesterday for the 1st time since I got the Wii U on release….good few years now, Goldeneye online actually still works!……..unbelievable……and great too….the memories*

klobberdudegaming says:

It’s great that the devs are being transparent and trying like hell to fix it. Refreshing for once. It’d be great if you guys could call to attention resident evilvrevelations 2, specifically Raid Mode, which crashes PS4 system at random times. Happens all the time, believe it’s a problem on Capcoms end, a huge company that has done nothing to fix it. Horrible.

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