Friday Q&A: Dedicated servers, and prioritizing bugs

Episode 2 is here! Zabir talks about dedicated servers, and explains why easy fixes aren’t always easy.


Trotr says:

5:48 Hopefully you guys will be able to get a social media manager in the future. (that is if it’s needed)

Preetha K P says:

Early squad 😀

Chris Augustin says:

Great video, as always, appreciate the transparency. Any thoughts on socializing a part of the user submitted bugs and allow the community to vote on priorities?

Vincent Harry says:

emote system should be on key hold, meaning to ping the ground, I have to hold Ctrl when I left click the ground. right now the emotes get in the way, especially on single player.

Unexpected Gamer says:

for the next q&a do you guys think you will be adding a jumbo terrain tool. Hopefully when I die in a friends game on the Xbox one I don’t spawn on main planet really enjoy multiplayer

ChewyCereal says:

I just want to say that the backpack inventory system is genius, keep up the good work guys

Robo Productions l-/ says:

GR8 video M8 I r8 8/8

Luking97 says:

you’re amazing guys!

M0SCHEN says:

Please put an option to close the door of the ‘habitat’, sometimes in storms we use as a shelter, and with the door open we can be

Artur Renato B.B says:

Noice m8.

dhnigga says:

linux dedicated servers?-

JaKoB says:

Hey guys, I really enjoy playing Astroneer with my friend. Last time I found a solar panel on the map, but it is floating all the time and i can’t connect it to base. I’m waiting to next update and I hope you will fix it 😉

JakeSimmer says:

Oh yeah, one more question, when the game tells you ‘here is some resin in the ground’ and you mine it all out, it still says ‘Hi here is some Resin for you’ Its a detail I know, code wise pretty interesting I think… 🙂 Thanks again!!

Corey Skurray says:

i think what the game really needs is more resource types because it seems almost impossible to unlock everything and it takes fun out o the game trying to unlock everything and traveling so far trying to find the different ones

Melik Walker says:

question you guys should fix the crane and drill because the cranes moving out of sync with the controller

GrEEnHaWk PiLot says:


S C says:

here before this game gets big

Samuel Fowler says:

How about leaving the validation to the other clients? So if someone sends invalid packets the other clients detect that, to take some load off of the servers.

GrEEnHaWk PiLot says:


Atticus Crook says:

What is the idea for food farming, and/or water? Oceans? Lakes? Rivers? Space food? Are we going to go all Matt Damon on the farming system?

Robo Productions l-/ says:

Love this game

Halo Freek Reed says:

make split screen

Fawaz Aljohani says:

cant u make a shooting stars in the game , one that u can spot from far distance as well as been threat to players , and once they reach ground u can find some rare loot in them, but for u to git inside u need expansive lazer cutter and large amount of power ..etc .overall all i want is for u to add more content in the game , i really wish that u add hunger and thirst , and making farms and gitting water from different sources
pleas just make something that will make a huge different in the game not painting or that sort of things , dont git me wrong , i love this game so much , thats why im writing this , keep up the work .

Pineapple Pizza says:

Any chance of it coming for Mac? I don’t have anything else and I’ve wanted to play this for months now

kubel83 says:

Give us the chance to make dedicated servers on our xbox. I have two. One i use to run ark dedicated on. But would love to do that on Astroneer too.

ClutchHunter says:

This is a year ago now… can we release a private dedicated server hosting scenario for PC please? I know it sounds selfish, but I don’t care about console players, it wont affect them in any negative way letting us have the ability earlier… Let us PC players have a way of using a sleeping host of some sort, even just for our game with friends… let me at least host a private game from my spare PC so im not lagging so hard and getting fps drops when im hosting and playing with my friends… i was considering buying the game on another steam account and just have the player in the game idle who hosts, but then we are 1 less player, and someone from the friend group would have to be left out… so no, not a solution unfortunately.

Idea: allow it to be downloaded from steam as a free game, that person can have all the friends who want to play together in his steam friends list… he can be running the client to host, but cant play, he doesnt count as a player slot, and everyone else can join him and GG EZ! Quick Temorary Solution!

Nicola Mutton says:

when you do the update with the alien animals?

Aartwood says:

Love the game, yes buggy but so so fun. My only wish is for a purpose to build, or a purpose to defend yourself, maybe if storms destroyed bases id have a reason to alter terrain to protect base, rather than drilling holes all the time lol

zoth _ says:

Were the headphones at 0:00 G933 or G633?

William Baptiste says:

this game is great

De Er says:

Can you add stearing animation to rovers and trucks stearing wheel.

Mr.Mundos 99 says:

this is my first time being first… also love your game so far. but I have a question… what happened to your vehicles in the early version of astroneer like the small spaceship (opollo ship)

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