Fortnite How To Create, Host and Join Custom Matchmaking Lobby Servers in 2019 Tutorial Instructions

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Gaming Legendz says:

What if I became a Creator on feb 9

Alex Smith says:

When I put the code in and the correct game mode it says “sorry, but you can’t use custom matchmaking for this game mode.” Can anyone help?

DenoHere says:

What if i got under 1k subs ?

Nut4ABuckeye Meade says:

Your voice sounds different

xXSpok3n VyBzXx says:

You’re smart

TreyyTV says:

How do I get the email…I have a code but no email

random memes says:

do more soft spoken or like this it’s really relaxing to me

DeFeNd3 says:

mine say that wasn’t a post to happen and i have my own code?

ASMR Gaming News says:

Hey everyone I just wanted to make a quick video which is different than the normal content on this channel. I wanted to help out the Fortnite community since I have been getting a lot of messages from people wondering how they can create and host their own custom matchmaking lobby servers in Fortnite and how they can join other games too. So I made this because I got kinda annoyed by all the unhelpful clickbait videos that just give out fake information and I wanted to actually help people with a nice instructional tutorial type video so enjoy and more ASMR Gaming content is coming soon 🙂

LEM 07 says:

Can you go to a custom match alone?

Nishiki Salvador says:

Thanks for clearing the information bro.

GotBusted says:

Can we join any custom game if we don’t have a creator code for us ?

Zakiul Lol says:


landen carmichael says:

…..Yeah I didn’t expect your voice to sound like that lol. One of the most underrated, gaming ASMR channel out there though!!

WeirdGaming Kitsune says:


Mark Wickmann says:

The actual info starts on 2:24

Best1053 says:

I GOT the e-Mail but not the link they just gave me the link to be a support creator but i am already just wtf is going on with epic games

xSnow says:

Will everyone get free private crap soon?

the compiton shook says:

Asmr can you make a key for me because I want try a scrim with my friends please it’s only under 10 people

SB_Coach Prettyboyfredo says:

Thank you I was hovering over squads and trying to do solo

Bishop Bain says:

Do wins count for custom matchmaking games

Geerzy says:

R.I.P I have the email but sadly I did not get the custom matchmaking paragraph. That’s strange because I have a fairly large amount of people using my code );

DOMONIC Lofton says:

Like the Marshmello music

Caleb Brock says:

When i try to join a match it says you cant use custom matchmaking for this game mode?

Apandah Fanbase be like says:

Feels bad cant make a custom match without creator code. That’s not fair

fortnite is my dna says:

You need a support creator to create and host the custom matches ????

Blue Zone says:

Hey can you help I still have questions

ĐëVìŁ ČŁÂÑ says:

Can I create a match I a am not a support a creator ?

Extaatic says:

Does the person who made the code have to be in the game? Like if my friend made one and he’s not On can me and other ppl play on his code?

Nitr0 says:

They should keep this and you shouldn’t have to be in support a creator that’s stupid



Uriel Rocha says:

I was the soccer skin at the end of the first game who threw the boogie bomb. I had no mats so I knew I was gonna die

AliviaSunner says:


MJBZ says:

I got the email but no matchmaking for me why is that?

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