For Honor Saved? Dedicated Servers..

Too little too late? Or will this game come back strong? We will find out in the coming months. Leave a like if you enjoyed!

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ივანე მასხულია says:

Season 5 and still eny dedicated servers. I can still not play this fucking game. Fuck zou ubisoft.

Zaniac85 says:

Lol saved my ass wen on for Honor 2 hour of 10 rounds worked and I even got kicked out of my custom matches lol love the game but goddamn Ubisoft

smittyas00 says:

Why support a game that has a pay to win mechanic? Game devs who do this, deserve to fail.

SNOX says:

This argument has been had way too many times recently on reddit Sypher. I feel so sorry for you m’man, but you have to understand: this game is beyond saving. There’s not enough active players to make casuals stay, and literally 90% of the community is asking for dedicated servers. But the P2P model that Ubisoft has designed here uses all connected clients as somewhat of a cluster server for maintaining the game-state. All clients are in constant communication with each other to ensure the game stays consistent, resulting in the infamous disconnects we all know and love. Most of the problems we see with peer to peer are from bad programming that dedicated servers smooth over, (ubisoft joke here) not something innately wrong with peer to peer. Decentralization is in my opinion, always a good thing for consumers and something we should encourage.
Peer to peer *if done right* is better than dedicated servers in almost every way. We’re having the exact same problem we had with R6, except that it’s starting to get on it’s feet while it could have been the new CS (Seriously this game’s good). Typical “this game is so fun but so trash” syndrome, ubisoft™
rant over

Kensei Dojo says:

Season 5: new faction?

Wamatcha TESO says:

I like apple

saeed eftekhar says:

for honor will be dead

Bryan Herbert says:

When does console get the dedicated servers ? Still playing doesn’t seem like they have come yet

TheDrCrow says:

so far the changes to being defensive are great, it rewards people more for being aggressive and doesn’t reward people that much now for turtling and prolonging the fight now although the only thing I don’t like is that it gonna give bug users more of an edge now since you can’t turtle to defend against that so removing those bugs are more of a priority for the devs and the dedicated servers are definitely another good driving force for reviving the game even more so far, some people may argue it may be too late but since a lot of the big problems are now being handled there should be a burst in returning players definitely

J K says:

Which type of unlock tech is still available? Is at least the unlock tech fixed where you press dodge + unlock+ attack at the same time?

DotTop says:

Nobushi still gets unlocks, but other than that, she’s complete shit.

She only gets a light guaranteed off of a parry, her long range is useless now, and she chews through stamina so fast, she might as well ledge herself.

Berg Electron says:

No, because this has been late how many months? They lost their chance when this wasn’t a priority in the first place.

daxxis 66 says:

Now let’s adress one of the OTHER big problems…how toxic the community is

Brandon Cardona says:

When is the new season coming

kameron hughes says:

Cya later

SłØAN-WØŁF says:

I love the game the only problem for me is it’s not popular enough to play pVp

B works says:

I couldn’t stop laughing at the intro

TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings says:

I fell like dedicated servers will mess up 1v1 because all the ping abusers will have a huge advantage

ooshaboy29 says:

Cent’s parry counter and uncharged punches need to no longer wallsplat, chip could be tuned up a *bit* more (as long as external blocking deals less or no chip), I don’t think Raider needs more parry punish because of how well chip has effected him and conq needs a full blown rework which removes/changes his passive superior block before these changes go live.
Finally, I do appreciate that they want to refine the changes as much as possible, but I don’t think I could play ranked 1v1s while in defensive meta for a whole season. I have had so much fun so far with PTS Raider that I honestly don’t think I can go back to staring at a warlord till the clock runs out.

John says:

Time will tell, i’ll still hop on and ax a few people every now and then, but if it gets really good i might play it more competitively. (ps i played against you yesterday (thurs 7/28) and killed you a few times xD your friend was using unlock tec on berserker and wrecking the whole team lol) will keep up with your stuff to stay informed.

zachary kostov says:

Mann if they take away conqs quick recovery times so he can be punished in the new patch I’m gonna quit this game and write a very mean letter to the developers because conq is the only thing keeping me playing this game.

Seth Duggan says:

Having little to no input lag is more important than being able to stay connected in a game all about timing.

Braden Shaw says:

Is there no chip damage on the PTS? Thought that was in the patch notes!

SupEldrix says:

1v1s need to keep Peer to Peer
4v4 modes are the problem

also with dedicated servers Ping will matter

Ruben Brouwer says:

i was mad because this update but now i see that the only problem the light parry is because that is hard even at high level and i think there has te be a reward for that.

Cody Medeiros says:

Ok so we are we not getting any defensive meta changes in the public game until season 4. That seems pretty shitty

Marquis Vargo says:

im excited for this,im really glad they were finaly FORCED to fix this,as they were not getting nay more revenue off their broken game.i’ll deffintly come back to it,rep 40 warden and left cuz of how broken it was.really good news.

Artin A says:

I just wish there was less arcanishness to this game, less colors and glowy fists and weapons. We aren’t 13 years olds give us something more realistic with blood n gore!

Dragens2 says:

I love the changes but I don’t like that oparry doesn’t give any advantage beside canceling the chain of your enemy.

Zero Uptight says:

Once they implement some denk ass memes l may come back full swing.

Sk says:

Nobody heard him singing Everybody by logic in the 2nd clip

SS Soilder says:

Man that frame rate looks sooooooop gud

nickbadassrivera1 says:

Yea that patch broke the game again, fuck you ubisoft. More disconnects then ever.

Yohan Goose says:

“Sypher your channels been getting progressively better lately”- Yohan Goose

Chimera says:

I would LIKE the game to be fixed but I doubt it will happen any time soon. I played the other day (on console) still the most toxic, broken and infuriating game. I’ve played some frustrating games in my time, but FH takes the cake. It would take Dedicated Servers, the removal of these stupid gear bonuses, removal of exploit glitches (flicker, unlock tech), punishment or prevention to ganking, fair balancing to all characters (not to make them the same, just have strengths and weaknesses that don’t make certain heros OP compared to others), the removal of the quick chat (yes, even if it was in the options to disable the chat for players, tired of “Wow! Good Fight! Thanks!” spam.) as well as a few other things.

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