FOR HONOR PC BETA REVIEW – Rewarding Combat Ruined By No Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated servers are a must nowadays.
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Chris 'White Knight' Cucker says:

yea I noticed a lot of connection problems in the beta, bummer because multiplayer is really fun especially one on one feels really real and intense and draws you in the moment. I won’t pay 60 for it. if It ever goes on sale for maybe 20 or less i’ll pick it up.

Va11idus says:

I’m surprised that you didn’t bring up revenge at all. As far as the p2p, I think early on it will be a negative, but for people who love this game and stick with it passed it’s cycle, they won’t have as many server issues. I can think of several games with dedicated servers that I love that are now unplayable because they are no longer maintained.

mjmbk says:

Excellent impressions Matt!

Professor Oak says:

the real issue is the number of Rage quitters…. in the Alphas and Betas too……

SupMatto says:

Keep in mind these are my overall opinions on the BETA. As for the connections and always online feature, that is FACT.

FNL 4EVA says:

Avoiding anything online only has a limited shelf life then it is unplayable. If story was offline mode i would pay $30 for sp cause p2p for games like this is sadfor mp. I might get for $10 if it ever gets that low.

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