Dedicated servers is here on the public test server! so far the results are quite amazing! Hope you enjoy! More videos coming soon.

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no honor rage says:

When you hear dedicated servers are coming soon: YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

Im Soui says:

I was doing the testing and then i disconnected

Owen Manley says:


Racing God says:

Will this be free in the future?

Flame Gaming says:

Hey spliced I dare you to make a full video about the new exacuson for lb pls do it … If you want to I’m not forcing you but have a wonderful day

Pablo Razo says:



This is a nice quality of life improvement, but I’m much more interested in seeing the new lag compensation. Attacks are still going to be different speeds until then. All the servers do is make disconnects and resyncs not happen. :/

Nightmare of Onyx says:

Fantastic. Does this mean that you might start playing more dominion and the other game modes? I think this will be very good for variation in your content. Who knows, maybe you can do some more anti-gank compilations. Great vid once again, I’ll be waiting in anticipation for whatever you do next.


What after I delete the game they bring out what I wanted for 10-11 months? LOL fuck that shit game I love it but yet hate it

Thomas Robinson says:

I can’t find any dominion or tribute games. I haven’t been able to play tribute once feelsbadman 🙁

Am Pe says:

well so far its a lot better but i still have gotten disconnected a few times, my screen has completely blacked out during a duel tournament and its been glitchy here and there. but at least its PLAYABLE NOW.

Brett Pulley says:

No Con activity? That’s a good thing man.

Green says:

So does that mean things will be easier to parry

Leviathan Von says:

I dont know why but the graphics look way better too

Alberto Fuentes says:

I can’t play multiplayer, quick match or custom match. Is it because I don’t have PlayStation plus?

Johnny B says:

Everyone just complained about dedicated servers bc it was the popular thing to complain about, the disconnects don’t happen nearly as often as everyone says they do and I haven’t been disconnected in months

rapistSJW says:

the most annoying thing in my opinion is when you get the execution menu but then the guy just comes back to life in front of you

Xenveos says:

i hope the popularity comes back

SyndicateSaint says:

Kicked from 4 1v1s so far on dedicated servers lol

Chillzy says:

Sad thing is, Australians didn’t get a server. So quality was poor for us :/

Geno Dedemon says:

i hope some people come back but a dont think so.

notnert says:


Aحmd TM says:

Fucking servers sucks, keeps kicking me out constantly

justhateme israel says:

I still just have moderate nat type and when i play duel i often just run into the same people whom i would guess also just has the same nat type as me. My question is would dedicated servers finally allow people with moderate nat since now we don’t have to worry hosting and the palyers unsynchronizing because of it

Bread Doge Boii says:

7:31 having trouble with your voice cracks buddy?

some random guy says:

I wonder if it actually matters or if it’s just the placebo effect

Kuro says:

I have a problem where it tells me to create an account or log in to an excited account, but I don’t know where. When pressing OK on the window that shows above, an error appears on the screen, “ERROR (WS-37366-5)”.
on PS4

HYPE Clan says:

Does anyone want to play for honor with me ?

Raited says:

I think its a bit soon to tell from just a few games tbh, you’d need quite a few more to really get a good over all look at these servers

AroleD25 25 says:

* net neutrality gets repealed

Barracuda 565 says:

It’s time

J Tick says:

As a person who isn’t a huge tech guy, what does this actually mean for the game?

MeDiOcrE PlaYs says:

Thank God this is happening, I left this game awhile ago because of the bad Connection, with this I have a reason to play again!!

Jacob D. says:

You play the most generic play style used for lawbringer

Harry Edmund Townsend says:

Because I’m in Australia it says this video was uploaded 18 hours ago. But does it mean whoever comments now it says 18 hours ago but really it was 5 mins after it was uploaded?

Xander Hollender says:

Jesus has blessed for honor

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