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The Upgraded Sloth says:


DarkAssassin 573 says:

6:25 there is no more super armor on za

Jesse Brown says:

Dedicated servers are out?

River Ross says:

1:20 “‘Cuz I’m playing on 60 hertz, which obviously ‘hertz’ you a bit…” HA jokes are fun.

Wolves of Honor says:

Hey Guys “Wolves of Honor” is a new For Honor Team! Come and Check it out!

BlackDeath22341 says:

You didn’t get grabed by the Shinobi because your were still attacking during the zone.

tk check says:

Tru3 come back to fh mate. If only for a while.

Meshal Aldhahri says:

how do i show the ping?

Sixth Kai says:

I make content too hope to vs u

Blaze says:

Arnt you playing console I thought PC was only getting it 1st

alexandra Novicova says:

my first video of u and dam ur accent

ComedyShortsGamerIsBad Just Kidding says:

I didnt know people still played this game

weed jesus says:

But in duels p2p is not bad as long as there many players nearby you.. for honor has no user so p2p tried combine sessions with player out of your regions and get massed up cuz p2p to other player who ilve overseas is shit guaranteed

ShadowDragon17 says:

Show your controllerr

Saxo Spiele says:

I’m pretty sure the top heavy was because the Shinobi didn’t react in time and he has reflex block (#AssassinLife)

Davi Gomes says:

duels are still p2p

PH4CE says:

Glad your back into this mate loved watchin your for honor content way back

Potatoe Stew says:

Dedicated servers made my game worse

Ahkile Washington says:

Kensei(in my opinion)is way too easy now,most of all his attacks are fast and do alot of damage

Gray Davis says:

Does this mean NAT no longer matters?

Olaf The Thicc says:

I’m more excited for lag compensation to be honest

Trash Bag says:

Woah why does this seem so slow.

Jdm Sauvage says:

Consoles got dedicated today but i still was in a game that crashed and got put in a game that was almost over ubisoft needs to fix this asap

Chicken War says:

Does the nat typ still matter with dedicated servers?

iiiTechnoDuckxX says:

Learn when to use your leaping top heavy. When the Shinobi tries to run it’s a guaranteed hit…unless baited…

Caleb says:

Did they get dedicated servers?

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