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For Honor Dedicated Servers Open test opens up on December 14th on all platforms

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• Elite says:

I have both consoles and I had more crashes on Xbox then ps4

Rae Of Astora says:

8k steel sounds pretty nice right now, i agree no reason not to try it!

Daniel says:

About damn time

Pinny0101 says:

lol, only came out like a year too late, sorry ubi, half the base is already gone.

i watch youtube says:

thank you

Fionn Kennedy says:


Sean Boldt says:

Now I won’t break any more controllers after getting lagged out of dominion when the enemies are breaking and there is one or two people left over and over again

whchang850 says:

About fucking time. One down, 99 more fixes to go.

TheQualityGamerHD says:

Should I download the FOR HONOUR FREE OPEN TEST?

Iden Versio says:

For honor is free to play now

Discord_ the_Hunter says:

Welp i guess its a good time to use highlander

BdoubleG says:

Yo infinite, my orochi has gotten better, we need to 1 v 1

brandon coin says:

I really like the game but this connection on the xbox makes me not wanna play, every game players are out of sync and sometime the game will just crash and kick you, I hope it will be fixed because when it runs correctly it’s a lot of fun

matt storer says:

Finally and this really didn’t come soon enough this should have been out for launch peer to peer is horrible and everyone knows that.

Aحmd TM says:

This fucking shit of a server keeps constantly kicking me out of the middle of the game

Hades says:


Bell Sprout says:

The servers are awesome and all but idk if this is a glitch or they haven’t fixed it but in the beta there’s full teams rep 200s and I get put on teams of no rep new players and they die in just 4 hits (at most five) isn’t it suppose to be just bare bones?

Mvn4real says:

the game will be expired when its 18? or not

Demetrious The Goat Johnson says:

I just started playing the open test but I lost an mythic outfit and went from rep 7 to rep 6. Wtf? I worked hard for this I hope they fix it

Hugh Mungus says:

The lack of dedicated servers is the maim reason why the game lost so many players at launch so it’s nice to see they understand that; nobody likes playing a peer2peer fighting game when the host is using dialup in south africa. Not using peer2peer for multiplayer combat games like this should honestly be an unwritten rule because this game could’ve taken the crown of most played Ubisoft title easily if they didn’t fuck it up with the lack of servers.

BdoubleG says:


Taakx says:

Will the test be on console

Harris Haid says:

I downloaded it for Xbox one but it want allow me to play for it says it’s in maintenance

BaconTaco says:

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JustineRey PH says:

this is free ^_^

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