[For Honor] Dedicated Servers – A Completely Different Experience

I had a complete polar opposite experience today in the public test. Hope you enjoy! More videos coming soon.

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joe vin says:

8:35 dat boi’s babymaking career was ended

Gabriel R. says:

The beta went really smooth aside from the fact of me facing a rep 11 Nobushi using unlock tech because he started losing…

Coolest Knight says:

8:35 The game couldn’t handle this much VERSATILİTY.

Mark DiLullo says:

And also… That’s why your mom’s in a fucking wheelchair

Todd Mattocks says:

Anyone been struggling to even find a Tribute match on the open test/before the open test on Xbone? I haven’t been able to find Tribute matches for weeks and it’s no better on the open test.

Christian Sosa says:

Haven’t had any problems at all except for this one laggy duel, but it was against someone from South Korea so it’s understandable since I live in the US. Other than that, the gameplay was as smooth as it could be. High hopes for this

Panda Bear says:

Damn it ain’t looking good for dedicated servers

Kianou Acfalle says:

I only had problems when I was in games with people in different regions. Other than that it’s been running smoothly for me.

PabloV1299 says:

And people who called themselves networking technicians said that it wouldn’t make a difference lmao, every game has connectivity issues, but dedicated servers reduced those issues from 10 every game to 1 every 10 games

Am Pe says:

Pk 4 Life mf’s haha

Rye Bread says:

Yeah the loading was long- we were playing 20 questions that game.
@Spliced I’ll add that in that first game, I also got tossed out about the same time you did- so it probably happened to everyone.

Der 33iger says:

ehmm what are dedicated servers can someone explain me

Elite Thatcher says:

PC peasant. I’ve been playing the open test on console and I haven’t had one disconnect.

Luke Danger says:

4:58 Says the person playing a female Gladiator

Hunter M says:

You hit him so fucking hard it destroyed the game

Ya'ii says:

Game sucks. I left the game after getting defeated and received a matchmaking penalty.

Ballad Of Death says:

5:09 the gladiator got hit by it and it wasn’t count , is that a lag ?

Mr. Rainer says:

سيرفرات خربانة بعد .. ياخي هاللعبة مثل البوفيه الخايسة بس لذيذة ..

Paul Bailey says:

DeDicAted SErVeRs

Harrykyle99 says:

Fortnite had dedicated server like in the 1st day

Markus .Decimus says:

never bought the game when it originally came out. heard too many bad things with regards to lag issues.. so im watched just to see how these dedicated servers hold up. things went smooth on your other video, but this one ..hMmmm has more issues then the inmates at arkham asylum lol.. still.. think ill give it a try..

Sam Jacobs says:

Are dedicated servers PC only?

Vidar Gartz says:

“I had to wait for five minutes” Well maybe you should stop playing on fucking Xbox.

JustSomeGuy says:

I’ve heard of trying to revive dead games, but this is more like trying to perform game necromancy.
What genius thought it was a smart idea to have P2P connections in a fighting game?

WarNPeace says:

3:39 supper RAH!!! Putting it in slow motion is even better

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