For Honor – Console Dedicated Servers Are HERE!! + Dedicated Servers Discussion!

Welcome all!! today i have some great news for you all!! lets talk dedicated servers shall we!

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For Honor – Console Dedicated Servers Are HERE!! + Dedicated Servers Discussion!
For Honor – Console Dedicated Servers Are HERE!! + Dedicated Servers Discussion!
For Honor – Console Dedicated Servers Are HERE!! + Dedicated Servers Discussion!


Cesar Chavez says:

i enjoy your channel my dude

Son Goku says:

Thanks raven

DylanDK Bradley says:

Dayum that tat bro, sick.

Qwerty Bastard says:

Tick rate?

XViper123 says:

Match making is still totally broken though!

thewoolycontacts says:

MAN! That’s a sick looking tattoo! I’ve always like tattoos that have a predominantly black color scheme but with a touch of color so that it pops even more. Which is precisely why I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of Spawn somewhere on me. Have like that green that comes out of his eyes and shit. And maybe some red from his armor and cape.

Warner Moczulski says:

I’m excited for them. I heard the issue with servers in fight games was ping. Who ever was closer to the server had an advantage. Where as P2P it was equal between opponents. But that only benefited a duel. Where as this game has 4v4 as the most popular node.

xShadow Dragonx says:

Whole damn lie. Consoles don’t have any damn dedicated servers. The connection is still terrible, lobbies still randomly drop, and it even says “host migration” when someone leaves. Damn shame, such an amazingly fun game.


Man the devs are finally getting it right. the game is getting better & better everything feels alive right now, there’s a view into the future of the game in the works im loving it

Candy4u says:

Oh… you’re THAT type of kensei

XtremelyFlatFish says:

About time the servers have been so shit!

Drunken Skeleton says:

Cool only took them a year but hey it’s here

dark eco says:

they need to fucking fix the lobby system. ever since this SERVER was added when I leave a match they just put me right back with the same guy, literally 99% of the fucking time. fix this bs or the very fucking least add an option to leave instead of forcing you to fight the dumbass opponent again.

GR33NY PLAYZ says:

Oi bro what tattoo place do yo yet ya work done?

honorbound12 says:

About fucking time

Detective L says:

This was just to stall us from what we truly need which is new heroes and maps without something new this game will die quickly and get very played out as we speak it’s pretty much on its last legs stop sucking off devs for something that should’ve been in the game since launch

Alberto Fuentes says:

I hope it fixes that bug that doesn’t let you move not even your camera when you spawn in. If I quit the game or not move my controller everyone once in a while I get a penalty when there’s literally nothing I can do. Even if I quit the game completely and go to the homescreen I get a penalty. I don’t know if this happens to other people but it has happened to me more than a few times and I play on PS4.

Josh Foulkes says:

Well i think its fair to say ive lagged out just as much and cant find a SINGLE FUCKING GAME!

Reavyne Gaming says:

RISE MY CONSOLE BROTHERS & SISTERS….For today this evil P2P monster you have been plagued with shall be purged!!

DylanDK Bradley says:

COnSolE IS bEtTeR i SaY

Melody Williams says:

Omg that tat is beautiful ❤

Fellow Homosapien says:

Servers and it’s still shit

Shadow Reaper says:

I’ve become better at orochi after the servers appeared but I now can’t parry for sh*t

Richard Cartledge says:

I believe that dual mode isn’t on dedicated servers if that helps any

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