Title speaks for itself, these are my first games on the dedicated servers. I can’t say much about them right now because I simply haven’t played enough matches on them. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

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damien lin says:

1:35 and 1:40 as you can see the deflect

Совокупность Условий says:

Hey man, im noob in for honor, play on ps4 only few days, but im alldeady love this game and i allready choise my main – KEEEENSEI. Thank you for yours greate videos and for guides, sensei, I will not fail the clan))))

Groove Crusader says:

*cries in console*

Naoki R. says:

*S P I C E*

Sub_Asylum says:

So are you done with monster hunter or what missing those videos

Freddy Cunningham says:

Where the console servers at tf

wtj83tw says:

U hit 10k. Time for a face reveal

damien lin says:

Hey tony ebf,shmolty made a face reveal YOUR UP NEXT or maybe if mgoldie does then you do it to???????????

Danila Sychev says:

12:20 this zerker lost not only his arm but also a hog from his head lol

Dark Wizard says:

Toe is fighting straight noobs

Adrien Sourdot says:

What would u do now against top unblocable feints into Gb?

hecc mcgee says:

Feelsbad that console needed dedicated servers more than pc but pc still got it first because Microsoft and sony are gay

Dropalive says:

Huh? This on ps4?

Frances Jones says:

tony pls do match up gudies

Xaqq DeRipper says:

man that zerker was horrendously bad. that should hav been an easy win 🙁

Night Castle9892 says:


Benjamin Valdez says:

7:04 trex arms XD

Mafia cat says:

How are u REP 32 u can only be REP 30 U A HACKER?!

Jorge Duarte says:

cool outfit

BanannaBomb says:

Likin the new outfit ma man

AyoTheMayoMan says:

That zerker was turtleing to the max

Darker Fantasy says:

I still disconnect just as often before, my internet is high speed and I invest in it a lot so I don’t know what to think

Matthew says:

fucking turtlezerkers man

Raheem says:

“Who is this man” lol

KamoZu says:

Hopefully they arrive to consoles soon so there will be no “Kamo-connection” anymore when we play together

The flying dutchman says:

random GB is because you press GB button, not random, just you lying to yourself.

damien lin says:

9:57 and 10:20 as you can see the zone

Hayden Kunesh says:

My very first match on dedicated servers after the update it immediately said error 4.0 and took me back to the main screen

Order_Darkbane says:

That gb glitch made me lose my first tourny with aramusha. Had sweeped the whole thubg came down to 2-2 and bam i got destroyed because of it

Toxic TV says:

I can’t wait for console to get them

Canis Majoris84 says:

I’ve come back to this game after a few months off, is the dedicated servers out for console yet? I played a few games today and nothing was different as in disconnected and host migration was the same as always.

Cannur Railling says:

Should’ve played 4v4’s to really test the servers, that’s where most of the dc’s happen

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