Fallout 76 Review | Beta | Should You buy?

Fallout 76 will be Bethesda Game Studios’ first online multiplayer game. Players may play individually or with a party of up to three others. All the servers for the game will be dedicated, with the player automatically allocated to one of them. While the game is expected to launch with public servers only, game director Todd Howard revealed plans for private servers to be introduced sometime after the game’s launch. These private servers will allow players to invite friends to play in order to prevent undesirable aspects of player versus player gameplay such as griefing from affecting an individual player’s experience of the game. Howard described the delay as being necessary to allow Bethesda time to assure the stability of public servers. Elements of previous Fallout games will be present and modified to work with the real-time game. The V.A.T.S. system—a mechanic first introduced in Fallout 3 that allows players to pause the game to target specific locations on an enemy’s body to attack—will be used in Fallout 76 as a real-time system, though it will still allow players to specify targets on an enemy’s body.

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Troy Sturgill says:

Blizzcon was such a sh*t-show that I went ahead and purchased ’76.

But really, I was on the fence also, but after seeing some streams and the promise that the game has, I did purchase it. I enjoyed my time with the beta this weekend and I did have a moment in which I can kind of see where Bethesda is going with this (possibly). We’ll see if the free (future) DLC’s will hold up and what things will be like once private servers and mods are possible, but I think the base game is an interesting new direction for the title.

BernyJay says:

I didn’t take your advice on Ark for PS4 at the time and regretted it. I will heed your advice on this game. Really good review Skippy. Thank you

White Morcela says:

Really impressed… very articulate review .

knights Templar gaming says:

So far for me The only thing that I would say I have in Common with this review is the world feels empty the the worlds feeling a bit small but if you okay with friends or other people it really shouldn’t be bothering you

raggygrenola says:


ffutstubb GAMING says:

I am a huge fan of previous fallout games… Not excited about this at all

jago lj says:

Would be fun to know how many of you all that talk trash about it even played it…….use your own brain and try it. Dont judge the game from what a youtuber say

Moon Head says:

Game looks fucking awesome

Midway 1942 says:

I’m so totally going to skip this game ! Because I’m totally outraged that I will not have the ability to save some settlements !

move your body says:

Gonna love it but to be honest gonna block everyone except my friends so I can hide

Rock Breaker Studios says:

I feel if you spent more time in it the review would change… my biggest gripe is not being able to record the game chat…. you also have some other valid points…

FTN Iceberg says:

Good review and advice….I really want to buy this because I WAS a Bethesda fan but this isn’t fallout and is just 4 made into online version. It’s lazy, sloppy, and the norm for Bethesda now and most fans are tired of it.

Marc says:

Skippy is definitely my go-to source for game reviews and news. After following the channel for some time now I definitely trust what you have to say. Will be giving this game a miss in all likelihood. Thanks for the review man

Mizzle Medicinal says:

I’d rather play Red Dead Redemption 2

ernest walters says:

Skippy Thanks for a non Reeeee review. It helps alot to take the reviewer seriously when your makeing the choice of buy or not to buy .For me its a NOT at least at the present time .

Terex7909 says:

as a fallout fanboy, bet you would of never guessed that! I love the game play, however I have to agree with your advice. This review is very informing and well you are kind of new at fallout, but there is the matter of trust right? so, I have chosen not to buy this game yet. And for the readers, this game is Beta, and the many hours I have on the fallout series, I suggest that you heed this advice and wait until the game is optimized. But I am excited about this game and love the fallout series.

Real_Liberal#1947 says:

Fallout is my favorite series in gaming… I will not be getting this one.


I just don’t see why anyone would want to play Fallout 76… a game that is just a money grab. Bethesda spent as little time as possible on this using an old engine. Wake up everyone… we have a game that deserves our full attention and money, and that game is Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar spent EIGHT YEARS of hard work and dedication… AND IT SHOWS. This has never been done before and it will be years before we get another game of this magnitude. Me personally… I’ve waited my whole life for a game this good!

Tom Krueger says:

i m intrested in fallout games always but this time i wait untill bethesda is fixed all glitches , bugs and stutterings also this game is not worth 70 dollars! 40 or 50 is fine!

Smokie Bacon says:

No predordered it is dog shit 2/5

Gwendaddelt says:

Really nice review! Will certainly wait and see, what happens, bevore I buy Fallout76 (or not buying it at all)

Septimus7140 says:

Good to know, my friend and I share an account and he’s been debating whether or not he should buy it.

Skippy0330 says:

Thanks for checking out my first review video. I put a lot of time and effort and research into doing this and it takes much longer than average to do. If you guys like these and appreciate my non-bandwagon reviews, let me know, I’ll do more!

MrSavageFox says:

In Interesting review skip

night shadow says:

thanks skippy for the review

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