Fake Dedicated Servers – Friday the 13th game (XBOX ONE)

Are the Friday the 13th game Dedicates servers fake on XBOX One?
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Description of Friday the 13th: The Game “Jason is back! Jason Voorhees is unleashed and stalking the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake! Friday the 13th: The Game is one of the most highly-anticipated horror titles of all time. You will finally be able to take on the role as Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake counselors.”

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Retro Outlaw says:

Not only have I been kicked a ton but I have been having deformed Jason and counselor s. As well

VxP says:

Mabye because the player base for this game is bare bones these days

scottieman2 says:

I think this game is success so you think they would try to kiss the fanbase butt.

Christian Fry says:

Nice video brother

TheWineParty says:

Smoothest experience I’ve ever had with the game. Not fake and I tried the day after the update came out.

scottieman2 says:

I think they should have dedicated servers for no matter what the game is. It’s a fun game.

TheMadLeprechaun says:

I thought bikers were supposed to be tough, not whiny snowflakes when things didn’t work right.

DaRealestEver says:

Stop spreading lies. The servers work fine for me. I can tell the difference. I hate how people report fake news. Then get people to listen to the bullshit, which will then cause some ppl to not even try playing the game. Quit it!

Zoe Kavanagh says:

On PS4 it takes me 20 mins to find a lobby now as oppose to 1 minute,


You probably signed on before everyone else had downloaded the new patch. I play on PS4 and I haven’t experienced any problems finding matches and the threat of host quits is gone.

Aderpymuffin says:

“fRidAy THe 13tH is FunNeR tHaN dEad By dAylIgHt” With all this shit friday the 13th is pulling it looks like everyone is eating their words.

NEtwinkiesfan77 says:

My 1st game had some douche quit who was playn jason and boom game over.
Maybe it wont when the host quits. Hopefully, keep getting in trouble for sending “mean” messages to little bitches who decide to fucking quit halfway thru or because you kill them right away. Stupid pussys.
Good video man lol

Xander Harris says:

The game works better than ever guys im playing on xb1x playing was shit until they done server update

Unknown Username says:

Wow I didn’t think ppl still played this game Lulz, I stopped playing it when items were falling thru the ground…fuse, car keys etc

Devin says:

Rip this game dead by daylight what u should play now

Harm says:

This must be for different people man because when I got on to tested it out mine was fine.
A guy left the game in the lobby and I became host the game didn’t end.
The 2nd game I played in a different lobby the guy was a host and he left mid game and the game didn’t end.
I have yet to see a Jason leave and the game continue but yea it’s Working for me so I can’t call it bullshit or fake.
Maybe the servers are so trash that it only took effect for some rather than all which would then make it non-existent for some and also very real to someone like me.
EDIT also I got into lobbies pretty quickly as well and I could definitely tell the difference because on the old Servers it’d take me at least 3 minutes Sometimes.

SleevedBiker says:

Do you think the servers are fake?

Dustin J Ardouin says:

Gun and Illfonic think we’re stupid… Hence why I DONT play anymore. Sean Cunningham has RECENTLY and REPEATEDLY stated that the lawsuit has no bearing on the game. Even now. They’re liars, and crooks IMO. They took the money and ran, THEN double-dipped with the “Ultimate Slasher Edition” featuring all DLC, besides Savini Jason. I do believe, in fact, Dedicated Servers were a lie. Just like the Salt Mines. I dont think Ive completed a match that wasnt held in a Private Lobby in MONTHS. I thought all these Host Quitters were supposed to goto the mines? Then why does just about EVERY MATCH have a quitter? AND YES, even after the quote/unquote Dedicated Server update on PS4, if the “Host” quits, Game Over. Still. WTF changed with the update? Not a damn thing. I honestly don’t see how anyone hasnt brought a lawsuit against Gun or Illfonic for false advertising with everything they said they were going to do, and didnt.

Nick G. says:

LOL – They have dedicated servers. I’m guessing they are using AWS US-WEST2 as at least one location as well. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, clearly he thinks his loads of bandwidth are the only thing that factor into response times.. The dedicated servers are legit and are live. They had problems the first few hours when implemented but have been legit ever since.


Never had that problem it’s goes to a server and everyone has a ping number

lyfismyn says:

People needed to update the game. Takes only 30 seconds to find a game on Xbox and it never quits.

Shimmed says:

If you think it doesn’t take up to three minutes to connect to a server, then you’ve never played Battlefield 1 on XB1.

Chicken_nuggets _ says:

He had one bad game and was quick to make a video dedicated servers working fine on Xbox

Rogue Jack Skellington says:

The servers are working for my friends and I it takes a minute at most to find a match

Randy Mares says:

Thats been happening to me if its fake im pissed its throws me out randomly and dont say say shit its dumd now fuck this already it always does that

Adam Naim says:

I don’t think the servers are fake they seem to fix my ping considering I live in Dubai and my ping is usually bad but now there good.

Ema ばか says:

They are not fake since my game does not lag anymore while before it lagged so much, now it never lags.

Luis Santana Jr says:

Yall people aint sick of this go no where game come on lol

Cindy's Gaming says:

The PS4 servers are doing fine. I find a lobby easily and there’s always people playing.

Team Alpha says:

That’s awesome. You should be an ALPHA 🙂

Fred Quadrato says:

I never have issues with the game and I’ve had it since day 1

Danny Säplers says:

how is it fake? makes no sense, ever since the update I loved the game more

Shannon Krohn says:

Funny I have been playing for the past 2 days with no problems at all no lag no host quit messages or anything…I waited until later that night the update came out though

Peyto_Potato says:

If the whole lawsuit thing is over. I hope we get Jason in Dbd. But I doubt it.

Odysseus says:

As far as the ps4 goes, it’s legit. I don’t get kicked anymore, my ping is excellent regardless of who is labelled the host. Not sure about Xbox users though

Robert Mutch says:

Thank god i have ps4

Shannon Krohn says:

It’s become a popular thing now I guess to trash the game and declare it “dead” well I can assure you that there are plenty of players still playing on Xbox and the servers are working great now

Nedbella says:

I miss F13. Sad it and players have been let down so bad. I had so many laughs watching a great group of players playing this game. 🙁

Super Vegeta says:

This video is bullshit. I’ve noticed major improvements since the update came out. Also I’ve never disconnected from a game because of host leaving since the update.

Bulfwyne09 says:

LUL This click bait i swear … I’ve been watching streamers get in game in under a min EVERYTIME … and haven’t seen anyone with out a ping either as if they are the host either …. Just some crusty dude who doesn’t like F13 for some reason or another anymore … This is worse than CNN’s Fake News …. Kappa

Dave Szcz says:

I waited yesterday 8 min to get in the game ps4 dedicated Servers my ass

TheOwnerofFightClub says:

I play xbox, haven’t had that happen since the update and everyone has ping now, theres no host in my lobbies

Jack Lantern TV says:

I haven’t experienced a game on Xbox One yet (later this month). I CAN say I haven’t experienced this on the PS4 version, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in performance on that platform.

That said, while the PS4 version still technically has a “host”, they just control map selection. For every host that leaves, a new host is chosen without interruption. Interestingly, I haven’t seen a message screen saying that I was kicked because the host left. Seems as though what you’re experiencing is the exact same thing you had before, but worse. This is unfortunate.

The Golden Gear says:

It’s a shame how far this game has fallen. It has so much potential.

Liquid Snake says:

Holy fudge balls

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