Dual quad core xeon Gaming computer Starts with a $50 server

This budget gaming rig started with a dell PowerEdge r410 server purchased off craigslist for $50 dollars…
specs:- 2x xeon x5667 3.46 turbo
– 8gb ddr3 non ecc
– 240gb ssd drive
– windows 8.1 pro 64bit
– zotac NVidia gtx 1050 single slot mini
cpu coolers I bought from amazon (affiliate)http://amzn.to/2sDTQch
zotac gtx 1050 mini amazon (affiliate)http://amzn.to/2r6lsoA

The intel xeon processors I purchased came from these fine sellers on ebay http://www.ebay.com/usr/central_valley_computer_parts_inc?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 they helped me find what I needed
and shipped them fast!

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music: Detour- Gunnar Olsen
Demilitarized Zone- Ethan Meixsell


Wanz Xlayer says:

This thing is very enjoyable to build rather than raspberry pi….keep it up dude….why dont u slap in 1080 ti in that beast…

BukaHD says:

What is name of Pike interface card?

Delroy ShamZ says:

Wait are sevsres not ecc?

jSON says:

Love these kinds of builds!! Similar to my setup as well. My specs:
I hope this helps someone else in choosing parts for a similar build… It can be a headache 😛
2x Xeon X5645 @2.40GHz Stock (NO Overclockability)
– Supermicro X8DTL-i Motherboard
– EVGA 750 B2 Semi-Modular PSU
– Win 10 Pro
– Sapphire NITRO RX460 4GB OC

ZigYagami Mistory says:

Tem br vendo esse video ? dx like ae pra ele ver

jonny c 2.0 says:

i need help puting a xbox paddil on pc help me pleezzz

Hoang MVP says:

can I just use a gaming psu or I have to use a server psu?

Steven Martell says:

Hey I just picked up a powerdge 410 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what he did to power the fans. I have a sata to molex connecter and was thinking of using one of the sata ports in the front but is there a better way?

PrzeszczepiX says:

if this is dual quad-core, can i name it octa-core?

Sevtian Jhn says:

need to know Mb seller recommended

jonny c 2.0 says:

hoe u get to work drive rsrver

第九号 says:

but can in run crysis?

Nicz says:

Sorry if i ask that, but can it run Windows 10 oder does it have to run Windows Enterprise?

christopher james says:

Wonder if you could transplant that into a 4U case?

Miguelkxn Rivera says:

Cant wait to build one of those!

Meesa Called Jar Jar Binks says:

I have always wondered this and wondered why people don’t just ghetto rig some cheap cpu’s together and get like $500 cpu performance for like $100.. boggles my mind as this would make sense financially even if you doubled your power output.

kyle hubner says:

playing a pc version of bf1 with a controller you scrub

TheChickenGames says:

Fui tapeado

Cinemakid / Обзоры says:

1050 in a gaming build, wow…

Astrapix says:

I’ve plugged gpus into my r410 but have not got any video out from the card? Help!

Willabeast says:

I tried this like last year and i jad no luck getting my gtx 770 to work on it i dont remember the specs but i want to re visit the project any reason my gpu isnt working i had a 500w psu i think do i need more power or is it the pci e slot

ramo tnarg says:

Could the server be used with the original processors and still get good gaming performance? What did you do to the bios?

Thang Tran says:

How is this $50? Clickbait…

Jaime Cruz says:

I have a question for you I want to know is it possible you can contact me back and I was thinking I would hire you for a Litecoin Miner if you can build me one out of just really really how to say it money efficient funds you know

Bil menendez says:

Hell yeah! I love this kinda stuff!


*But* can it run *Crysis?*

Alex Maison says:

You need to put that thing in a better case.

RetroX says:

Would be cool to have this sitting under your monitor and having it be like a slimline, of course you would have to chop up the side panel to get it on

CB Anime says:

that many fps with a 2gb gpu…damn impressive

Manuel Tranchida says:

Name of this rock song please!!

Jason White says:

I’m interested in trying to replicate this build the only part that got me puzzled is the power the power supply online doesn’t come with sata,molex,or gpu power. will I have to modify the power supply to add those in if so how?

ko3ntje says:

I’ll bet you one thing, this thing wil eat dust within a month

NetScalerTrainer says:

so what was total build cost? And is it the graphic card that is doing most of the work?

Dachník says:



Chaflan Villa says:

the server can run fallout 4 pc

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