Dell PowerEdge R720 Dual Xeon Server Review

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kiLLeR My says:


Jonathan Stark says:

Lets say, hypothetically, I had a lot of money. Could I use this for something as simple as storing tons of movies and series on and use it to watch those movies around the house?

Twins plus Two says:

Would this server good for Vray node 3D rendering?

Vincent Lee says:

how does 1 graphics card get 2 power plugs? 4:20

petsoukos says:

I was configuring, just for funsies, a R730 but when I selected RAID 5 I couldn’t select Linux.

Papergami45 says:

So if I bought this, filled it with hard drives and RAM and put a couple of decent GPUs in there (maybe a FirePro V5900 or two) in there it’d be a super efficient but very loud extremely powerful rendering device. This may sound stupid (I’m new to this kind of stuff) but if I did that I guess I could install an OS on it and use it as a backup computer and storage device? Also, are there any other alternatives that are a bit cheaper that I could use for something similar to what I have in mind?
My main aim is a high capacity rendering machine for a decent price. If anyone has any cheaper specifications, I would love to see them.

charlie brownau says:

Now if only we had some cheap WD RED 2.5 4-6TB drives to go in the front bays

TheScreamerBoy says:

Every time i think of that server computer i’m thinking about the future of gaming… I’ve been calculating how much RAM you can have on this beast… I’m still surprise of the number… 192 GB of RAM seriously… if someone would like to have a gaming pc with this. This guy is actually 1)Freaking rich 2) A Real,Real,Real,REAL PC gamer 3)Maybe crazy…

coltmerg 420 says:

Holy RAM =)

Freddy says:

F the Dell PowerEdge
i call it the Dell PowerEdgey

VL Mem10 says:

I should fix 8GB of DDR5 Graphic card play COD with that 😛

Lukas Steinhögl says:

to schlepp around….;DD

CreepinWhileYouSleepin says:

how might a server benefit from a gfx? and could you technicly use this as a super redundant desktop.

NuggRunner says:

I actually wanna see some deep thoughts from wendell (don’t know hot to spell it) ^^

Andres Agredo says:

Great video thanks!!

KronicNitron says:

Why would i want 2 dish washer i have one and i dont use it, i use it to hold other dishes

GreatElectronics says:

Very good video. Would have like more videos about servers and server components. It would be nice to have a more in depth video on redundant PSU’s and the pros and cons of them.

afgher iraqy says:

how much is it plz

coltmerg 420 says:

lol on intro …

Michael Welch says:

What kind of weird things happened during testing? Just curious.

charlie brownau says:

Looks like a nice box .

afgher iraqy says:

how much is it plz

Jonas Svedas says:

it took me 13 seconds to install the cd rom

KEY EHEK says:

5:08 what the fuck is he doing?

ShadowMassacr13 says:

Guys when are you releasing the video of how to get Skyrim on that SurfaceRT? Was it just streaming?

MrCombuster says:

can this run minecraft?

Tachyon says:

Am I the only one who’s wondering how Wendell is running Skyrim on a surface rt?

harsh gupta says:

You said we got it under some offer , i am interested in buying one ,can you please suggest some source to buy such under cheap prices , if possible international shipping is also preffered , i live in india ,, i would be very thankfull to you if you could help me out sir ,.. thank you

PlagueWolf says:

omg. shut up and take my money! i came. repeatedly.

A Jettison hem Tit says:

can we get a server room tour?

2Awesome says:

Could you run multiple gtx 1060/70/80 graphics cards in this thing?

Ctrl Null says:

i seriously want to see hes reasons for having two dishwashers

HilaKleiner says:

hmmm, might throw two titans up in this

Elites Engineering says:

You can put a boot SSD (although a USB would be a cheaper alternative) instead of a CD/DVD-ROM. There are “fake” DVD-roms for sale on Ebay which you can take apart and you can put your SSD in there! :D. Its pretty cool.

LiPoBattery says:

I know some of these words….

A Khan says:

270 or 720

He keeps saying R270 in the beginning of the video

Chris Lowe says:

how many watts does this dual 1100 watt psu beast pull from the Wall?

VoltageZ says:

I went to my dads workplace yesterday because one of the servers power supply was off, while he was rebooting it, i was looking for RAM
to put in a desktop we were going to sell.

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