Dell PowerEdge R610 Review – Virtualization On The Cheap

One of the things I always find myself telling anyone wanting to build out a home lab, is that it does not have to be expensive. The Dell PowerEdge R610 is a prime example of this and in this case I was able to pick up a matching pair of decently spec’d R610s that are feature packed and perfect for virtualization for around $500 US for the pair. With each server having 12 physical cores and 48Gb RAM, these servers should have no problem running a quite a few VMs.

Dell PowerEdge R610
CPU: 2x Xeon X5650 (12 Cores)
NICs: 4x 1Gb
Bays: 6x 2.5″
PSU: 2x 717w
Management: iDrac6 Enterprise

You can find more info on my blog post here:


Victor Dobin says:

Rob, I’m looking for a two servers for vSphere 6.5 labs. After owning these two servers for some time now, would you change or add anything else? Any upgrades, different cpus or more ram? Also how much power they drawing in idle and during heavy processing? (do they need special power outlets?). If you could provide some more insights and details on your experience with these two units, as I’m trying to spec out the hardware for myself – Thank you in advance. Vic

boilami says:

Can i know what vendor make this good price please ? Thanks !

yokailover says:

How are you getting Virtual Console to work…..are you using an older version of Java?

Man of Culture says:

Can I use it as a NAS?

Djamil Mouradov says:

Hi, I want to ask , who knows H700 works with esxi 6.7 ? esxi see raid array ?

Josh Jones says:

At the risk of asking a ‘noob’ question here, I wanted to know – must I use SAS drives, or could I put in any (SATA, SSD) 2.5″ drive? I thought I saw in your raid controller configuration that you had an interesting mix.

Also, thanks for the awesome video; and I love your blog.

Mathias Lazewski says:

Where can I get that background at 4:20

JEFF LYN says:

Is this a comparable Cisco Server?
It has an option for the X5650 Six core. although I still plan to look for these off eBay

Balázs Mészáros says:

I think HP DL360/380 G7 series are much quiter that any Dells, if noise matters

Joseph Villanueva says:

Hello, What drives do you recommend to use with the R610? Thank you!

miscellaneousone says:

I have one of these R610’s w/1x Xeon E5530
2x PSU, 4x2GB Ram, 6x 136Gb 10K rpm HDD, Windows Server 2016R2 (trial)
Question: Can I simply load Windows 10 on this and use it as a basic daily home computer?

RedGameHouse says:

I bought mine today, I can say that I stole it 🙂 Dell R610 2xL5640 96GB Ram 2xSAS146GB PERC6i Dell iDRAC6 Enterprise + rails 200euro

Abbe Satty says:

since we’re not interested in your win10 desktop screen. Would it hurt if you maximize the PowerEdge window?

TheBeatConnect says:

They are cheap yes but they are very loud and consume a lot of power. I’m looking to build a server unit for 2K which will be used for virtualization, Web hosting, and machine learning. And looking to get the E5 v4 cpus, and add a gtx 1080 when prices drop.

1tokeover says:

Dang, I just bought a Dell PowerEdge T30 for $380.00. While it is smaller I would rather have had one of these. Owell.

James L says:

Can you show what you do with this type of hardware? Please show your software setup! Thanks mate

David Kahn says:

I might suggest getting a pop filter for your microphone.

Yash pal says:

Few pointers to add in future
Start utility by hitting ctrl+ R
Look may be different on other bios
Go little slow

Overall it was great..thank you

Pasha Defragzor says:

Cool.. The only one thing its huge ^^

HtS643KyS6555GxQ3edA says:

These things are too noisy to run inside my house

Danesh Manoharan says:

What’s the avg sound level?

Satnam Singh says:

Hey Great stuff man,
Did you have to buy the iDRAC license ? it came with it ?

Sukhpal GiLL says:

Ordered yesterday $289
Dell Poweredge R610
2 x Quad Core 2.66GHz X5550 Processors
48Gb Memory Installed
2 X 500GB 2.5in SATA Hard Drives Installed
Dell PowerEdge PERC 6i SAS/SATA RAID Controller W/ Battery Backup
Dell iDRAC6 DRAC 6i Remote Access Board K869T Installed
Dual (Redundent) 717W Power Supplies

SgtKilgore406 says:

Did you purchase a vSphere license or are you running multiple free ESXi licenses?

Danzig Hjalmur says:

NICE rack lol Pun intended. Seriously very cool and cost effective

Lawrence D says:

Great buy, Where did you get it from..?

Gustavo Chi Ham says:

Does SSD improves the R610 performance ? Is it noticeable ?

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